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Jowett Papers - Group II Class G

Group II Class G - General Note

These items all came from BJ's own papers, and consist largely of notebooks and diaries. The poor condition of some items, especially G2-3, make it very likely that this class was salvaged from the Basement to Staircase III.


Medium NB , black shiny leather cloth cover, no title or label, but BJ wrote 4 on the inside front cover. 15 leaves. Pages lined. Ink. Undated, but BJ's hand, and the contents, suggests c.1845-9.

  • The whole of this book consists of a translation (by BJ) of Sections 82-86 (although only 82 is numbered in the text) of Hegel's Encyclopädie der philosophischen Wissenschaften im Grundrisse [see General Note on I H6-10 for more details].


Medium NB (230 by 150mm). This NB is in a very poor state: all the material on the cover has gone, except for a small fragment on the front which suggests that some printed paper was used, and even the cardboard which remains has rotted away at the edges, and both covers have now become loose. The pages are extremely fragile; it is advised not to show this to users until it has been strengthened in some way. Copy of Renshaw's Diary with an Almanack, for 1882. 126pp, with leaves of blotting paper interleaved betwen every page.

  • Used as BJ's engagement diary for 1882. The delicate state of the NB makes detailed examination of it (for now) dangerous, but glances through it show entries written in pencil and ink in BJ's, Martha Knight's and Matthew Knight's hands. Sometimes all three hands appear on the same page.


Medium NB (215 by 130mm). Like G2, this NB has lost the material for its cover, and the cardboard covers which remain have become detached from the NB, but it has suffered much less from mould than G2. Copy of T.J. & J. Smith's Small Scribbling Diary with an Almanack for 1883.

  • Used as BJ's engagement diary for 1883. As with G2, entries are written in ink, purple crayon and pencil in BJ's, Martha Knight's and Matthew Knight's hand, and sometimes all three hands appear on the same page.


Small NB (180 by 115mm), black morocco cover, no title or label. This cover is in a precarious state, as parts of it have become detached from its cardboard backing, and all the cover has come loose from the NB proper. 121pp*. The main text is in pencil in BJ's hand and chapter headings are added in Frank Fletcher's hand (ink).

Undated, but BJ's hand, and the use of Frank Fletcher, suggests the 1880s.

  • The NB contains a translation (by BJ?) of the whole of Aristotle's Metaphysics Book I. Division into chapters, and running chapter headings on each page were added by Frank Fletcher. There are almost no notes, except for occasional references to other Greek texts.


A collection of miscellaneous leaves, all quarto, some of which have been sewn together.

  • [1] Thucydides Book I [title only. 1 leaf, in Matthew Knight's hand (ink). Inside are the following leaves (all in poor condition):
    • [1] Letter from Evelyn Abbott to BJ, Headington Hill, 17 Jul 1893, ALS [1 leaf]. Comments on part of BJ's revision of his translation of Thucydides.
    • [2] 13 leaves, sewn together at the top right corner. Draft notes on Thucydides I 49-83, all in Matthew Knight's hand (ink)]
  • [2] Comic Particles. [lecture notes? 1 leaf (ink); undated, but BJ's hand suggests the 1850s-1860s].
  • [3] Lecture 1 Nov 1 1870 [lecture notes on Aristophanes and Greek comedy. 1 leaf (ink)]
  • [4] Lecture 2 Nov 3 1870 [lecture notes on Aristophanes and Greek comedy. 1 leaf (ink)]
  • [5] Aristophanes and Socrates [lecture notes. 1 leaf (ink); undated, but almost certainly part of the same 1870 course as 3-4].
  • [6] [Untitled lecture notes, perhaps a continuation from another leaf, also on Greek Comedy, perhaps part of the same 1870 course as 3-5? 1 leaf (ink)]
  • [7] [6 leaves (ink), of notes on Greek particles and Greek metre. Undated, but BJ's hand suggeststhe 1860s-1870s]
  • [8] Aristophanes [Lecture notes. 3 leaves (main text in ink, later additions in pencil). Undated, but BJ's hand suggests that the main text was written in the 1850s-1860s].
  • [9] [Leaf of lecture titles on Greek Comedy, especially Aristophanes, all in ink in Matthew Knight's hand.]
[10] The Clouds [1 leaf (ink) in Matthew Knight's hand. Inside are 91 leaves (numbered), also in ink in Matthew Knight's hand. These consist of a bowdlerized translation of the whole of Aristophanes' The Clouds (it is not clear whose translation it is). Undated, but Matthew Knight's hand suggests he was very young when he wrote it, so almost certainly before 1870]


- Robin Darwall-Smith, 1993

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