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1. TLS from P.B. Clayton about a meeting of the TALBOT HOUSE (TOC. H) MOVEMENT. 15 Feb. 1921. 1L. With invitation card, TL copy from the YMCA about the Movement, 2 small pamphlets (both 4pp) about the Movement.

2. ALS from A. TANELL. 11 Feb. 1921. 1L. Thanks AS for presiding over a meeting attended by H.A.L. Fisher.

3. Letter of introduction, visitor's card for PROF. L.K. TAO of Peking University. 24 May 1919. 1L.

4. ALS from W.T. Upton [to G.B. Whitaker] sending a circular about a testimonial for C.M. TAPHOUSE, organist at Mary Magdalene Church. 20 Feb. 1918. 1L. With circular (1L).

5. 3 ALS from, 2 TL copies of AS to REV. J.E. TARBAT. 24 Jan. 1920-20 May 1920. All 1L. Can AS give an address in Fareham as part of a series of addresses on Christianity and questions of the day?

6. ALS from J. TARVER. 11 Jan. 1917. 4L. Points in AS's article "The People and the Empire" in Land and Water [See II D1/19i].

7. ALS from R.G. TATTON. 12 May 1919. 1L. News of his new house.

8. 4 ALS, TLS, APS from R.H. TAWNEY. 27 Dec. 1917-28 Nov. 1918. Thoughts on the War and attitudes to it. Can Whitaker return a book? Sorry he cannot attend a college meeting. Arrangements for a Tutorial Classes Movement meeting. With TLS from Winifred Beaton of the Committee on Tutorial Classes (8 Oct. 1919, 1L).

9. Correspondence about TEACHERS' COURSES at Balliol, 1920. 10 March-27 July 1920. Arrangements for courses for rural teachers held at Balliol, organised by the Board of Education. 10 ALS, 2 TLS, 4 TL copies, various notes on dinners, services in the chapel etc, TS draft of an article on the conference (2L), newspaper cutting about the conference, printed programme for the conference and courses. Correspondents include: H.A.L. Fisher, Kenneth Forbes, W.A. Pickard-Cambridge, C.G. Stone.

10. ALS, TLS from THE TEACHERS' CHRISTIAN UNION. 9 May 1916 and 18 April 1917. Both 1L. Sorry AS could not speak at a meeting. Can he address a conference in Birmingham? With printed programme for a conference in Oxford (April 1917), leaflet about the Union (1L).

11. Correspondence from THE TEACHERS' GUILD OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND. 1 Nov. 1916-14 Oct. 1918. Can AS give the inaugural address to the Conference of Educational Associations? Can AS recommend a female speaker for a meeting about history teaching. 4 ALS, 1 TLS, printed Education Reform Council programme for 1916, printed programmes for the 1916 and 1917 Educational Associations Conferences.

12. ALS from J.R. Weatherill of the Oxford TEMPERANCE LEAGUE. 29 Oct. 1917. 1L. Can AS give an address at the meeting of the League?

13. 4 ALS, TLS from R. TEMPERLEY. 7 Oct. 1917-9 May 1918. All 1L. Problems with a student, N. Wood. Arrangements to meet and discuss him. News of the Robinson family.

14. ALS from W. TEMPLE. 13 April 1918. 1L. About the appointment of a WEA lecturer in Wales.

15. ALS from K. THICKNESSE [?]. 8 Dec. 1919. 1L. Thanks AS for a letter.

16. 2 ALS from PHILIP THOMAS. 18 and 26 Dec. 1916. Both 1L. Can he get a copy of an address by AS on "Religion and the National Life"?

17. ALS from THOS. THORNELY. 29 June 1920. 1L. About a book by him. Personal news.

18. ALS from ANNE C.D. THORNTON (cousin of AS). 25 Nov. 1920. 2L. The death of her father.

19. 3 ALS from JOYCE C. THORNTON. 7 March-19 April 1918. All 1L. Can AS write a testimonial for her?

20. Correspondence from, and about J. EDWARD THORNTON. 23 Nov. 1916-28 Feb. 1921. Congratulates AS on becoming Master. Sending some of his papers on education. Arrangements to meet. His application to be a Schools Inspector in Liverpool - references from AS. Applications to Rugby School and London County Council. 9 ALS, 1 APS, 6 TLS, 2 TL copies, printed CV.

21. TLS from JOSEPH THORP. 16 Aug. 1917. 1L. Thanks AS for an introduction to J.B. Horsley.

22. 3 ALS from R. THRELFALL. 29 Dec. 1918-30 Oct. 1919. All 1L. Family news. He cannot remember what he said about the resignation of Sir Oliver Lodge. Introducing H.C. Pinsent. With visitor's card from Pinsent.

23. 4 ALS from D.F. Williams of the TIME AND TALENTS SOCIETY. ? Feb.-3 April 1917. All 1L. Arrangements for AS to address a conference of the society.

24. AMS invitation from CAPT. TOBIN inviting the Master and Fellows to a cadets' concert. 5 Sept. 1918. 1L.

25. TLS from JOHN A. TODD. 21 Dec. 1919. 1L. Thanks AS for an article about A.E. Lewis.

26. Correspondence arranging a WEA lecture in TONBRIDGE. 17 Oct. 1916-9 March 1917. Arrangements for AS to lecture to the WEA group in Tonbridge. Arrangements for him to see various other people in London on the same day. 5 ALS, 1 APS, 4 TLS, 3 telegrams.

27. TLS from, TL copy of AS to DR. A.M. TORY. 24 July and 3 Aug. 1918. Both 1L. The problem of books for Commonwealth soldiers. Tory should approach Albert Mansbridge.

28. TLS from ARNOLD J. TOYNBEE. 1 Feb. 1917. 2L. Can AS write a "message" about Armenia? With TS extract from a letter from Prof. W.W. Rockwell to Toynbee about problems in Armenia.

29. 2 ALS from PAGET TOYNBEE. 8 and 13 Feb. 1920. Both 1L. Arrangements to meet. Progress of the Madan Portrait Fund.

30. Correspondence from TRINITY COLLEGE. 16 June 1919 and 22 June 1920.
Invitation to dinner from the President and Bursars. ALS from F.E. Stonor thanking AS for helping with Boat Club expenses.

31. Telegram from, TL copy of AS to J.M. TUOHY. 29 and 30 Dec. 1920. 1L and 2L. Can AS give his views on world disarmament, especially naval?

32. ALS from CUTHBERT H. TURNER. Oct. 1920. 1L. Can AS sign a petition to increase Miss Hatch's pension?

33. 6 ALS, 2 APS, TLS from, TL copy of AS to H.H. TURNER. 16 June 1917-23 Jan. 1921. About various addresses. The workings of the Hebdomadal Council - the Master of Balliol should be on it. With ALS from Ernest Barker about this (17 June 1917, 1L). Arrangements to meet. Various WEA affairs. Concern for the cricket groundsman, Mr. King.

34. Part of ALS from J.R.F. TURNER. 22 July 1920. 1L. Hockey fixtures.

35. ALS from C. TURNOR. 10 Aug. 1917. 1L. Thanks AS for putting him in touch with Dr. MacDonald.

36. ALS from L.L. TWEEDY. 1 June ?. 1L. Can AS dine with Dr. Inman?

37. ALS from, ALS, TLS from AS to LT. FRANCIS TWOMEY. 17 Sept.-12 Oct. 1918. Both 1L. Can AS tell him which language, Rumanian or Italian is closest to ancient Latin? With 2 ALS from W.P. Ker, ALS from Nevill Forbes about the question. Also with 2 envelopes addressed to Twomey stamped "deceased."

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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