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Mallet Family Papers I. Papers of Jacques (James) Mallet du Pan (1749-1800)

* This list is in draft (June 2015). Reference numbers will remain as they are in this list, but descriptions are subject to changes and additions. As yet there are not more detailed descriptions of files in this collection; they will appear here as they are created.*

Mallet Papers 1.01. Copper-plate of engraving by J Heath of JF Rigaud’s portrait of Mallet du Pan. 1799. Not found 2010.

Mallet Papers 1.02. Memoire presented by Mallet du Pan to the allied sovereigns on the part of Louis XVI and other related papers; bound, William Smyth, Peterhouse – ‘not to be taken out of the lecture room.’ These items have been photographed and images are available to researchers on request.

Mallet Papers 1.03. Catalogue of Mallet du Pan’s books confiscated by the authorities – 1792.

Mallet Papers 1.04. Journalism. 18 items in various hands including Mallet du Pan's. These items have been photographed and images are available to researchers on request.

Mallet Papers 1.05. Mallet du Pan to his wife and to his son. JL Mallet to Mallet du Pan.

Mallet Papers 1.06. Letters of Mallet du Pan to Hardenburg

Mallet Papers 1.07. Mallet du Pan to Souza, de Castries, Colloredo and Mercy-Argenteau

Mallet Papers 1.08. Mallet du Pan to Chevalier de Gallatin (1796-18009). 28 letters in French. These items have been photographed and images are available to researchers on request.

  • Mallet I.08.01dated Berne 12 June 1796
  • Mallet I.08.02 dated Berne 13 July 1796
  • Mallet I.08.03 dated Berne 20 October 1796
  • Mallet I.08.04 dated Berne 30 November 1796
  • Mallet I.08.05 dated Berne 18 March 1797
  • Mallet I.08.06 dated Berne 5 September 1797
  • Mallet I.08.07 dated Constance 21 October 1797
  • Mallet I.08.08 dated Fr en B (Freiburg im Breisgau) 29 October 1797
  • Mallet I.08.09 dated Frybourg (Freiburg im Breisgau) 21 December 1797. First 2 2/3 ll in another hand; last 1 1/3 Mallet du Pan.
  • Mallet I.08.10 dated Fr en B (Freiburg im Breisgau) 27 [January] 1798
  • Mallet I.08.11 dated F (Freiburg im Breisgau) 8 February 1798
  • Mallet I.08.12 dated Frib en B (Freiburg im Breisgau) 28 February 1798
  • Mallet I.08.13 dated Fribourghe (Freiburg im Breisgau) 14 March 1798
  • Mallet I.08.14 dated Londres (London) 18 May 1798
  • Mallet I.08.15 dated Londres (London) 17 July 1798
  • Mallet I.08.16 dated Londres (London) 28 September 1798
  • Mallet I.08.17 dated Londres (London) 25 October 1798
  • Mallet I.08.18 dated Londres (London) 30 November 1798
  • Mallet I.08.19 dated Londres (London) 15 [January] 1799
  • Mallet I.08.20 dated Londres (London) 29 [January] 1799
  • Mallet I.08.21 dated Londres (London) 29 March 1799
  • Mallet I.08.22 dated Londres (London) 14 May 1799
  • Mallet I.08.23 dated Londres (London) 14 June 1799
  • Mallet I.08.24 dated Londres (London) 16 July 1799
  • Mallet I.08.25 dated West Horsley 6 September 1799
  • Mallet I.08.26 dated Londres (London) 28 October 1799
  • Mallet I.08.27 dated Londres (London) 14 [January] 1800
  • Mallet I.08.28 dated Londres (London) 28 February 1800

Mallet Papers 1.09. Mallet du Pan – letters to various persons

Mallet Papers 1.10. Mounier to Mallet du Pan (1792-1798)

Mallet Papers 1.11. Malouet to Mallet du Pan, with one supplementary piece, Souza to Malouet (1792-1800)

Mallet Papers 1.12. Drafts of documents concerning intelligence and diplomacy (1792)

Mallet Papers 1.13. Mallet du Pan – drafts of documents concerning intelligence and diplomacy – 1793 et seq.

Mallet Papers 1.14. Letters to Mallet du Pan from de Souza Continho, the Chevalier de Souza and Jose Manuel Placido de Morses (1795-1798)

Mallet Papers 1.15. Hardenberg to Mallet du Pan (1795-1799), Lord Elgin to Mallet du Pan (1793 to ?1799)

Mallet Papers 1.16. Peruchet (1792-1797)

Mallet Papers 1.17. Bellamy (1794 and ?earlier to 1798)

Mallet Papers 1.18. Bromerel to Mallet du Pan (1795-1798)

Mallet Papers 1.19. Paris correspondence – various endorsements (1792-1797)

Mallet Papers 1.20. Montlosier to Mallet du Pan, mostly undated (1792-1794), with some enclosures

Mallet Papers 1.21. Montgaillard to Mallet du Pan (1795-1796)

Mallet Papers 1.22. Abbé de Pradt to Mallet du Pan (1792-1798) with undated letters and ms essay of 31 pages

Mallet Papers 1.23. Portalis to Mallet du Pan (1798-1799)

Mallet Papers 1.24. Baron d’Erlach to Mallet du Pan (1792-1797) and notes by d‘Erlach on the revolution in Berne.

