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Papers of Edward Caird (1835-1908), Master of Balliol 1893-1907

  • Biographical information compiled by Rachel Kemsley, Modern MSS Assistant 1994-5.
  • Listing by Dr John Jones, Fellow Archivist, 1979, and updated 2012. Edited by Anna Sander 2013.
  • Note on Caird papers from Strachan-Davidson collection by Tim Procter, Modern MSS Assistant 1992-3.


Biographical information

Born 22 March 1835, fifth son of John Caird, managing partner of a shipbuilding firm, of Greenock.

Educated : Greenock; Glasgow University and St. Andrew's University; Balliol 1860-3; Snell Exhibition, Pusey and Ellerton Scholarships 1861; Jenkyns Exhibitioner and 1st in Classical Moderations 1862; 1st in Literae Humaniores and B.A. 1863; M.A. 1873; member of the "Old Mortality" Club. Friend of T.H. Green and pupil of Jowett.

Married Caroline Frances, daughter of Rev. John Wylie, Minister of Carluke, Lanark. She survived him without issue.

Career as a philosopher:

Fellow and Tutor of Merton College 1864-6.

Professor of Moral Philosophy, Glasgow, 1866-93; Examiner in Literae Humaniores, Oxford 1889-96; LL.D. (St. Andrew's) 1883, (Glasgow) 1894; D.Litt (Cambridge) 1898; Gifford Lecturer on Natural Theology 1891 (at St.Andrew's) and 1900 (at Glasgow); D.C.L. (Oxon.) 1891.

Elected Master of Balliol 1893; resigned the Mastership in 1907 owing to ill-health; an original Fellow of the British Academy, 1902; supported the grant of degrees to women and education of working-men at Oxford.

Died 1 November 1908. Buried near Benjamin Jowett and T.H. Green in St. Sepulchre's Cemetery, Oxford.

Publications include:

  • Critical Account of the Philosophy of Kant (1877).
  • The Social Philosophy and Religion of Comte (1885).
  • The Critical Philosophy of Kant (1889).
  • Essay on Literature and Philosophy (1892).
  • Evolution of Religion (1893).
  • Evolution of Theology in the Greek Philosophers (1904).
  • Lay Sermons delivered in Balliol Hall (1907).

For further information

  • W.I. Addison, The Snell Exhibitioners (1901), pp.148-9.
  • Balliol College Register 1833-1933 .
  • James Cappon, Edward Caird: A Reminiscence (offprint from Queen's Quarterly).
  • Dictionary of National Biography .
  • Sir Henry Jones and J.H. Muirhead, The Life and Philosophy of Edward Caird (1921).
  • John Jones, Balliol College: A History 1263-1939 (1988).
  • J. Jones, "A Contested Mastership. The Election of Jowett's Successor", Balliol College Record 1977, pp.49-56.
  • J.L. Strachan-Davidson, In Memory of Edward Caird: An Address delivered in Balliol College Chapel...1908.
  • See also the Balliolenses files, in Balliol Library, for other recollections, etc., of Caird.


Caird 1                   Correspondence                                                
Caird 2                   Photographs                                                      
Caird 3                   Letters & papers re death of Caird                    
Caird 4                   Other Letters                                                     
Caird 5                   Printed papers                                                   
Caird 6                   Provenance and acquisition correspondence   

Caird 1 Correspondence (1866-1906)

This series consists largely of  letters received by Caird, with a few drafts or copies of his letters in his hand. They are now filed in alphabetical order except that some Caird draft or copy replies are filed with the letter to which they respond. If no number is shown in parentheses, there is  only one letter. 156 items.

