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Papers relating to TS Eliot

Most of the Eliot material was presented to the college in 1972 by Jean Andre Moise de Menasce (Rev. Father Pierre de Menasce) (Balliol 1920-1924). Menasce produced French translations of Eliot's poems. He was a scholar of Oriental Studies. He became Professor of the History of Religion, University of Fribourg (1838- 48) and a Directeur des Etudes (Ancient Iranian Religions), Hautes Etudes. Paris (1848). Copies of his academic articles which he presented to the college are kept with the Eliot material he donated.

Where relevant the numbers used by Donald Gallup in T.S.Eliot: A Bibliography (London:1952) have been placed in brackets at the end of the description of an item.


1. Presence. Revue Internationale des Lettres. Geneva. Apr. 1946. In French. Contains: To the Indians Who Died in Africa. T.S.Eliot. (D142). Presented by Menasce?

Works by T.S.Eliot. The copies of the works are dedicated to Menasce in the author's hand. Presented by Menasce, 1972.

2. For Lancelot Andrews. Essays on Style and Order. London: [1928]. (A12).

3. The Idea of a Christian Society. London: 1939. (A35).

With 3: Newspaper cutting from TLS. 4 Jan 1941. The cutting is a review of the autobiography of Eric Gill.

4. Ash Wednesday. London: 1930. (A15).

5. Ash Wednesday. T.S.Eliot. London: 1930. [cross ref: Balliol Library class mark 69a38].

Presented by Menasce, 1972.

6. Trois Poetes; Hopkins, Yeats, Eliot. Georges Cattain. Paris: 1947. The copy is dedicated to Menasce in the author's hand. Presented by Menasce, Sept. 1972.

7. Ara Vus [sic] Prec. No. 2. T.S.Eliot. The Ovid Press: [1919]. Signed by the author. Contains New English Weekly complimentary slip from the author. (A4).

8. 3 cuttings re Ash Wednesday. 1965- 9. 3l.

1 typed MS. Som de l'Escalina. Pencil annotations: include the number B14. Not mentioned in any of the MS lists at no. 18 of this list. n.d. 1l.

Works by T.S.Eliot. The copies of the works are dedicated to Menasce in the author's hand.Presented by Menasce, 1972.

9. Reunion by Destruction. [1943]. (A44).

10. A song for Simeon. Drawings by E. Mc Knight Kauffer. Ariel poems No. 16: [1928]. (A11).

11. Journey of the Magi. T.S.Eliot. Drawings by E. Mc Knight Kauffer. Ariel Poems No. 8: [1927]. Presented by Menasce? (A9).


12. Envelope containing 4 articles by Menasce. n.d. In French. Presented by Menasce, 1972.

13. Printed proof with handwritten corrections of French translation of Perch' io non Spero [T.S.Eliot]. Menasce. Presented by Menasce, 1972. (D112).

14. Marina. T.S.Eliot. Drawings by E.Mc Knight Kauffer. Ariel poems No. 29. [1930]. The copy is dedicated to Menasce in the author's hand. Presented by Menasce, 1972. (A17).

15. Printed proof of French translation of Cantique Pour Simeon [T.S.Eliot]. Jean de Menasce. (D113).

16. Works by T.S.Eliot. From the bequest of Lord Samuel (Balliol 1889-93).

  • The Classics and the Man of Letters. Oxford 1942.
  • The Literature of Politics. London: 1955.

17. The Waste Land. T.S.Eliot. Hogarth Press: 1923. Presented by Menasce? (A6c).

18. Envelope of correspondence etc. relating to the T.S.Eliot material.

  • 1 photocopy of 2 TLS from Jean de Menasce to A[lan C.R.G. Montefiore]. 14 June and 2 July 1972.
  • 1 TLS copy from J.E.C.Hill (Master, Balliol) to Menasce. 24 June 1972. 1l.
  • 1 TLcopy from J.E.C.Hill to Menasce. 18 Oct. 1972. 1l.
  • 1 MS list of T.S.Eliot related material presented by Menasce. E.V.Quinn (Librarian). Sept. 1972. 1l.
  • 1 MS list of some of the T.S.Eliot items at Balliol [the first batch of items presented by Menasce?] Compiler unknown. [1972]. Pencilled notes by Professor A.J.Pederman. 10 May 1973. 1l.

19. 14 articles on Oriental Studies topics. Menasce. 1960- 71. Presented by Menasce, 1972.

20. Shkand Gumanik Vicar. La Solution Decisive des Doutes. Menasce. Fribourg: 1945. Presented by Menasce, 1972.

21. Accession correspondence re Eliot material and other donations, June-Sept 1972.

3 TLS from Menasce to J.E.C.Hill and E.V.Quinn.

1 AML copy from E.V.Quinn to Menasce.

Items presented by Menasce, September 1972.

22. Dissertation on reception of T.S.Eliot in France. Mlle. M.Th.Mallet. In French. 1970.

23. Photocopy of La Terre Mise a Nu. French translation of The Waste Land. Menasce. From L'Esprit. 1926.

24. Typescript of La Terre Mise a Nu. Menasce. 14 l. (see D109).

25. The New English Weekly. 21 Mar. 1940. Contains East Coker. T.S.Eliot. Presented by Menasce? (C454).

26. Secondhand book catalogues containing Eliot works for sale.


Photocopies of Eliot correspondence in college archives (see below).

1 typed copy of 'T.S. Eliot, A.D. Lindsay and N.M. Tereshchenko'. Robert Crawford. 1983. 5l.

Related material formerly in the College Archives.

Correspondence about NM Iovets-Tereshchenko, writer and psychologist, and his book Friendship-Love. He was an emigre in difficult circumstances taken in by the College as a Lecturer: TS Eliot was much involved with his case, and there are several long letters from Eliot to Lindsay [Master of Balliol]. Early 1940s. Former archives reference MBP 16, now part of the Eliot Papers.


- First listed April 1996; additions by Charlotte Fisher, Modern MSS Asst 1992, updated by Rachel Kemsley, Modern MSS Asst, 1995.

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