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Summary catalogue - Plate & Prizes


A survey of the College Silver is given by Willis-Bund [8].

Inventories and Valuations

ca. 30 items, 1598 - 20th century.


A Catalogue compiled by DW Jackson, completed in 1981.  In six volumes: an exhaustive photographic survey with commentary giving weights, dates, history and points of interest.



See also E. above.  Records connected with a large number of foundations come under this heading.  The most prominent concern the Blundell Fellowships and Scholarships (17th - 20th centuries), the Jowett Lectureships and Fellowships (19th - 20th centuries), and the Snell and Warner Exhibitions (17th - 20th centuries).

Loose Records

Correspondence, trust deeds, copies of relevant wills, and litigation papers concerning the original endowments and variations in terms and conditions.  17th - 20th centuries.

Accounts and other Records of Trust Funds

These often give details of recipients which are not found in other sources.  Mostly 17th -19th centuries.

Certificates, Nominations and Resignations

The Latin Register has several examples from the 18th century, especially for the Snell and Warner Foundations.  There is also a separate file for the same, 1800 - 1850.

- John Jones

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