Caird 1.001.1-4  ALS from Evelyn Abbott 1897 (3) and nd.
Caird 1.002        ALS from Wilbur C Abbot, Dartmouth College USA  1902.
Caird 1.003        ALS from Francis D Acland ( Balliol 1893) nd.
Caird 1.004        ALS from WE Addis (Balliol 1861), from Melbourne 1892
Caird 1.005        ALS from J Griffiths Ames, from Berlin  1897.
Caird 1.006        ALS from CJ Anderson, from Guernsey 1896.
Caird 1.007        ALS from WR Anson (Balliol 1861), from All Souls 1900.
Caird 1.008        ALS from A Bain, from Aberdeen 1890.
Caird 1.009        ALS from Canon Samuel A Barnett (ODNB), 1897(2), from 8 Royal York Crescent and 1890 from Wardens Lodge Toynbee Hall with comment on  shocking child mortality in the camps (ie concentration camps).
Caird 1.010        ALS from JBS Barratt, Rivington Blackrod GS, 1894 re Percy Nichols (Balliol 1895).
Caird 1.011        ALS from HJ Bhabha, from Mysore 1896 re the admission of his son.
Caird 1.012        ALS from B Bosanquet(Balliol 1866), from The Birches Caterham, nd.
Caird 1.013        ALS from Lord Bowen (Visitor, Balliol 1853), re arrangements for presentation of Caird to him as Master in London 1893.
Caird 1.014        ALS from Archibald Boyd Carpenter (Balliol 1892), from The Palace Ripon, 1897.
Caird 1.015        ALS from Edward Gurney Boyle (Balliol 1896), from 63 Queens Gate 1900.
Caird 1.016        ALS from Percival R Brinton (Balliol 1891), 1899 asking for a reference, with Caird’s copy reference.
Caird 1.017        ALS from James Bryce (OM,Viscount etc: ODNB) (i), from the Duchy of Lancaster Office congratulating Caird on the Mastership 1893; (ii), from the British Embassy Washington 1907 on Caird’s retirement.
Caird 1.018        ALS from Ludwig Busse, from Königsburg, in German 1904.
Caird 1.019        ALS from Sydney Buxton on House of Commons Library notepaper, as from Grosvenor Crescent, 1902, about his son (CS Buxton, Balliol 1902) coming into residence.
Caird 1.020        AL from Caird, copy in his hand, reference for Joseph Owen (Balliol 1895) 1899.
Caird 1.021        AL from Caird, copy in his hand, to an unidentified correspondent 1899.
Caird 1.022        AL from Caird, copy in his hand, to the President of Trinity nd re the Scholarship exam.
Caird 1.023        AL from Caird, copy in his hand, to an unidentified correspondent 1900.
Caird 1.024        AL from Caird, copy in his hand, to Professor Kielhorn 1902, mentioning a visit to Oxford with Dr Schmidt and a question re duration of residence of German Rhodes Scholars, which Caird has decided to leave to His Majesty the Emperor.
Caird 1.025        AL from Caird, copy in his hand, to “Evans” nd.
Caird 1.026        ALS from D Campbell, from Oakford Rectory, re “John” (J McL Campbell Balliol 1903) matriculating, closing with kind remembrances to Mrs Caird and “Annie” ( Annie Wylie , Mrs Caird’s sister 1902).
Caird 1.027        ALS from Lewis Campbell (Balliol 1849), from Kensington Gardens, 1894.
Caird 1.028        ALS from Robert Campbell, from Disley Cheshire 1899, about “my boy Kenneth’s education” and whether to send him to Winchester.
Caird 1.029        ALS from WB Carpenter, signing WB Ripon, from the Palace Ripon, nd.
Caird 1.030        ALS from JC Carrick, from Newbattle Manse 1893, congratulating Caird on the Mastership.
Caird 1.031        ALS from Thomas Chavasse (MD Edin) from Birmingham re his son Arthur Ryland Chavasse nd.
Caird 1.032        ALS from Edward Clark (New College, ordained 1887) from St Edmunds Lombard Street, a former curate of Mr Rogers late Rector of Bishopsgate, soliciting Fillingham Rectory which was then recently vacant, 1897.
Caird 1.033        ALS from Sir John Conroy (Fellow of Balliol) 1900, note written on a blank part of  a letter to Conroy from AP Hunt.
Caird 1.034        ALS from J Cook Wilson, from Whitby nd.
Caird 1.035        ALS from Julian Coolidge (Balliol 1895), from Cambridge Mass 1900 re Edward Forbes.
Caird 1.036        ALS from John Corbin (Balliol 1894), from 16 Cramercy Park NY nd.
Caird 1.037        ALS from Mandell Creighton (ODNB), from the Palace Peterborough, signing M Petriburg, 1893 congratulating Caird on the Mastership.
Caird 1.038        ALS from CT Davis 1897.
