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Jenkyns Collection: Catalogue 65-94

Jane Catherine Jenkyns [Mrs Gaisford] (1787-1863)

65. Printed ephemera (11 packets) newspaper cuttings, lists of visitors, invitations, etc., mostly collected by her, concerning major University events, e.g. the visit of the Prince Regent (1814), the installations of Chancellors in 1834 and 1853, and parliamentary elections in 1847 and 1853. [I.5-14; VIA.23 & 33]

66. Notes by her, and newspaper cuttings, concerning the proceedings following a controversial sermon by EB Pusey, 1843. [VIA.21]

67. Papers (1 packet) concerning her estate, 1863. [VIA.5]


Henry Jenkyns [HJ] (1795-1878)

Private Tutor

68. Letters (26) from Charles Manners-Sutton, 1821-1833. [VA.1-4 & 7-9]

Fellow of Oriel

69. Correspondence with various Oriel dons (that of 1827-8 is of particular interest as it relates to the election of Provost Hawkins), including:

  • Letters (21) from Thomas Arnold, 1819-1839.
  • A letter from JW Awdry to HJ, 1828.
  • Letters (12) from WR Churton to HJ, 1828.
  • A letter from WJ Copleston to HJ, 19 May 1834.
  • Letters (2) from Joseph Dornford to HJ, 1827 and 1833.
  • Letters (15) from Edward Hawkins to HJ, 1827-1834.
  • Letters (3) from John Keble to HJ, 1826-1833.
  • Draft replies (3), HJ to JH Newman, ND (1830-1833).
  • A letter from CJ Plumer, 9 Dec 1827.
  • Letters (2) from EM Rudd, 1832.
  • Letters (2) from Richard Whately to HJ, 1831. [IVB.[C]' VA.3;VB]

Professor and Canon of Durham

70. Papers (1 packet) of William van Mildert (Bishop of Durham 1826-1838) concerning the foundation of the University of Durham, 1831-1832:

  • A letter from Charles Thorp (Archdeacon of Durhaml first Warden of Durham University 1833-1862) to WvM, 11 June 1831: 'I would fain bring before you the project of a University...'
  • A letter from David Durrell (Canon of Durham) to WvM, 25 July 1831.
  • An outline of a scheme for a university, initialled and dated 'CT [Charles Thorp] July 1831,' but all written in WvM's hand.
  • A letter from JB Jenkinson (Dean of Durham 1827-1840; he was also Bishop of St David's and signs JB St David's), 19 Aug 1832.
  • Notes for a scheme for a university, 25 Aug 1831, in the hand of Charles Thorp.
  • Proposals for the Chapter, 28 Sept 1831.
  • A letter from the 3rd Duke of Northumberland (Hugh Percy) to WvM, 6 Oct 1831.
  • A letter from Edward Vernon Harcourt (Archbishop of York 1807-1847) to WvM, 10 Oct 1831.
  • A letter to Charles Thorp from JB Jenkinson, 9 Nov 1831.
  • A copy of a letter from WvM to David Durrell for the Chapter, 20 Nov 1831.
  • A minute of the Chapter, 21 Nov 1831.
  • A copy by WvM of a letter from him to JB Jenkinson, 29 Nov 1831.
  • A letter from JB Jenkinson to WvM, 29 Nov 1831.
  • A draft by WvM, ND, of a letter from him to Lord Grey (Charles Grey, 2nd Earl).
  • A copy by WvM of a letter from him to Lord Grey, 1 Dec 1831.
  • A letter to WvM from Charles Thorp, 10 Dec 1831.
  • A letter to WvM from Lord Grenville, 30 Dec 1831.
  • A copy by WvM of a letter from him to JB Jenkinson, 30 Jan 1832. [IVA.6]

71. William van Mildert's notes for his speech moving the second reading of the Durham University Bill in the House of Lords, ND (1832). [IVA.6a]

72. Extracts from the Chapter minutes 1831-3, made by WvM. [IVA.6b]

73. Notes and drafts (1 packet) by HJ concerning the history of the foundation of the University of Durham. [IVA.7]

74.Papers (5 boxes) concerning the foundation and early days of the University of Durham, 1831 - ca 1875; correspondence, accounts, regulations, circulars, parliamentary papers etc. [IVA&B]

75. Further papers (1 packet) concerning the foundation, first appointments, and initial affairs of the University of Durham 1831-5, compromising largely letters written to William van Mildert, whose correspondents include:

  • Thomas Gaisford, Canon of Durham 1829-1831 (4 letters, 1831-2).
  • JB Jenkinson, Dean of Durham 1827-1840 (2 letters, 1832).
  • HJ (2 letters, 1833).
  • H James Rose, foundation Professor of Divinity at Durham 1833-4 (3 letters, 1833-4).
  • Lord Shaftesbury (Cropley Ashley, 6th Earl; 1 letter, 2 July 1832, about the Durham University Bill) [IVB.[A]]

