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MBP 204 Classics essay notebooks of Hebert Henry Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith (Balliol 1870)

Biographical information

Herbert Henry Asquith

Provenance: given to Balliol in 1996 by John Stephenson, Hon Fellow of New College, from the papers of Luke Asquith, grandson of the subject.


7 notebooks. MS essays as presented to or read by TH Green, with Green's notes/marks and signatures.

NB 1. Dated October 1870, HHA's first term at Balliol. Begins written on each page, paginated by HHA to p.17. Pp.18- are rectos only except notes on a few versos. Blank facing pages are not photographed. From p.64 the facing pages are occupied by essays running from the other end of the notebook, turned the other way up. Pp.00-90 occupy the first direction of the notebook, 91-118 the other. Contents: fair copies of Greek & Latin translation exercises, listed on p.0. Images online. Blank pages have not been photographed except a few occurring between pages that are marked.

NB 2. Dated October 1870.

NB 3. Dated October 1871.

NB 4. Dated February 1872.

NB 5. ND.

NB 6. Dated 1873.

NB 7. Dated 1873. No cover. The notebook has been used from both ends, with a number of folios left blank on both sides in the middle of the volume. Pp.1-23a occupy the first direction of the notebook, 23b-44 the other. Contents: pp1-23 and insert at 12a, fair copies of Greek and Latin translation/composition exercises; pp24-44, notes on topics in Economics. This notebook has been photographed; digital images available on request.


- Anna Sander

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