Caird 1.039        ALS from HS Dettman (Balliol 1899) 1902 returning to Sydney ; his father ill.
Caird 1.040        ALS from AV Dicey (Balliol 1853), from The Orchard congratulating Caird on the Mastership 1893.
Caird 1.041        ALS from RA Duff, re Caird retiring.
Caird 1.042        ALS from Louis Dyer (Balliol 1874) 9 November 1893, urging Caird to accept the Mastership.
Caird 1.043        ALS from Alice (Lady) Elliot, from Wimbledon June 6, otherwise nd.
Caird 1.044     ALS from Montague Emanuel (Balliol 1891), about his Balliol contemporary George Douglas Brown who has died, 1902.
Georgiana Emanuel, signing Georgie Emanuel, mother of VR Emanuel(Balliol 1896), responding to  a letter from Caird to her husband (Joel Emanuel) who has been ill for several months.
Caird 1.045        ALS from AM Fairbairn, from Mansfield College congratulating Caird on the Mastership.
Caird 1.046        ALS from CH Firth (Balliol 1875), from 33 Norham Gardens 1902.
Caird 1.047        ALS from Thomas Fowler,Vice Chancellor, nd(2).
Caird 1.048        ALS from WH Fremantle, Fellow, welcoming Caird to the Mastership 1893; and from the Deanery Ripon 1901.
Caird 1.049        ALS from Sir Edward Fry, from Failand House June 1894, on being elected to an Honorary  Fellowship.
Caird 1.050        ALS from CW Furse Canon of Westminster, on being invited to preach in the Chapel 1898(2).
Caird 1.051        ALS from Prince Gaekwar (Balliol 1901) 1902, apologising for intemperate words.
Caird 1.052        ALS from R Greentree (Balliol 1892), from Kensington 1902.
Caird 1.053        ALS from WH Hadow nd, re exam performances of Balliol men.
Caird 1.054        ALS from W Hall, father of H Hall( JNH Hall, Balliol 1895,died 1898), re his son’s illness with  a doctor’s letter 1897.
Caird 1.055        ALS from HF Hastings, Headmaster of Ludlow GS, re a candidate for the Greaves Exhibition.
Caird 1.056        ALS from WR Hardie (Balliol 1880) 1895.
Caird 1.057        ALS from EC Haynes, on his son (ESP Haynes Balliol 1896)leaving Balliol, nd.
Caird 1.058        ALS from CB Heberden (Balliol 1867), on Caird’s retirement, 1907.
Caird 1.059        ALS from GC Henderson (Balliol 1894), from Australia, 1899 and 1900, and a letter by Caird, copy in his hand, to Henderson 1899.
Caird 1.060        ALS from Aubrey Kenny-Herbert( Balliol 1896), 1895, accepting the offer to admit him.
Caird 1.061        ALS from NH Hey 1901.
Caird 1.062        ALS from Henry Holden, resigning living of South Luffenham 1898.
Caird 1.063        ALS from HS Holland (Balliol 1865), nd(2), re child mortality in the concentration camps.
Caird 1.064        ALS from Baron von Hügel, from 4 Holford Road Hampstead, 21 November 1902, in English, with Caird’s draft of his reply 25 December 1902.
Caird 1.065        ALS from Frederic L Huidekoper, re possible admission of his brother Reginald Shippen Huidekoper, who was not admitted, nd.
Caird 1.066        ALS from Ludwig Jeep, from Königsberg 1904.
Caird 1.067        ALS from Lady Jeune, from Arlington Manor, nd.
Caird 1.068        ALS from Benjamin Jowett, 1873, 1875, 1888, nd, and nd incomplete on black-edged paper.
Caird 1.069        ALS from WP Ker, from Gower Street 1901.
Caird 1.070        ALS from Count Knyphausen, 1895, re his son Count Dodo Knyphausen (Balliol 1895).
Caird 1.071        ALS from EJ Kylie (Balliol 1901) nd.
Caird 1.072        ALS from Archibald Lamont, from Singapore  1894.
Caird 1.073        ALS from AD Lindsay (Balliol 1896), 1906.
Caird 1.074        ALS from Richard Littlehailes (Balliol 1898), 1902.
Caird 1.075        ALS from J Lorimer, from Kellie Castle Fife, 1886.
Caird 1.076        ALS from AR Lord, from Tiverton 1897; Mr Francis (HWS Francis, Balliol 1899) wishes to stay at Blundells longer.
Caird 1.077        ALS from EL Lushington, from Park House Maidstone 1877.
Caird 1.078        ALS from MW MacCallum 1896, from Athelstane, Elizabeth Bay Road, Darlinghust Australia.
Caird 1.079        ALS from WS McCormick, from St Andrews 1896, enclosing a note from WR Hardie about women students (numbers, performance etc) and 1900 from London, on University of Dundee notepaper.
Caird 1.080        ALS from EB McGilvary, from Berkeley California 1899.
Caird 1.081        ALS from WDL Macpherson, from Clifton College 1899.
