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For permission to quote or publish from works in Balliol's archives and manuscripts, including use of images, please send a completed copy of this form to the Fellow Librarian, who deals with all such requests on behalf of the Master and Fellows.


Before making an enquiry, please ensure that you have as much information as possible from this website, particularly about Balliol's collections and about consulting them, and from other printed and online resources about your research subject. This will make your enquiry and any subsequent correspondence and research visits as efficient as possible. Follow the links below for more information about Balliol's holdings in several main categories:

Why send enquiries in writing?

  • Writing out your enquiry may help to clarify the types of information you hope to discover.
  • Archive information is not instantly available, so you will not get an answer on the spot. Even simple family history enquiries usually require consultation of at least four or five printed, manuscript and online sources.
  • Telephoning cannot guarantee you a quicker answer. Archive enquiries can take very different lengths of time to answer properly.
  • archive enquiries fall under the Freedom of Information Act, and all FOI enquiries must be made in writing.

All enquiries will be answered in writing, and by email for preference.

If you are emailing, please ensure that the name of your research subject is mentioned in the body of your message, not only in the subject line, and include the following information:

  • Your preferred title and full name
  • Email address
  • Postal address including postcode and country
  • Area of interest (e.g. biographical information, history of Balliol, modern personal papers, medieval manuscripts)
  • Name of individual subject of research, if applicable
  • Further details of your enquiry


post: The Librarians
Balliol College
Broad Street
Oxford OX1 3BJ

Researchers in person are requested to observe the usual courtesies of keeping appointments punctually and notifying the archivist of delays or changes of plan.

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You do not need to request permission to download or print one copy of any of the images on these pages for your personal private study or research purposes.
You do need to request permission in writing to use any of these images for any publication in any format, including any use on a website.

The archives and manuscripts of Balliol College are open by appointment to enquirers in person at the Historic Collections Centre in St Cross Church, Holywell.
Enquiries should be sent in writing (email or post).
There is no charge for Archive enquiries, but donations for Archive purposes are always appreciated.
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