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Documents relating to Marston St Lawrence, Northamptonshire, in the archives of Balliol College, Oxford

NB These properties no longer belong to Balliol College.

Estate Maps 40. Annotated O.S. map showing the Marston St. Lawrence Estate. ca 1950. 6 inches = 1 mile. Roll 40 x 70 cm approx

Estate Maps 40a.Marston St. Lawrence Estate. 20th Century. 6 inches = 1 mile Roll 40 x 60 cm approx.

Land Agent's files OBC 12. Marston St Lawrence

Land Agent’s file OBC 13. Sale of Marston St Lawrence

MBP 81 Marston St Lawrence Estate 1938-1971

MBP 88.3.4 1939 Gift of land for Village Hall at Marston St Lawrence

MBP 88.7.5 1949 Sale of land at Marston St. Lawrence to Gibbons.

MBP 144 Marston St. Lawrence Estate sale brochure with actual photographs and a map and detailed descriptions 1937

MBP 145 Draft Indenture re Marston St. Lawrence Estate 1919

MBP 265 Marston St. Lawrence Estate correspondence 1937-1949.

MBP 338 Papers re Greatworth Cottages 1945-1952 including an annotated sale map of the Marston St. Lawrence Estate, 1937.

MISC 301.6 Cloth-backed map of Marston St. Lawrence, annotated with plot numbers and acreage

* Former archives reference H.5 (45 documents) were all handed over on sale. Copies were not retained.

- Anna Sander

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