Caird 1.082        ALS from Archie Main (Balliol 1899), on being elected to the Snell Exhibition, seeking advice with Caird’s copy response  1899.
Caird 1.083        ALS from Suliman Mahmoud, from Cairo 1899, re his son Mohammed Mahmoud (Balliol 1897).
Caird 1.084        ALS from William Markby, Fellow, 1897 from Headington, and 1898 from Japan.
Caird 1.085        ALS from Alfred Marshall (ODNB) from “Balliol Croft Cambridge” 1897 re  a strike, the 8 hour day campaign, trade unionism etc at length.
Caird 1.086        ALS from James Martineau, from Aviemore July 1893(2).
Caird 1.087        ALS from D Maugham, from Sydney 1896.
Caird 1.088        ALS from A Menzies, February 1893.
Caird 1.089        ALS from Alfred Milner (ODNB), from Government House Cape Town ”Private” 1899.
Caird 1.090        ALS from F Monier Williams, introducing S Krishnavarma (Balliol 1878).
Caird 1.091        ALS from Emily Osborne Morgan, from 24 Draycott Place SW, 1899, on black edged paper.
Caird 1.092        ALS from John H Morgan, from Cardiff 1897.
Caird 1.093        ALS from Lord Morris, on Atheneum notepaper, as from 26 Grosvenor Place, 1899, re his son Charles Ambrose Morris (Balliol 1898, died 1899).
Caird 1.094        ALS from John Muir, from 10 Merchiston Avenue Edinburgh 1872.
Caird 1.095        ALS from F Max Müller (ODNB), January and November 1893, the second congratulating Caird on the Mastership
Caird 1.096        ALS from Gilbert Murray (OM, ODNB), from Glasgow 1897, TL not signed re strikes, trade unionism, and the 8 hour day.
Caird 1.097        ALS from WL Newman, Senior Fellow, 8 November 1893, telling Caird that at an informal meeting of Fellows held there had been a majority for him as Master, and would he accept, asking him to respond to Sir William Markby, with Caird’s file copies of letters to Markby 10 and 12 November. See also Jowett Papers II.D6.
Caird 1.098        ALS from Lord Newlands (James Hozier Balliol 1869) 1906  re the Jowett Fellowships which he had endowed.
Caird 1.099        ALS from ER Noble (Balliol 1898), from Kendal nd.
Caird 1.100        ALS from AF Northcote re his son Geoffrey AS Northcote (Balliol 1899,grandson of the 1st Lord Iddesleigh) whom he would like to see at Balliol and who was a candidate for the Blundells Scholarship.
Caird 1.101        ALS from Edward Onslow Ford, from 62 Acacia Road St Johns Wood NW 1897, re the inscription for the Green Memorial and alterations to the Jowett memorial.
Caird 1.102        ALS from TG Overend, from Dublin (i), 1897 about his son AK Overend (Balliol 1895),annotated with a note by Caird to Mr Jenks; and (ii), 1899 thanking Caird and Fellows at length for their care of his son, annotated in pencil “Please return when done with C.F.C”
Caird 1.103        ALS from HA Overstreet from Longwall House Oxford 1899.
Caird 1.104        ALS from Francis Paget (ODNB) signing F Oxon from Cuddesdon 1901 thanking Caird for statistics re concentration camps and commenting on the issue.
Caird 1.105        ALS from FS Parry from 10 Downing Street 1898.
Caird 1.106        ALS from William Patrick from 71 Abbotsford Pl. Glasgow 1876.
Caird 1.107        ALS from Lord Peel (Speaker Peel, ODNB), from the Lodge Sandy Beds, 1895.
Caird 1.108        ALS from Henry Pelham from Trinity College 1901 re Balliol men causing mayhem in Trinity.
Caird 1.109        ALS from FS Philipson-Stow Bt, from Blackdown House Fernhurst Sussex 1898, re the readmission of his son (RF Philipson-Stow, Balliol 1895).
Caird 1.110        ALS from ER Phillips January 1900 and a letter by Phillips to Forbes of December 1898 which had been returned by Forbes with the suggestion that it should be sent to Caird.
Caird 1.111        ALS from AW Pickard Cambridge (Balliol 1891) from Bloxworth Rectory 1897.
Caird 1.112        ALS from T Price 1897 re JA Richey (Balliol 1893).
Caird 1.113        ALS from Alfred Pringsheim, from Munich 1897 re his son Erik Pringsheim (Balliol 1897).
Caird 1.114        ALS from Mrs Quiller Couch, from 21 St Margaret’s Road 1898 re a Mr Jackson, probably RO Jackson (Balliol 1898), a miscreant of some sort.
Caird 1.115        ALS from Thomas Rain from the Manse of Hutton by Lockerbie 1893 congratulating Caird on the Mastership.