Mallet Papers 1.25. De Castries to Mallet du Pan, 1792-1799

Mallet Papers 1.26. Miscellaneous correspondence, letters chiefly to Mallet du Pan 1792-1800

Mallet Papers 1.27. more Miscellaneous correspondence, letters chiefly to Mallet du Pan 1792-1800

Mallet Papers 1.28. Mallet du Pan and others. Work published contemporaneously and some MSS for same.

Mallet Papers 1.29. Sainte Aldegonde to Mallet du Pan 1793-1800

Mallet Papers 1.30. Colonel Prossard to Mallet du Pan 1793-1798

Mallet Papers 1.31. Chevalier de Gallatin to Mallet du Pan 1798-1799

Mallet Papers 1.32. John Trevor to Mallet du Pan 1794-1797

Mallet Papers 1.33. Servan, Lally-Tollendal, Monciel, Chevalier de Panat, Prince de Salm and the archbishop of Bordeaux to Mallet du Pan. X items in 6 files. 1792-1798. These items have been photographed and images are available to researchers on request.

1.33.1 Lally-Tollendal to Mallet du Pan. 3 items

1.33.2 Prince de Salm to Mallet du Pan. 5 items

1.33.3 Archbishop of Bordeaux to Mallet du Pan. 6 items.

1.33.4 Chevalier de Panat to Mallet du Pan. 5 items.

1.33.5 Terrier de Monciel to Mallet du Pan. 11 items.

1.33.6 Servan [brother of the Minister of War in 1792] to Mallet du Pan. 7 items.

Mallet Papers 1.34. Obituaries, condolences etc, notes of Madame de Colladon on her father

Mallet Papers 1.35. Mallet du Pan, articles published in newspapers 1787, 1788, 1794, 1796. Copies of ‘quotidienne’ etc containing articles by Mallet du Pan or about him.

Mallet Papers 1.36. 2 notebooks: ‘Ana ‘ sur ‘histoire du temps’

Mallet Papers 1.37. calendar for 1793, with jottings, expenses etc

Mallet Papers 1.38. Mallet du Pan family papers including birth certificate, copy of Genevan letter de Bourgeoisie for Jacques Mallet 1566, envelopes with drawings (geography lessons?) 13 items & 2 wrappers, separate. These items have been photographed and images are available to researchers on request.

Mallet Papers 1.38.A. ND, Elaborately shaped and folded single sheet, outside as folded labelled 'Sicily & Maltha' [sic]. Inner headed 'Description Situation &c, 'Government, Manners &c', 'History'. NB desiccated rubber band obscures some text - do not attempt to remove. Enclosed, small card approx carte de visite size: on one side, watercolour sketch labelled 'The Turks Defeated by the Brave Valette Grand Master of Malta'; on the other side, a hand drawn watercolour & ink map detail of the Mediterranean Sea, including Sicily, Malta and Corfu. In English.

Mallet Papers 1.38.B. ALS, 'Samedi 10 Fev '66.' 'EC' to JL 'Louis' Mallet. 1 bifolium. In French. Envelope, addressed 'JL Mallet Esq, Board of Trade, London'. Childish pencil scribbles on verso.

Mallet Papers 1.38.C. ALS, '17 Xbre 1865', no salutation, signed 'Ton tout affectionné cousin E.C.' P.4 following main body of letter, ''P.S. Conjointes trois photographies d'Henriette; une pour chacun des ménages. Elle a un peu une mine de vinaigre, mais on ne peut pas obtenir mieux, parce qu'elle fait toujours la grimace quand elle pose.' In French. Envelope, addressed 'L. Mallet Esq. Board of Trade, Whitehall, Londres.'

Mallet Papers 1.38.D Outside notes 'only Double Letter', addressed 'Monsieur / Monsieur Louis Mallet, Auditor Office - Sommerset Hause, Londres'. Postmark 'FPO AP 1 1825.'

Mallet Papers 1.38.E

Mallet Papers 1.38.F

Mallet Papers 1.38.G

Mallet Papers 1.38.H

Mallet Papers 1.38.I

Mallet Papers 1.38.J

Mallet Papers 1.38.K

Mallet Papers 1.38.L

Mallet Papers 1.38.M

Mallet Papers 1.39. Letter from Miss Wilkes to Mallet du Pan 1797

Mallet Papers 1.40. Mallet du Pan miscellaneous papers

Mallet Papers 1.41. Copies (printed) of a letter from Thomas Carlyle to JL Mallet about Mallet du Pan.

Mallet Papers 1.42. Old lists of MSS of Mallet du Pan etc

Mallet Papers 1.43. Booklet ‘Mallet du Pan.’ Translation by HF Mallet of the preface written by H Taine to the ‘Correspondence inedited de Mallet du Pan avec la Cour de Vienne 1794-? 4 copies

Mallet Papers 1.44. Book Mallet du Pan and the French Revolution by Sir Bernard Mallet KCB, 1902

Mallet Papers 1.45a, b 2 bound volumes, pamphlets and tracts about the French Revolution etc (annotations by Mallet du Pan).

-end of section-

I. Papers of Jacques (James) Mallet du Pan (1749-1800)
II. Papers of Jean Louis Etienne (John Lewis) Mallet (1775-1861)
III. Papers of Sir Louis Mallet (1823-1890)
IV. Papers of Sir Louis du Pan Mallet GCMG (1864-1936) and other members of the Mallet family
V. Papers of Marie Constance Mallet née Adeane (1861-1934)
VI. Papers of Sir Bernard Mallet, KCB (1859-1932)


- Anna Sander

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