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Papers of Frederick Huth Jackson (1863-1921)

Biographical note

Frederick Huth Jackson (1863-1921), Balliol 1883 (HT 1884), was a banker and man of affairs.


The notebooks, which are briefly described below, were dispatched to Dr John Jones from New York in March 1991 on the instructions of Hugh Fremantle, following a discussion which took place in early 1991 when he brought his mother to see the murals in the Dean’s room II.5; the writer of the notebooks was her father and the painter of the murals, CE Fremantle, was her husband.


The notebooks are all signed and dated – though two pairs have the same date – and ar already supplied with foliation or pagination numbers, and in several cases also a list of contents. These notebooks fall into the grey area where the College Archives and manuscript collections merge. Their chief general interest will be to students of the curriculum. From the College point of view, they are of interest as examples of undergraduate work, of which we have very few from any period.

Physical description

13 uniform black volumes approx. A4 in size, 10 kg total weight. All are somewhat worn and not all are secure, but all are complete. After examination the notebooks were boxed and placed with the Theses and Undergraduate Work collection.


1. October 1884. Early English [Constitutional] History. Stuck in is a printed lecture syllabus.

2. April 1885. ‘Foreign [European] History.

3. April 1885. Historical Analyses, English and Foreign (European and Middle Eastern) History.

4. October 1885. ‘French History.’ Loosely inserted are several copies of a printed handbill advertising a concert to be given by the Gyrn Castle Choral Union (conductor FH Jackson) at the Music Hall, Claughton, 10 January 1887.

5. January 1886. ‘Foreign [European] History,’ including ‘Mr Smith’s notes’ [AL Smith, later Master].

6. January 1886. ‘Foreign [European] History’ (mostly 16 th century. based on lectures by ‘E Armstrong, Queens’ [Edward Armstrong 1846-1928; see ODNB]

7. May 1886. ‘[English] Constitutional History from 1640.’

8. July 1886. English History (mostly 15 th century to 1640).

9. September 1886. European History (mostly 15 th and 16 th century).

10. October 1886. ‘Mr Armstrong’s lectures on Italian history.’

11. December 1886. European History (mostly religious turmoil, 16 th and 17 th century).

12. January 1887. Political Economy. In part at least based on lectures by WJ Ashley (1860-1927. Balliol 1878; see ODNB)

13. 28 March 1887. Indian History, mostly 18 th and early 19 th century. Loosely inserted printed words and music for ‘Many years ago,’ a song for Old Harrovians, by EE Bowen and J Farmer, privately printed for the latter, ND but signed and dated 1897 by him (presentation copy).

- John Jones 3 April 1991

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