Caird 115A ALS from [illegible signature], 3 Eccleston Square SW, 4 July 1895. Wishes to give back '£600 of what I have received from the College, as £200 is avery outside estimate of the work I have done.'

Caird 115B. ALS from J Paul Richter re his son Alexander Richter (Balliol 1900). 14 Hall Road NW, 10 February 1901. 1l.
Caird 1.116        ALS from David G Ritchie of St Andrews 1897 re John Sime ( Balliol 1897).
Caird 1.117        ALS from D Argyll Robertson from Edinburgh 1903 responding to a letter from Caird re BB Jareja, idle son of HH the Thakor Sahib of Gondal, and pleading on his behalf. 2l.
Caird 1.118        ALS from Mary I Ross from 7 Forbes Street Edinburgh 1898.
Caird 1.119.1-3        ALS from Count Seckendorff, from the Emperor’s Palace Berlin 1896, having been instructed by His Majesty to write on his behalf re Count Dodo Knyphausen and Baron Dodo Knyphausen, both of whom were admitted (see Balliol Register under the year 1895).and later sending the Emperor’s thanks. With Caird’s copy of his letter to Seckendorff.
Caird 1.120.1-2        ALS from W Hudson Shaw (Fellow, Balliol 1879), from Grasmere December 29 1896, responding to Caird’s letter of 24 December 1896, with  Caird’s copy of that letter.
Caird 1.121        ALS from JKM Shirazi from the Central Prison Constantinople, nd but with its envelope, registered post, stamped Constantinople 18 December 1906, and Oxford 20 December 1906. Shirazi was a political prisoner who had met Caird in 1903 and 1905 in England. A long letter, smuggled out of the prison, detailing his predicament and treatment, asking for help via the British Ambassador.
Caird 1.122        ALS from Henry Sidgwick (ODNB) from Cambridge, thanking him for sending his two new volumes on Kant.
Caird 1.123.1-3        ALS from AL Smith (Balliol 1869),1896,1898 and 1900(TLS).
Caird 1.124        ALS from JA Smith (Balliol 1883) from Edinburgh 1897 re College affairs and philosophical work.
Caird 1.125.1-2        ALS from Arthur Steel (Balliol 1895), lacking opening page, just before 1900, and as AD Steel–Maitland from Treasury Chambers later, nd.
Caird 1.126.1-2        ALS from James Hutchison Stirling (ODNB) from Edinburgh 1872 and 1901.
Caird 1.127        ALS from WJ Stopford, Captain RN, from Hastings 1900 re his brother in law GP Baker (Balliol 1896).
Caird 1.128.1-5        ALS from JL Strachan Davidson (ODNB) 1897(2), 1898, 1899, 1903: 62 more of Strachan Davidson’s Letters to Caird 1894-1907 are in the Strachan Davidson Collection, III.C.
Caird 1.129        ALS from Baron von Stumm from Schloss Holzhausen re the admission of his son FC von Stumm (Balliol 1897).
Caird 1.130.1-2        ALS from Frederick Temple, Archbishop (ODNB), 4 November 1901 responding cautiously to Caird’s letter of 2 November  seeking support re shocking mortality rates especially children in the concentration camps, with Caird’s copy of his  letter.
Caird 1.131        ALS from Walter Thomas, lacking the opening page, before November 1893.
Caird 1.132.1-2        ALS from CM Toynbee   congratulating Caird on the Mastership 1893 and 1902 offering to establish  a Prize for Economics.
Caird 1.133        ALS from Gertrude Toynbee (sister of Arnold and Paget Toynbee), from 8 Balcombe St Dorset Sq NW, nd, making reference to her brothers and Toynbee Hall.
