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Jenkyns Collection: Papers of Canon Henry Jenkyns (1795-1878)

Box 19

Jenkyns VA.1d.i.
Papers re the affairs 1825-1845 and estate of Miss Elizabeth A Jenkyns who lived for many years in the household of Richard Jenkyns, Master of Balliol ;her finances etc apparently managed by her brother John Jenkyns.The estate papers include a post mortem examination report and discussion; she died of cancer and had had a leg amputated .

Jenkyns VA.1d.ii.
A whimsical letter to “Miss Anne Jenkins” opening “Dear Daughter of Linnaeus” signed “Your grateful pupil Tyro” and dated “N.C. Aug 26 1828”.

Jenkyns VA.1d.iii.
John Jenkyns from Crescent ALS 21 July 1845 to his brother Richard Jenkyns Master of Balliol about their recently deceased sister ,with  an incomplete  note about the consecration of St Saviour’s Church near Leeds (finished  1845 at the expense of EB Pusey); this had been attended by the Puseyite Curate of her son who was  Rector of a Parish near Leeds; the Bishop had objected to the Communion Plate as it bore the inscription in Latin “Pray for the Soul of Lucy Pusey” and was moreover ornamented with gems ; also there was an inscription in gilt letters on the west end of the Church “Pray for the Soul of the Sinner who built this Church”.

Jenkyns VA.1d.iv.
A black notebook with MS lists of Durham students etc 1856-1863, with some loose insertions.

Jenkyns VA.1d.v.
A receipted bill with details, Jenkyns Phelps and Bennet to Mrs Gaisford [ nee Jane Jenkyns] January 1856-January 1857.

A collection of 8vo offprints of journal publications ca 1810-1812 sewn together rather crudely, with  a paper cover inscribed in  a contemporary hand , possibly that of Richard Jenkyns, Master of Balliol, “Articles in Reviews &c by the Revd Peter Elmsley DD”.


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