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Some more remarkable alumni, by subject or occupation

Social reformers and idealists:

Arnold Toynbee (d. 1883), TH Green (d. 1949), GDH Cole (d. 1959), RH Tawney (d. 1962) and William Beveridge (d. 1963)


Manning (d. 1892) and Heard (d. 1973) - also Morton, listed with the Archbishops

Prime Ministers:

Asquith (d. 1928), Macmillan (d. 1986), Heath (d.2005)

Viceroys of India:

Lords Elgin (d. 1917), Curzon (d. 1925) and Lansdowne (d. 1927), in succession

Archbishops of Canterbury:

Bradwardine (d. 1349), Morton (d.1500), Abbot (d. 1633), Tait (d. 1882), Frederick Temple (d. 1902), William Temple (d. 1944) and Lang (d. 1945)

16th Century Catholic Martyrs:

St. Alexander Briant (executed 1581) and Thomas Pylcher (executed 1587)

19th Century Poets:

Matthew Arnold (d. 1888), Gerard Manley Hopkins (d. 1889) and AC Swinburne (d. 1909)

WWI Poets:

Julian Grenfell (killed 1915) and PH Shaw-Stewart (killed 1917)

20th Century Novelists:

Nevil Shute (d. 1960), Aldous Huxley (d. 1963), Graham Greene (d. 1991), Robertson Davies (d. 1994), Anthony Powell (d. 2000)

Lords Chief Justice:

Popham (d. 1607) and Coleridge (d. 1894)

Senior UK Cabinet Ministers:

many, including Edward Cardwell (d. 1886), Edward Grey (d. 1933), Leo Amery (d. 1955), Herbert Samuel (d. 1963) and Roy Jenkins (d. 2003)


many, including RBD Morier (d.1893), EJ Monson (d. 1909), A Spring-Rice (d. 1934), and WG Tyrrell (d. 1947)


RA Knox (d. 1957) and Austin Farrer (d. 1968)

Lords Chancellor:

Bathurst (d. 1794) and Loreburn (d. 1923)

Lords of Appeal:

many, including Bowen (d. 1894) and Kilbrandon (d. 1989)

Under-Secretaries FCO:

AMG Cadogan (d. 1968) and PH Gore-Booth (d. 1984)

Academic Reformers:

many, including Richard Jenkyns (d. 1854), and Benjamin Jowett (d. 1893)


many, including LB Namier (d. 1960), VH Galbraith (d. 1976), RW Southern (d. 2001), CMH Clark (d. 1991)


Charles Jennens (d. 1773), librettist; John Farmer (d. 1901), composer and organist; FS Kelly (d.1916), Ernest Walker (d.1949), composer, organist and musicologist


BC Brodie (d.1880), HB Baker (d.1935), EJ Bowen (d.1980), RP Bell (d.1996)


- Anna Sander

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