Caird 1.134.1-3        ALS from CE Turner, Lecturer in English at the University of St Petersburg re Theodore Gruenmann, 1900;also two copies of a reference in German from St Anne’s  School St Petersburg, both authenticated by the British Vice Consul at Varna . See also item 152 below.
Caird 1.135        ALS from Hans Vaihinger (philosopher) from Halle a/Saale 1895, in German.
Caird 1.136        ALS from Richard S Varley (Balliol 1898) from Holyhead, nd.
Caird 1.137        ALS from GCH de J du Vallon (Balliol 1897) 1897 from France.
Caird 1.138        ALS from C Sydney Venning from Lyndhurst Rhyl, 1901, asking when the Organ Scholarship would be vacant, as his son, a student of Sir Walter Parratt, would like to become a candidate.
Caird 1.139.1-2        ALS from John Watson, from Queens University Kingston Canada 1880, and from Glasgow at length 1898.
Caird 1.140        ALS from William Wallace ( Whyte’s Professor of Moral Philosophy), from 6 Bradmore Road Oxford, February 1893.
Caird 1.141.1-2      ALS from James  Ward  from Cambridge, January and March 1893.
Caird 1.142        ALS from Edmond Warre (ODNB) from Eton, 1895.
Caird 1.143        ALS from Harold Williamson (Balliol 1891) 1897.
Caird 1.144        ALS from Eduard Zeller (philosopher)from Berlin in German 1889.
Caird 1.145        ALS from Unidentified aunt Mabel of John Cecil Tritton (Balliol 1898) writing from Banks Fee, Moreton-in-the-Marsh, 26 January 1898.
Caird 1.146        ALS from Unidentified English clergyman possibly signing “BenjnS Berrington” from 146 Tasmanstraat The Hague Holland, about  a potential Dutch candidate for admission.
Caird 1.147        ALU from Unidentified, from Castlehill Campbeltown 1877 (letter lacking the signature page)  reporting to Caird that he had visited Badenweiler with Brownlie and erected  a tombstone there and sent  photograph to the family of James Thomson (who died there in 1876: see Jones and Muirhead  op cit )
Caird 1.148        ALU from Unidentified writer, staying  in Oxford for  few days at Beam Hall in 1897 or 1899 about Donald ( most likely the writer’s son), a musician, probably Donald Tovey ( Balliol 1894) . Incomplete, lacks the signature page.
Caird 1.149        ALU from Unidentified, from 9 John Street Sept 16th otherwise nd responding to Caird’s letter about Fritz who has not been working. Incomplete
Caird 1.150        ALS from Unidentified, probably a Fellow on familiar terms with Caird about philosophy, dated Balliol College 24 February, probably 1893.
Caird 1.151        ALS from Thomas Hay Sweet Escott (newspaper editor & journalist). Addressed: 90 Buckingham Road Brighton 1 April 1898, dictated, with the shaky signature of an elderly or disabled writer.
Caird 1.152        ALS from Unidentified from ”Students’ Delegacy “ 20 June  1902, re T Gruenman, who matriculated 20 October 1900.
Caird 1.153        ALS from Unidentified Cambridge man, writing from The New Club Edinburgh 11 Sept 1902 (signature page lacking) in response to a  letter from Caird, hoping that what had happened at Eton 18 months before had been forgotten; his poor boy had since taken the pledge.
Caird 1.154        ALS from Professor John Blackie of Edinburgh University. Addressed: 24 Hill Street Edinburgh, 29 November probably 1866.
Caird 1.155        ALS from Unidentified, from St Andrews 19 November 1866.
Caird 1.156        ALS from Unidentified .... Johnston, from 15 Rose Street Glasgow 1899.

