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Matthew Arnold Papers - Moorman collection

Provenance: Presented in October 1983 by Mrs. Mary Moorman [neé Trevelyan, great grand-daughter of Thomas Arnold (1823-1900), 22 Springwell Road , Durham , DH1 4LR .

Notes: A small collection of material relating to the Arnold family. 21 items.1 box.

1. ALS from Matthew Arnold to GO [Sir George Otto?] Trevelyan, Thursday, Hans Place, SW [London] . 1 l. *

2. ALS from Matthew Arnold to Thomas Arnold [1823-1900], undated [7 February 1875], 9 Eccleston Square [London]. 1 l. *

3. ALS from Baron von Bunsen to Mrs. Thomas Arnold [neé Mary Penrose], 28 April 1847, Carlton Place , London . 1 l.

4. "Natalis dies Bonnensis", undated [1835]. Copy of a latin verse by Matthew Arnold written out by Mr. Hill in a letter to 'Trevenen' from unknown [incomplete].

5. "Extract from the Guardian October 8 1973 Mrs. Arnold. In Memoriam". 4ls. With

6. a printed card, "In memory of Mary Arnold of Fox How, Ambleside."

7. Copied extracts from letters by Matthew Arnold. 4 ls. Note dated 22 July 1933, "Received from Mrs. F. O'Brien the original manuscripts (for copying) of the hitherto unpublished letters of Matthew Arnold to Francis Arnold ['Aunt Fan']. The originals are to be returned in August Howard F. Lowry".

8. Description of Dr. Thomas Arnold in 1838 (Louisa A. Merivale) copied from Family Memorials by A.W. Merivale (privately printed). 1 l.

9. Extracts from letters by Mrs. Arnold. 2 ls. [made by Mrs. F. O'Brien in 1923].

10. Extracts from letters by Dr. Thomas Arnold. 3 ls. [made by Mrs. F. O'Brien in 1923].

11. AlS from Janet Ward [daughter of Mrs. Humphrey Ward] to Maisie Cropper [? daughter of Dr. Thomas Arnold's daughter, Susanna Cropper, 1830-1911], 16 December 1900, Grosvenor Place , London . 3 ls. 'Describes Mrs HW reading aloud her father's letters 'from Clough, Uncle Matt or Uncle Willy,' and from himself written on the voyage to NZ 1847. Also descriptions (by Janet) of Matt & of 'Culture & Anarchy.' Janet Ward was the younger of the two daughters of Mrs Humphry Ward. She married 1904 GM Trevelyan the historian.'

12. Photograph [of a drawing?] of Matthew Arnold, undated.

13. Watercolour labelled, "Matthew Arnold [brother of Dr. Thomas Arnold]. Drowned. May 18 1820". Signed "F Arnold ".

14. Photograph of a portrait of an unknown woman, undated. With

15, 16. two prints [?] of two unknown women. With a slip labelled, "? Arnold Portraits in Buckland?"

17. "Copies. Arnold letters to John Delafield. 1783-to-1804. Compliments of John Ross Delafield". 158 pp. Typescript in a soft black leather folder. An MS note on the cover page reads: 'at the end are a few from William Arnold (eldest son of William & Martha A.) from the West Indies, 1800-1804. Most of the letters are from William Arnold of Cowes to his brother-in-law John Delafield, who apparently lived in new York. Some are from his wife Martha Arnold (nee Delafield), sister of John. At the end [sic] are a few from William A the younger (eldest son of William A of Cowes) who had been sent out to the West Indies (Tobago) where he died.' images available on request

18. "Matthew Arnold". 11 pp. Typescript account of Matthew Arnold, unsigned [Thomas Humphrey Ward], undated. With 10 pp. of extracts from letters by Matthew Arnold [c. 1848-1886].

19. 21 pp. Typescript account of Matthew Arnold (untitled), unsigned, undated. Includes extracts from works by Matthew Arnold. With 4 ls. of reminiscences, unsigned [Mary Ward, 1851-1920]

20. Photograph labelled on reverse "Slatwoods I of Wight The Birth Place of Dr. Arnold June 13 - 1795 [illegible] from Fox How 1923."

21. Sketch (pencil on printed coloured paper [?] of the grave of William Arnold (1828-1859) at Gibraltar . Unsigned, undated. Note: 'His wife having died in India, his children were adopted on reaching England by Mr & Mrs WE Forster, i.e. the author of the first Education Act and his wife Jane, eldest daughter of Dr Arnold. See Matthew Arnold's poem 'A Southern Night.''

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