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Documents relating to Cutcombe and Timberscombe, Somerset, in the archives of Balliol College, Oxford

NB These properties no longer belong to Balliol College.

D.22.1. Richard Ellsworth (father), of Bickham, county Somerset his will, 1694 and 1701.

D.22.2. Richard Ellsworth (son), his will, dated 1714, proved 1715

D.22.3. Balliol College agreement George Fursdon, etc. decree in Chancery concerning Ellsw. rents from lands, in 74 sheets ca 1733

D.22. 8. Jasper Gilpin’s opinion respecting Elsworth rents 1764

D.22. 10. Attorney’s letter to Balliol College concerning Ellsworth rent-charge 1764

D.22.11. W. Withycombe’s letter ca 1764

D.22.12. Ellsworth charity. Particulars of lands (in the Parishes of Timberscombe and Culcombe, Som.) from which annuities are paid to Balliol College. 1873

D.22. 13. Paper respecting Elsworth’s Exhibitions 1734

MBP 329 Ellsworth Charity (annuities, formerly for a closed Exhibition, derived from rents of properties at Cutcombe and Timberscombe, Somerset) 1911-1956.

- Anna Sander

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