Caird.1.157 ALS from John E..., Privy Council Office, 12 December 1895. Re Mr Dale & proposed teaching qualifications - probably FHB Dale (Balliol 1890).

Caird 2 Photographs

Two photographs of or including Caird. 2 items.

Caird 2.1                      Caird in middle age, possibly when elected Master 1893,  by Hills and Saunders .
Caird 2.2                      Four men including Caird, by C Römler, Dresden.

Caird 3 Letters & papers re death of Caird

This series consists of institutional eulogies and letters of condolence to Mrs Caird upon Edward Caird’s death in 1908. 18 items.

Caird 3.1.1-4                      3 formal resolutions by way of eulogies re Caird: (i), Manchester College Oxford  “At a Meeting of the General Committee held in Manchester on Monday November 16th 1908;  (ii), “University of Glasgow .Excerpt from Minute of the University Court of 12th November 1908”; and (iii) “Excerpt Minute of Senate of Date 3rd December 1908”.The last is signed by William Stewart Clerk of Senate and has with it Mrs Caird’s copy of her response from 12 Bardwell Road in her hand.
Caird 3.2                      Condolence letters, all ALS except one, to Mrs Caird
Caird 3.2.01                 ALS to Mrs Caird from Cyril Bailey (Balliol 1890).
Caird 3.2.02                 ALS to Mrs Caird from Vernon Bartlett.
Caird 3.2.03                 ALS to Mrs Caird from Thomas Dehn (Balliol 1902, killed 1917).
Caird 3.2.04                 ALS to Mrs Caird from EE Genner (Balliol 1895, Fellow of Jesus College ).
Caird 3.2.05                 ALS to Mrs Caird from FCN Hicks (Balliol 1891) from Keble.
Caird 3.2.06                 ALS to Mrs Caird from CP Ilbert (Balliol 1860).
Caird 3.2.07                 ALS to Mrs Caird from JW Mackail (Balliol 1878).
Caird 3.2.08                 ALS to Mrs Caird from Hugh McKinnon Wood (Balliol 1903).
Caird 3.2.09                 ALS to Mrs Caird from HA Overstreet (Balliol 1899).
Caird 3.2.10                 ALS to Mrs Caird from RB Merriman ( Balliol 1897).
Caird 3.2.11                 ALS to Mrs Caird from Paul Sabatier, in French.
Caird 3.2.12                 ALS to Mrs Caird from George Saunders  (Balliol 1881).
Caird 3.2.13                 ALS to Mrs Caird from JA Smith (Balliol 1883).
Caird 3.2.14                 ALS to Mrs Caird from William Smart (TLS), associate of Ruskin. George  Todd (Balliol 1865).
Caird 3.3                      In Mrs Caird’s hand, headed “From Mr Haldane”, a copy of a piece praising Caird, nd but after his death.
Caird 3.4                      Recollections of Caird, 7pp written by invitation, probably for  a biographer. Signed by WE Addis (Balliol 1861).

