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A brief list of remarkable alumni, in chronological order

  • Walter de Burley, philosopher, d. about 1345
  • John Wycliffe, credited with first translating the Bible into English, d. 1384
  • Simon Bredon, 14th century mathematician
  • William Gray, 15th century humanist bibliophile
  • Cuthbert Tunstall, Bishop of Durham, d.1559
  • William Monson, 16th century admiral, d.1643
  • Dud Dudley, 17th century ironmaster
  • John Evelyn, 17th century diarist
  • Nathaneal Konopios, introduced coffee to England, 17th century
  • James Bradley, astronomer, d.1762
  • James Stirling, mathematician, d.1770
  • WH Drayton, American revolutionary, d. 1779
  • Adam Smith, political economist of The Wealth of Nations fame, d. 1790
  • Matthew Baillie, pathologist, d.1823
  • Thomas Knight, horticulturalist, d. 1838
  • Bishop JC Patteson, martyred in Melanesia 1871
  • HJS Smith, mathematician and academic reformer, d. 1883
  • Father TRD Byles, gave absolution to the doomed as the Titanic went down, 14 April 1912; he also perished on that day
  • AW Peel, Speaker of the House of Commons, d. 1912
  • Ronald Poulton, Captain of England at Rugby, killed 1915
  • FS Kelly, champion oarsman and composer, killed 1916
  • HD Rawnsley, founder of the National Trust, d.1920
  • Nasr-ul-Mulk, Prime Minister and then Regent of Persia, d. 1927
  • APW Thomas, discoverer of the liver fluke lifecycle, d. 1937
  • Mohammed Mahmoud, Prime Minister of Egypt d.1941
  • Adam von Trott, executed for his part in the1944 plot to kill Hitler
  • Jan Hofmeyr, liberal Deputy President of South Africa, d. 1948
  • WO Stapledon, science fiction writer, d. 1950
  • Hugh Cairns, surgeon, d. 1952
  • The Nawab of Pataudi Snr, cricketer, d.1952
  • Hilaire Belloc, d. 1953
  • Shogi Effendi, Guardian of the Baha'i Faith, d. 1957
  • General Adrian Carton de Wiart VC, d. 1963
  • CN Hinshelwood, physical chemist, President of the Royal Society and Classical Society; Nobel Laureate, d.1967
  • Vincent Massey, Governor General of Canada, d.1967
  • JM Harlan, Judge of the Supreme Court of the USA, d. 1971
  • Israel Brodie, Chief Rabbi, d. 1979
  • PV Danckwerts GC, thermodynamicist and bomb disposal hero, d. 1984
  • King Olav of Norway, d. 1991
  • Anthony Parsons, UK Permanent Representative to the UN, d. 1996
  • RV Jones, physicist, genius of scientific warfare in WWII, d 1997
  • CM Maclehose, Governor of Hong Kong, d. 2000
  • Laurence Whistler, glass engraver, d. 2000
  • Walter Crocker, centenarian Australian statesman, d. 2002

- Anna Sander

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