76. Letters to HJ concerning the Durham business, including:

  • Letters (8) from Charles Baring (Bishop of Durham 1861- 1879), 1864.
  • A letter (15 Aug 1833) from Thomas Gaisford, sounding HJ out about the Durham appointment.
  • Letters (9) from Edward Maltby (Bishop if Durham 1836-1856), 1836-1841.
  • Letters (8) from William van Mildert, 1833-1835.
  • Letters (8) from HJ Rose, 1834-1838.
  • Letters (about 55) from Charles Thorp 1834-1841.
  • Letters (2 of 1840-1 and 3 of 1860-4) from George Waddington. [IVB[A] & [C]; VA.1e; VB]

77. Drafts by HJ of a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury , and a petition to parliament about the Durham canonry which had been promised to him by WvM, ND (ca 1838). [IVA.4]

78. HJ's certificate of his collation to the third stall at Durham, 21 Oct 1839. [VA.1e]

79. Detailed accounts rendered to HJ or his representatives annually 1839-1879 by S Rowlandson, concerning the income and estate attached to his canonry. [VA.1a]

80. Minutes of Evidence taken before the Durham University Commissioners; HJ's examination, 27 Feb 1862 (printed). [IVB]

81. HJ's copy of a letter to Charles Baring, ND (ca 1877), and a letter from Baring, 7 Jan 1878, about HJ's canonry. It appears that HJ's income from the canonry was ca £3900 pa (about four times as much as his successor under reformed arrangements was to receive), out of which he had been paying the cost of his replacement as Divinity Professor @ £1000 pa since 1864. [VA.1e]

Death and Estate

82. A copy of HJ's will (1876) and codicil (1877). [IVC.E]

83. Material (7 boxes), very miscellaneous but mostly concerning HJ's estate, including legal and financial papers from about 1840. [IVC.A-K; VA.1ae]

A more detailed description of Henry Jenkyns' papers can be found online here.



84. Detailed accounts and other records (ca 60 leaves) concerning a charitable trust established by the will of Gertrude Pyncombe (made 1730; spinster of Welsbeare, probably in or near the parish of Poughill, Devon). The trust was a substantial one (with an income of over £1300 in 1776); its principal purpose was the provision of schooling and the augmentation of poor livings in the West Country. Henry Lockett was a trustee. [III.9] Detailed description of this item here.

85. Accounts (1 vol: rents, tithes, mortuaries, outgoings etc) concerning Crowcombe Rectory 1731-1774, kept by Henry Lockett, Rector. [III.6] Detailed description of this item here.

86. A tithe account book (1741-1751) for Lullington, of which Richard Jenkyns (1714-1764) was Rector. [VII.15a]

87. Printed papers concerning a controversial parliamentary election at Wells, 1765. Detailed description of this item here.

  • 'Case of the Wells election,' 1765, anon.
  • 'The Case of Mr Taylor, Petitioner for the City of Wells,' anon.
  • 'A Touch of the Times...,' by Ambidexter Ignoramus. [III.8i]

88. Minutes (1 vol) of the proceedings at the Wells parliamentary election (ie a poll-book) of March 1768; 282 electors are listed, with details of their qualifications, votes, and objections thereto; in the hand of Richard Jenkyns (of Wells; buried 1806).

The University of London

89. Opinions (8pp) concerning the application of the University of London for a Charter, by Charles Wetherell (MPl sometime Attorney-General), 29 Jan and 23 Feb 1831. [IVA.5]

The University of Oxford

90. The out-letter book (1 vol) of John Wills as Vice-Chancellor, with copies of over 300 official letters written by him, 12 Nov 1792 - 23 Dec 1796. [VIA.2] Detailed description of this item here.

91. Printed papers concerning the Oxford University Volunteers 1798-1804:

  • Proposals for a Committee, 26 Apr 1798, annotated with the names of the Committee.
  • The report of the Committee, 2 May 1798.
  • Additional Regulations, 11 May 1798.
  • Additional Regulations, 11 May 1798.
  • A recruiting notice, 28 Mar 1800.
  • Accounts 1798-1802, dated 20 Mar 1804. [VIA.33(a)-(e)]

92. A notebook in the hand of Henry Richards (Vice-Chancellor 1806-1807) containing lists of Doctors 1797-1803, and of sermons preached in the University 1798-1807; with notes on the deaths of University dignitaries and other matters of interest (eg on p.26, the Examination Statute of 1800) in the same period. This volume has been described previously as 'Richard Jenkyns' Diary.' [VIA.12] Detailed description of this item here.

93. A letter from the 4th Duke of Portland (WH Bentinck) to the Vice-Chancellor, 4 July 1816, concerning the presentation of a portrait (number 348 in Mrs Poole's catalogue, vol. 1) of the 3rd Duke (WHC Bentinck, Chancellor).


94. Sermons (about a dozen small vols) mostly preached by various members of the Jenkyns family during the 18th century. [III.1a & b, 3 & 10]

- John Jones

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