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MBP 204 Classics exercise book of Henry Gordon, 1847

Biographical information

Henry Gordon, later Rev. Third son of John Gordon of Kensington, Middlesex (London), cleric. Balliol College, matriculated 30 November 1846, aged 17. Scholar 1846-1850; St Mary Hall, BA 1851, chaplain HMS Eurydice, died 27 October 1856, aged 27. (source: Foster)

Provenance: unknown.


This exercise book is a very rare survival in a college archive, an isolated example of undergraduate student work; Classics in this case, consisting of translation exercises to and from English, Latin and Greek prose and verse. 1 soft backed notebook, green marbled paper covers and red fabric spine, damaged. Edges also marbled in red and green. 86pp (just over half the volume) filled; at the end, one page of notes/scribbles the other way up. Most pagse written in black ink, some in pencil. images online

On flyleaf, 'H. Gordon 1847' in ink and 'H. Gordon 1848' in pencil.


p. 3 'English into Latin Prose' beginning 'Nemo adeo est turpis, Eudoxe, ut reminem...'

p.7 'Shakspeare [sic] K. Lear Act IV Sc:1' into Greek.

p.9 'K Lear Act II.Sc 4.' into Greek.

p.11 'English into Latin Prose' beginning 'Conjunctio ea altera quae inter homines ergo caeteros insita est...'

p.13 'Shakspeare - K Lear Act II Sc 4.' into Greek

p.15 'Latin Prose' beginning 'Imprimis si quaeratur qualis sit res de qua dicimus...'

p.17 'Greek Comic Iambics I. Henry II. Sc 4.'

p.18 'Greek Iambics Shakspeare K Richard II Act 2.'

p.20 'Latin Prose' beginning 'Spectaculum etiam aliquando sive rerum, sive hominum...'

p.22 'Latin Prose Burke's Reflections on Fr Revol [French Revolution]'.

p.26 'Hexameters' beginning 'Continuo visi montes, immania forma..'

p.28 'Greek Prose - Hooker's Works.'

p.30 'Latin Prose' beginning 'Sunt autem in civitatibus tempora quia a singulis...'

p.33 'Greek Iambics - Milton's Sonnet to the Nightingale'.

p.36 'Philonous' notes in English in pencil, beginning 'Pray what is it that distinguishes...'

p.37 'English into Greek prose' i.e. the facing page 'Philonous'. Note onp.40 at the end of the English extract, 'Bp Berkeley's Works' i.e. George Berkeley.

p.42 'Greek Iambics'

p.44 'English into Latin Prose.'

p.46 'Greek Iambics K. Henry VI Pt II Act 3 Sc 2.'

p.48 Latin Prose

P.51 'Hexameters Milton Par Lost B. VII' into Latin.

p.53 'Latin Prose' beginning 'Ego sane semper delector'

p.55 'Hexameters'

p.57 'Latin Prose'

p.59 'Virgil __ Georg: vv ?1-301' from Latin into English, beginning 'Henceforth a honey that the airy heaven distils shall be my theme,;

p.62 'Iambics'

p.64 'Persius Sat III vv ?19.' from Latin into English, beginning 'Can I work with such a pen as this?'

p.68 'Catullus - Epithalamium' from Latin into English, beginning 'Thou that guardest Helicon, Urania's son'

p.70 'Latin iambics Demipho - Geta' [extract from Terence's Phormio]

p.72 'Elegiacs' English in to Latin, extract from 'The Laplander's Song aka 'Orra Moor.'

p.74 'Latin Iambics'

p.77 'Hexameters'

p.79 'Latin Prose' beginning 'Somniantes mihi statim, ut scepe eo tempora'

p.82 'Greek Iambics, Shakespeare Hamlet Act 1 Sc 5.'

p.84 'Dr Johnson' into Greek.

p.86 follows a long sequence of blank pages and contains only 'Si mihi nympha' in pencil.

p.87 follows another couple of blank pages and is written in two directions on the page; notes/pen trials re Latin translations

p.88 is the last in the notebook and contains only 'Si mihi' in pencil.

Each item is signed 'H. Gordon.'

Images online. Blank pages have not been photographed except a few occurring between pages that are marked.


- Anna Sander

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