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Papers of John Edward Courtenay Bodley (1853-1925), Balliol 1873


Biographical note

John Edward Courtenary Bodley. Born 6 June 1853. Balliol Trinity Term 1873-76. Private Secretary to Sir Charles Dilke at the Foreign Office and Local Government Board 1880-1886; Secretary to Royal Commission (Prince of Wales, Cardinal Manning (Balliol 1827)); Lord Salisbury and EL Stanley (Balliol Trin 1857), on Housing of Working Classes 1884-5; travelled in South Africa, American and Canada 1887-9, then settled in France: Corresponding member of the Institute of France 1902. Married (1) 1891, Evelyn, daughter of John Bell, of Rushpool Hall, Yorikshire: two sons, one daughter; (2) 1920, Phyllis Helen, daughter of Rev. HJ Lomax. Died 28 May 1925. Some further details can be found in the Balliol College Register (2nd ed)

Publications: including

  • France. 1898-9. (2 vols)
  • The coronation of Edward the Seventh : a chapter of European and imperial history (by HM's command). Methuen, 1903.
  • Cardinal Manning, 1912.
  • The romance of the battle-line in France. 1919.

See also:

  • Charles Maurras, L'Anglais qui a connu la France. Paris : Les Cahiers de Paris, 1928.
  • Shane Leslie, Memoir of John Edward Courtenay Bodley. London: J. Cape, 1930.

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Provenance and related material

For Remembrance, an unpublished memoir written by Mrs JEC Bodley (nee Phyllis Helen Lomax), was given to Balliol College by Mrs Bodley in 1955, and is numbered MS 442 in Mynors' catalogue of Balliol's manuscripts. It was donated along with MS 443, typescript copy by Mrs Bodley of JEC Bodley's journal of his visit to South Africa 1887-1888. Mrs Bodley's foreword to For Remembrance is dated 29 March 1930.

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For Remembrance, a memoir of John Edward Courtenay Bodley in 6 quarto volumes, typewritten and illustrated.

This list records the presence of more than 200 original letters and typescript copies of letters tipped in between the pages of the typescript memoir. Some letters between JECB and members of his family have not yet been listed.

NB. The six volumes were not originally consistently paginated, and pages bearing illustrations and letters are frequently not numbered. Page references in this list refer to the pencilled numbered in the top right-hand corner of most pages.

All letters are addressed to JECB unless otherwise indicated. Numbers in brackets, e.g. (pp.12-13) indicate the page numbers between which letters or copies of letters are inserted.

Volume 1 - Early Years

JECB 1.1. ALS from Benjamin Jowett. Grantown, Invernesshire. 24 July [1874]. 1l. (between pp.12 and 13.)

JECB 1.2. ALS from E. Inchiquin, Dromoland, Newmarket on Fergus [Co Clare, Ireland]. 16 August 1882. 1l. (verso of p.143.)

JECB 1.3 Typed copies of several letters from Clifford Lloyd, 1883-4. (pp.142-153)

Extracts from the diaries and journals of JECB, including parts of his Oxford diary, 1874-5.

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