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Jenkyns Collection 92: Henry Richards' Notebook


Jenkyns Papers VIA.12

This note book, a long-time stray into the Jenkyns Papers, was re-examined in 2012. The hand has been ascribed to Henry Richards, Rector of Exeter ,Vice Chancellor 1806-1807, and the last dated entry is just before he died, and there is an unusually detailed entry re the death and burial of his wife in 1801, but it is not clear why he would have kept such a record. The reference to it as ”Richard Jenkyns’s MS diary “ by WR Ward, Victorian Oxford (1965) Ch.II.n.15, is clearly incorrect: Richard Jenkyns was only 14 when the first entry was made.

The notebook is 16.5 x 20.5 cm, parchment covered, with 100 leaves. One set of entries begins from the front of th ebook and a second set from the back. There is contemporary ink pagination from the front 1-92 using 13 twice in error, and no contemporary pagination indicated from the back. All entries are in the same hand.


From the front:

  • pp1, 10,74, 76, 78, 80, 84, 86, 88, 90, 92, blank or numbered only.
  • pp2-4 and 8: a list, “Doctors in Divinity” 1797-1805.
  • pp5-6: a list,“Doctors in Civil Law” 1798-1805.
  • pp7-72 and 82 right hand openings only: a diary-type record of deaths of heads of House et al (and their wives), occasional marriages, funerals and preferments, collections at Infirmary meetings, University elections and appointments (VC Proctors, Pro VCs, Pro-Proctors, Professors, MPs, Assizes, Prizes, addresses to the King and unusual events, notably:
    • 10 July 1797. “Mr Crotch B. & Profr Mus. married to Miss Bliss eld. Da. of Mr Bliss Booksr & Yeoman Bedell of Divinity.”
    • November 1797. “Richard Vivian BD Fell. Exeter Coll. to valuable R of Bushey Herts, v. Richards Rectr “
    • 20 May 1798. “Died James Fletcher Booksr. Aged 67”
    • 5 July 1798. Oxford Univ. Volunteers, near 500, received their colours in Ch.Ch. meadow.
    • 5 October 1798. John Davey DD Master of Balliol died at 5pm.
    • 14 November 1798. John Parsons MA Rector of All Sts Colchester elected Master of Balliol. ”Candidates besides, Mr Matthew, Mr White, & Mr How”.
    • 18-19 June 1799. Duke of York in Oxford; on the 18th he reviewed The University Volunteers in Port Meadow (weather very fine, ”an immense concourse”) : later he was made DCL By Diploma; on the 19th he was given Freedom of the City from Mr Hardy Mayor at the Town Hall.
    • 27 November 1799. Mrs Eveleigh wife of the Provost of Oriel died aged 45.
    • 23 March 1801 Sir William Scott MP unanimously elected MP for the University
    • 3 December 1799 Mrs Eveleigh buried at St Marys ; pallbearers included the Vice Chancellor , the Bishop of Chester and Heads of Colleges ; “Walking Funeral, Scarf, Hat-band, Gloves, Rings”.
    • 10 February 1800. The Mayor Mr Cox refused to attend at St Mary’s for the St Scholastica’s Day ceremony to make the usual offering and the Vice Chancellor refused to accept the “pence “ from the Bailiffs and Town Clerk who did attend,
    • 7 March 1800. The Mayor having paid the 100 marks due on St Scolastica’s [sic] Day to the Vice Chancellor and Proctors it was agreed to give the money to the Radcliffe Infirmary.
    • 21 May 1800. New Statute “De Examinationibus “ discussed and passed with some opposition.
    • Same day, a Delegacy appointed to address the King on his escape from assassination.
    • 16 April 1801. Mrs Richards wife of the Rector of Exeter died aged 48 yrs and 7 months; buried in the College Chapel 22 April, no pallbearers, carried by six College Servants followed by Mrs Parson, Mrs Ireland, and servants.
    • 14 May 1802. University Volunteers “disembodied”. Colonel Coker made a speech , they marched to Broad St and their Colours were laid up the Theatre.
    • May 1803. Sir Robert Chambers Principal of New Inn Hall died at Paris.
    • 11 June 1803. “Last week” James Blackstone DCL appointed Principal of New Inn Hall.
    • 18 July 1803. “Dr Gauntlett Warden of New College married to Mrs Cranmer Relict of Revd Edward C. formerly of Queen’s, and sister to Mr Yalden late Fellow of New College”.
    • 15 November 1803. “Dr Kidd Ch.Ch. Profr of Chymistry on Dr Aldrich’s new Foundation –no opp”.
    • 17 November 1803. “Election of a Profr of Parctice of Physic on Aldrich’s new Foundation, Candidates Dr Bourne Worcr 323, Dr Williams C.C.C. 238 “.
  • pp12-91 left hand openings only: “Sermons etc” (ca 100 pa) recorded in date order October 1798- November 1807 with preach ,whether it was by turn or not ,whether by deputy ,and dress worn; location sometimes given , generally not.

Contents from the back:

  • f.1v upside down: a list,“Doctors in Medicine” 1798-1805.
  • f.2v : notes about dress (“Habit” or “Robe”) for certain occasions.
  • ff.3r-6v: ”Cycle of Mornings in Term” 1798-1807, listing Heads of House et al preaching, whether in person or by deputy.
  • ff.7r-9r blank ; ff9v= page 92 as numbered from the front.

Associated loose papers:

  • In the same hand as the notebook: three sheets of rough notes for fair hand entry in the notebook later, 1804-1806 and two sheets setting out “Seniority by Degrees” of Heads of Houses according to DD Dates ,1800.
  • An account in a different hand “Monies received of the Revd the Vice Chancellor on the Stereotype and Press account since Oct 10 1807 ”, Jan 1 1808, signed Saml Collingwood.The last entry is £100 “by the Revd the Master of Balliol”.
  • A scrap “Parsons” in a third hand.

- listed by JH Jones, 20 September 2012


- John Jones

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