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Conroy Collection: Catalogue 171 - 179

Pictures, Heirlooms and Plate

171. A letter Frederick Ponsonby to the 1st Baronet, 11 June 1838, about a portrait of John Conroy (1704-1769). [14B.A.(a).3]

172. A catalogue of pictures belonging to Edward Conroy, 1849. 1 vol with many loose insertions of later date to 1869. The pictures listed include portraits said to be by William Fowler, FY Hurlstone, William Beechey, Pickersgill (1837), Sir Joshua Reynolds (of himself) and Thomas Gainsborough (of John Conroy, 1704-1769). [3D.4]

173. A notebook containing an inventory of Sir Edward Conroy's pictures at Arborfield in 1862, and his notes of ca 1868. [3C.8; 14B.A.(b)]

174.The 3rd Baronet's insurance policies for his effects at Keble and Balliol, 1888 ( a Gainsborough is mentioned specifically). [3D.6]

175. Letters of 1894 to the 3rd Baronet from Sir Henry Ponsonby (2) and Lt Col A Bigge (1) on behalf of the Queen, about a portrait of her as Princess painted by William Fowler, and given to the 1st Baronet. [1D/E.2]

176. 'Heirlooms' a list (3 leaves), with commentary, mentioning portraits, Royal presents etc, 1854. [6K]

177. Lists of Lady Alicia Conroy's jewellery, etc 1869-1884. [3C.3]

178. An address on the presentation of an engraved candelabrum worth 400 guineas to Sir John Conroy, from 90 tradesmen to the Duchess of Kent, and his reply, 1838. [2E.N.1]

179. A list and valuation of the 3rd Baronet's silver, 1900. [3D.7]

- Katherine Hudson and John Jones

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