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Modern personal & family archives

Abbott, Evelyn (1843-1901: Fellow of Balliol 1874-1901)

Arnold Family

Atkins, Arthur Harold (1910-2002), Balliol 1936.

Bell, Kenneth Norman (1884-1951: Fellow of Balliol 1919-1941)

Bell, Ronald Percy

Belloc, Hilaire (1870-1953; Balliol 1892)

Bodley, John Edward Courtney (1853-1925: Balliol Trin 1873-1876)

Bradley, Andrew Cecil (1851-1935: Balliol 1869-1873, Fellow 1874-1881, Hon Fellow 1912). 3 archive boxes of manuscripts including an undergraduate essay and 3 notebooks, mainly on Shakespeare; letters, mainly from ACB to Miss Spens, a pupil at Glasgow.

Browning, Robert (1812-1889: Hon Fellow 1867-1889), poet

Bryson John Norman (1896 - 1976: Lecturer 1923-40, Fellow 1940-63, Librarian and Vincent Massey Fellow 1949-61)

Caird, Edward (1835-1908: Master 1893-1907)

Clough, Arthur Hugh (1819-1861: Balliol 1837-1841). Journals 1835-1848 with breaks; MS recollections of A H Clough by Anne Jemima Clough c 1865-1868; note from A H Clough to Rev Pawles; MS drafts & proof sheets of poems by A H Clough; death mask & hand of A H Clough. 10 boxes.

Conroy Family Collection

Crouch, Nicholas (ca. 1618 - ca.1690), Fellow of Balliol

Curgenven Family

Eldridge, Noel Howard (1918-1944: Balliol 1937)

Eliot, Thomas Stearns

Emanuel, Montagu Rousseau (1873-1933: Balliol 1891-1895)

Falk, Oswald Toynbee (1879-1972: Balliol 1898-1902)

Gelles, Edward (1927- : Balliol 1944)

Giles, Alexander Falconer (1915-1989: Balliol 1936)

Greene, Henry Graham (1904-1991; Balliol 1922)

Green, Thomas Hill (1836-1882: Balliol Trinity 1855-1859, Lecturer 1860, Fellow 1861)

Grimble, Ian Naughton (1921- 1995: Balliol 1940-1941, 1946)

Grove, David (1923- Balliol 1941-1942, 1946-1947): 3 boxes, listing supplied by donor pending further cataloguing.

Hardie, William Ross (1862-1916: Fellow 1884-1895)

Harris, Sir Charles (1864-1943: Balliol 1882-1886)

Hartley, Brigadier-General Sir Harold Brewer (1878-1972: Balliol 1897-1901, Fellow 1901-1941, Hon Fellow 1941)

Hill, John Edward Christopher (1912-2003: Balliol 1931-1934, Fellow (1938-1965), Master (1965-1978) & Hon Fellow 1978-2003)

Hindmarsh, Leonard King (1877-1950: Balliol 1897-1900)

Hope-Simpson, Sir John (1868-1961: Balliol 1887-1889, 1907-1908)

Hopkins, Gerard Manley (1844-1889: Balliol Trinity 1863-1868)

Hunt/Pickard Cambridge Papers relating to St Mary's Portsea (Portsmouth) during the First World War

Ilbert, Courtney Peregrine (1841-1924), Balliol 1860 (Fellow 1864, Bursar 1871-1874)

Ince, John

Jackson, Frederick Huth (1863-1921: Balliol Hilary 1884), banker and man of affairs.

Jenkyns Family Collection

Jowett, Benjamin (1817-1893: Balliol 1835, fellow 1838, Master 1870-1893)

Leeper, Alexander Wigram Allen (1887-1935: Balliol 1908-1912).

Lusk, David James Theodore (1915-1940: Balliol 1934-1937)

MacArthur, John Stewart (1856-1920)

Malcolm, George (George Malcolm (1917-1997, Balliol 1934 and Honorary Fellow)

Mallet Family Papers:

Maxwell, James Coutts (1916-1976: Balliol 1934-1939, Fellow 1946-1949, 1966-1976)

Meiggs, Russell (1902-1989: Duncan Campbell MacGregor Fellow of Ancient History 1939-1970). MSS, TS, photographs, printed material re writing & publication of Home Timber Production (1939-1945), Greek Historical Inscriptions, The History of Greece, Roman Ostia, The Athenian Empire, Trees and Timber in the Ancient Mediterranean World; correspondence, scripts relating to work for OU/BBC in the mid-1970s. 48 archive boxes.

