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Conroy Collection: Catalogue 151 - 166

Llanbrynmair, Montgomeryshire

151. A summary by Edward Conroy of the way in which Sir John Conroy acquired the Llanbrynmair estate in 1826 from Colonel Powell, Lord Lt of Cardiganshire with money from Princess Sophia. [9A.10]

152. Correspondence between the 1st Baronet (High Sheriff of Montgomeryshire) and Lord Powis (Lord Lt of Montgomeryshire); contemporary copies of 4 quarrelling letters, 1843. [2E.K]

153. Schedules (1845-1857) of deeds concerning the Llanbrynmair estate from 1723. [2E.N.3; 10.10.(a)]

154. Summaries of the family settlement concerning the Llanbrynmair estate, 1854. [3C.2; 10.10.(b)]

155. Some papers of Sir Edward Conroy concerning the Llanbrynmair mines, 1861-1863. [10.7]

156. 'Cae Conroy Lead Mine. Yearly Abstracts.' 1 vol, summary accounts 1860-1876. [2D.2]

157. 'Cash Book. Cae Conroy Lead Mine.' 1 vol, 1860-1873. [2D.3]

158. 'Cae Conroy Mines. Cash Book.' 1 vol, 1874-1887. [2D.4]

159. Cost sheets, loose accounts and vouchers concerning the mines, five large bundles and a substantial file, 1884-1897. [3B/C.Residue.6.1 & 3]

160. 'Cae Conroy Mines. Notes.' and a substantial file of calculations and diagrams; work on technical aspects of the mines by the 3rd Baronet 1870-1872. [2D.5; 3B/C.Residue.6.2]

161. Two large detailed plans, ca 3' x 5': 'Cae Conroy Mines., Longitudinal Section on the Lanerchyraur Lode.' Sept 1871; 'Cae Conroy Mines. Plan of Underground Workings,' ND but contemporary with the above. [1A. & B]

162. 'Correspondence between Sir Edward Conroy Bart and the Dovey Fishery Club at Machynleth [sic] AD 1864-5,' 1 vol, containing newspaper cuttings and commentary concerning pollution by the lead mines at Llanbrynmair. [10.1]

163. Pennant School, receipts and papers (ca 20 docs) concerning subscriptions, including a list of subscribers,1883. [3B; 1C.Residue]

164. Llanbrynmair (Pennant) estate half-yearly rentals (giving tenants' names) and corresponding vouchers, 30 bundles, 1884-1899. [2D.1]

165. Newtown and Welshpool Express 21 Aug 1866 (2 copies) containing a report of Llan brynmair celebrations on the occasion of Conroy's coming of age; incidentally giving much information about the Llanbyrnmair lead mines and farms. [3B/C/Residue]

166. The 3rd Baronet's papers concerning Llanrynmair, 30 bundles, 1880-1900. [1D/E.Residue; 2B.Residue; 3B/C.Residue]

- Katherine Hudson and John Jones

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