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Jenkyns Family Collection Appendix D - further accruals


This material ,which does not comprise part of The Jenkyns Papers collection as originally deposited, is in two boxes numbered for convenience to follow on at the end of the boxes of The  Jenkyns Papers.

Box 35

  • A notebook 19 x 23.5cm with olive green cartridge paper covers. From one end a Rental Book, naming tenants of Richard Jenkyns Master of Balliol in Priddy, Lottisham, Dinder, Meare, Castle Cary, Croscombe, and Chewton Mendip, with payments. From the other end the accounts of TO Bennett, the agent who managed the properties received rents and made disbursements.1835-1839,all in one very neat hand .Thomas Oatley Bennett Land Agent born Bruton ca 1800 was living there 1851-1871.Drawn to the College’s attention in 1986 by D Bromwich of Taunton Local History Library , who sent a PC (loosely inserted, with an extract from the Catalogue of Ambra Books Bristol, where it was priced at £24).
  • Richard Jenkyns ALS from the Deanery ,Wells 14 August 1849:there is no room in Balliol for RT Lewillin;”The only chance I can offer is of his  standing  for one of our open  Scholarships which are filled up every year on the 29th of Novr -& of the expediency of his doing so he may have the best advice  from Mr Oxenham whose son is one of our distinguished Scholars”. With the presentation TLS of Dr RJBingle to Dr PA Bulloch 16April 1986. Dr Bingle had bought it from an unnamed dealer.
  • A substantial file of correspondence etc about The Jenkyns Papers 1951-1989.
  • A substantial file of material collected during drafting of the ODNB article on Henry Jenkyns.

Box 36

  • Correspondence of JHJ and Dr CD Watkinson about HJ ,1995,with  a poor photocopy of the draft calendar of HJ material on deposit at Durham by Mr P Mussett ,annotated by Dr Watkinson.
  • The Jenkyns Papers as published 1988 ,”Master Copy” with a few corrections by JHJ.
  • Printed works relevant to HJ and the University of Durham :
    • CE Whiting,The University of Durham 1832-1932,1932
    • JT Fowler, Durham University ,1904
    • A Heesom ,The founding of the University of Durham .1982
    • Some spare copies of The Jenkyns Papers as published
    • A copy of an early list of The Jenkyns Papers by JHJ
    • A working copy , annotated, of the Jenkyns genealogy at VII.12

JHJ February  2013,revised April 2013



- John Jones

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