Miller, Eric Scott Julian (1932-2012; Balliol 1957)

Monckton, Walter Turner, 1st Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (1891-1965: Balliol 1910-1914, Fellow 1957, Visitor 1957).

Morier Family Papers

Morier, Sir Robert Burnet David (1826-1893: Balliol 1844?-1849)

Nicolson, Harold George (1886-1968: Balliol 1904-1907, Hon Fellow 1955)

Oppenheimer, Sir Francis (1870-1961: Balliol 1890-1894)

Palmer, Edwin James (1869-1954: Balliol 1887-1891, fellow 1891-1908, Bp of Bombay 1908-1929)

Pugin, Augustus Welby Northmore (1812-1852)

Pyper, Arthur Spring-Rice (b 1916: Balliol 1935-1939)

Rawnsley, Hardwicke Drummond (Balliol 1870, 1851-1920)

Rendell, Muriel Hatherley (1885-1981). Letters written to MHR's mother from East Bengal, 1901-1913; photograph of MHR aged 28; 2-page TS account of her life.

Scott, The Very Rev Robert (1811-1887: Fellow of Balliol 1835, Master 1854-1870)

Sidgwick, Capt Arthur Hugh (1882-1917. Balliol 1901-1905.) Letters from Capt. Sidgwick to his family, mainly his sister, 1916-17. Letters written from France and contain detailed accounts of the fighting, life in the army etc. With newspaper cutting of his obituary.

Smith, Arthur Lionel (1850-1924: Balliol 1869-1874, Fellow 1882-1916, Master 1916-1924)

Stone, Charles Graham (1886-1976: Balliol 1905-1910, Fellow 1912-1924).

Strachan-Davidson, James Leigh (1843-1916: Balliol 1862-1867, Fellow 1866-1907, Master 1907-1916)

Swinburne, Algernon Charles (1837-1909: Balliol Hilary 1856-1859)

Toynbee, Arnold (1852-1883: Balliol Hilary 1875-1878, Lecturer 1875-1883)

von Trott zu Solz, Adam (1909-1944: Balliol 1931-1933)

Urquhart, David (1805-1877)

Waters, William Alexander, FRS (1903-1985: Fellow 1945-1970, Emeritus Fellow 1970)

Closed collections

The College holds several collections that, owing to absent or inadequate cataloguing, remain closed at the current time. It is hoped that these will be made accessible as and when resources are available to ensure they are more fully described. These are:

