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Summary catalogue - Government


College Meetings

(a) Latin Registers
3 volumes, 1514 - 1916.

(i) 1514 - 1682.  This Register, which is almost entirely in Latin, records admissions of Masters, elections, appointments, leave of absence, admonitions, expulsions, presentations, etc. Visitors' decrees and other documents which were considered to be of particular importance are often copied in or inserted.  Some estates and financial matters are noted, e.g. details of losses in the Great Fire of London, lease memoranda, fees and charges, a list of plate sold in 1668.  Allocations of rooms in College to Fellows begin to be entered from about 1600.  There are occasional records of deaths and burial in the chapel.  Other items of particular interest include memoranda of Chapel building contracts (ca. 1520) and a list made in 1568 of 152 pre-Reformation Benefactors (see Emden[7]).  The first 80 pages, which have rather scrappy entries 1514 - 1570, are largely transcribed or translated by de Paravicini [2] who also gives a number of later sections.
(ii) 1682 - 1781.  The content of this Register is much the same as its predecessor, but it is for the most part better kept, and more detail appears.  From about 1730 inserted nominations, certificates, etc. regarding appointments to the Snell, Warner and other foundations are numerous.
(iii) 1782 - 1916. This Register continues from (ii), but is much more restricted in content after 1794 when the English Register (see below) becomes the main record of corporate acts except for elections, disciplinary matters, and so on - but even these soon begin to appear in the English Register and the Latin Register is scrappy from about 1840, finally petering out in 1916.

(b) English Registers of College Meeting Minutes
20 volumes of minutes, 1794 - 1997, covering all manner of administrative, financial, estates, and academic business in considerable detail.  A transcript of the first volume (1794 - 1875) is available.  Fully indexed on cards by Bursary clerks 1925-ca. 1990.
(c) Rough Minutes
The minutes in (b) above are as composed after the meetings.  For two periods there are also the on the spot notes of the Master or Keeper of the Minutes.  5 volumes, 1805 - 1809 and 1893 - 1918.


Loose 20th century committee working papers survive in abundance, but are not complete and are rather scattered.  Some of the following are in proper Minute Books, but most are gatherings of papers.

(a) Executive Committee minutes: 1968 - 1997
(b) Tutorial Board minutes:1963 - 1997
(c) Academic Committee minutes: 1963 - 1995
(d) Financial Committee minutes: 1933 - 1956 and 1964 - 1969
(e) Buildings Committee minutes: 1959 - 1982
(f) Estates Committee minutes:1966 - 1981
(g) Patronage Committee minutes: 1922 - 1967
(h) Budget Committee minutes: 1951 - 1974
(i) Investment Committee minutes: 1949 - 1967
(j) Domestic Committee minutes: 1976 - 1989
(k) Shareholder Action Committee minutes: 1979 - 1989

- John Jones

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