Caird 4 Other Letters

Letters to Mrs Caird and unidentified. 9 items.

Caird 4.01                    ALS to Mrs Caird from JA Smith dated Malvern 1909.
Caird 4.02                    ALS to Mrs Caird from AV Dicey 1896.
Caird 4.03                    ALS to Mrs Caird from J Estlin Carpenter, from Manchester College Oxford to Mrs Caird June 21 1907, on the Cairds leaving Balliol.
Caird 4.04                    ALS from Unidentified. Incomplete autograph letter dated 61 Russell Square 23 February 1890 mentioning “our common friend the Master of Balliol “ re  a proposal to start something akin to Toynbee Hall somewhere in London.

Caird 4.05 void.
Caird 4.06                    ALS from Rupert Deakin to Mr Russell, 1898 from King Edward’s School Stourbridge re WJ Walker, a mathematical scholarship candidate.
Caird 4.07                    Extract of a letter to Mr Matheson, Fellow of New College from his mother re Theodore Gratchoff 1908.
Caird 4.08                    ALS from CEL Johnston to JL Strachan Davidson from 13 Cambridge Park Gardens, asking for a testimonial, with a copy of what he wrote on the back in Strachan Davidson’s hand.
Caird 4.09                    ALS from John Watson to Sir Henry Jones, from Kingston Ontario 1911, a covering letter for material re Caird sent for use by Jones in Jones and Muirhead op cit. In using it, Jones described Watson on p70 as “one of the most eminent “ of Caird’s pupils.

Caird 5  Printed papers

Personal and professional papers.

Caird 5.01                    Invitation, printed  (addressee gap not filled in), re the weekend of 16-18 May, the Saturday to include a Past and Present Cricket Match on the newly acquired ground, over the names of B Jowett and MR Jardine, Captain OUCC. Dates fit 1890. Jardine was captain in 1891.
Caird 5.02                    Diploma, Royal Society of Edinburgh, 1900.
Caird 5.03                    A speech, for the opening of Mansfield College 15 Oct 1889 , by Benjamin Jowett, in  a fair clerk’s hand.
Caird 5.04                    A draft speech, nd, in Caird’s hand.
Caird 5.05.1-3                    Printed circular dated February 1899, letters by Caird to Dr Warre and Hon and Rev E Lyttleton, successive Chairmen of the Head Masters’ Conference, written in 1896 and 1898 re Scholarship Exam arrangements.
Caird 5.06                    Printed protest re Cecil Rhodes’s DCL, over many names including many leading Balliol figures, nd ca 1897.

Caird 6 Provision and acquisition correspondence

Correspondence regarding the provenance and acquisition by Balliol of the Caird papers, mostly of JH Muirhead and EV Quinn. 2 files.

Caird 6.01                    Papers re provenance, including JH Muirhead to AL Smith, ALS from The Rowans, Walsall Common, Nr Coventry 20 August 1922. At that stage Muirhead had much of the Collection.
Caird 6.02                    Quinn’s correspondence with Dr James Kelly of St Andrews and Father LF Barman SJ re copying and publishing a letter from Baron Friedrich von Hügel to Caird and Caird’s draft reply, both of which are in Caird 2, filed under H.


- Anna Sander

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