  • Allan, Donald James (1907-1978: Fellow of Balliol 1931-1947). MS and TS notes, unbound printed material, some correspondence mainly on classical subjects, notably on a version of Jowett's Plato; offprints and other printed material. 3 archive boxes, 3 R-Kive boxes
  • Bailey, Cyril (1871-1957: Balliol 1890-1894, Fellow of Balliol 1902-1939, Honorary Fellow 1939). Correspondence between Cyril Bailey and his mother Fanny Bailey, 1890s-1929; material relating to Cyril Bailey's father Alfred; correspondence relating to Cyril Bailey's grandmother, his wife Gemma (dau of Mandell Creighton, Bp of London and wife Louise) and other relations. Correspondence with Oxford contemporaries Arthur Jelf, Bob Brinton (Balliol 1891), letter from F F Urquhart, notes from Benjamin Jowett. 5 boxes.
  • Balogh, Thomas, Baron Balogh (1905-1985: Fellow of Balliol 1945-1973). 200 boxes.
  • Crocker, Sir Walter Russell (1902-2002: Balliol 1926-1931). 'Memories'--memoirs 1902-1975. bound TS 1 vol.
  • Guedalla, Philip (1889-1944: Balliol 1908-1912). 11 bound vols of MS, TS, mounted cuttings: 1851; Conquistador; Conquistador proofs; A council of industry; A gallery; The industrial future; The liberators; The missing muse and other essays; The Queen and Mr Gladstone. 4 large archive boxes.
  • Hare, Richard Mervyn (1919-2002). List of papers, bibliography of publications, philosophical papers, philosophical letters, offprints 1950-1999, reviews. 23 folders, 2 box files, 1 card file
  • Madan, Geoffrey Spencer (1895-1947: Balliol 1913-1914, 1919). Bound TS of extracts from his notebooks (one of 67 copies); loose photographs of GSM; TS list of his books, large amount of correspondence between Mrs Marjorie Madan and Vincent Quinn (Librarian, Balliol). 1 archive box
  • Mallock, William Hurell (1849-1923: Balliol 1870-1873). MS notebook: 'On the use of systems of philosophy.' Charles C Nickerson: 'The novels of W H Mallock: a bibliographical catalogue.' Charles C Nickerson: commentary on Everyman his own poet, or The Inspired Singer's Recipe book, by a Newdigate Prizeman [i.e. WHM]. 1 archive box.
  • Mynors, Sir Roger Aubrey Baskerville (1903-1989: Balliol 1922-1926, Fellow 1926-1944, Honorary Fellow 1963). Correspondence & notes re Mynors' Catalogue of the Manuscripts of Balliol College Oxford (1963); notebook containing marks for exhibition and scholarship examinations 1931-1936. 1 archive box.
  • Powley, Edward Barzillai (1887-1968: Balliol 1920-1921). Notes & notebooks, mainly on 17th century history, naval history, the Earl of Torrington, Dutch history; small number of microfilms. 12 archive boxes.
  • Rodger, Alexander Bankier (1895-1961: Balliol 1919-1923, Fellow 1924-1961). Notes, correspondence relating to ABR's teaching (closed); small amount of material relating to personal and college affairs. TS 'Chance in History,' 22pp. A paper on Naval History and its MS material, 1953/ 'Logs and Journals,' 2pp.
  • Smith, John Alexander (1863-1939: Balliol 1884-1887, Fellow 1891-1910, Hon Fellow 1924). 9 archive boxes. Notebooks, letters and lecture notes on Classical subjects, particularly Aristotle.
  • Sumner, Benedict Humphrey (1893-1951: Balliol 1912-1914, Fellow 1925-1944, Hon Fellow 1946). MS & TS notes, card indices, springback folders & notebooks, mainly on Roman history. TS of chapter for Cambridge Modern History. Box files of notes on European history, 12th & 13th century; british history 15th-18th century; Russian history, Peter the Great, European history 19th-20th centuries, Russian history 20th century. Printed material: documents re League of Nations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, international relations. 10 archive boxes.
  • Urquhart, Francis Fortescue(1868-1934: Balliol 1890-1894, Fellow 1896-1934). 1. presentation volume with names of subscribers to his portrait by Walter Russell ARA, Mar 1926. 2. 11 heavily annotated photograph albums formerly belonging to FFU, 1890-1932. Albums include photographs of well-known Balliol members of the period and many photographs taken at Chalet des Melezes. 3. 1 photograph album formerly belonging to Christopher G Goschen (Balliol 1899) recording a visit to Chalet des Melezes, 1900. 12 archive boxes, 1 vol
  • Walker, Ernest (1870-1949: Balliol 1887-1891, Asst Organist 1891, Organist 1900, Hon Fellow 1926). Diaries: 7 vols 1888-1894 (Mynors MS 445), c 30 pocket diaries. MSS: 3 vols MS songs; notes on music; drafts & notes for reviews, articles etc; proofs; notebooks, incl undergraduate notebook of classical essays. Letters: mostly to EW from correspondents incl John Farmer, Paul Wittgenstein, Edward Caird, JL Strachan-Davidson, EJ Palmer, JA Smith, AL Smith, AD Lindsay, Benjamin Jowett; letters from EW to Maragret Deneke about Donald Tovey. Misc: 5 photographs albums, legal documents, receipts, EW's will. Printed material: pres cuttings, concert programmes, musical scores; books owned by EW, some annotated. Maragret Deneke (EW's biographer): correspondence, incl letters from musicians. 30 boxes.

Related collections:

== end of list ==

Many of these personal archives contain important material for the history of the College in several collections, notably Jowett, Jenkyns, Conroy, Strachan Davidson, AL Smith.

The personal and family archives are open to researchers by prior appointment at Balliol's Historic Collections Centre at St Cross Church, Holywell, not in the College Library. Enquiries about the collections and requests to access the modern manuscripts should be made in writing to the College Archivist and curator of manuscripts, Anna Sander. Further information and more detailed catalogues are available for some collections on request; more will be posted here as they are revised.

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- Anna Sander

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