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Papers of Robert Scott, Master of Balliol 1854-1870


Creator: Robert Scott, Master of Balliol 1854-1870.

Provenance: mixed, unclear. Material assembled and incompletely arranged by EV Quinn, College Librarian, ca 1960-75. See section 7, below. Rearranged and listed by Dr JH Jones, 2010-12, revised 2013.

Extent: 1 archive box - several hundred items.

Scope and contents: the papers are almost entirely to do with Scott’s activities as Master, and contain only minor passing references to his personal life.

  • Scott 1. Letterbook impressions of Balliol business letters by Scott 1854-1870.
  • Scott 2. Modern TS copies (made in the College Office at Quinn’s instance)  of some of Scott’s correspondence, 1841-1870.
  • Scott 3. Letters (all ALS), many with testimonials and follow up letters, to Scott about potential Balliol admissions, mostly of 1867-1870.
  • Scott 4. Balliol Business Correspondence ALS to Scott 1854-1870
  • Scott 5. Miscellaneous papers 1859-1871.
  • Scott 6. Original ALS by Scott 1852 and 1863.
  • Scott 7. EV Quinn's notes on initial arrangement of material


Where possible, addressees are briefly identified, but on first appearance only: many appear frequently. “Fellow” indicates Fellow of Balliol College.

Scott 1. Letterbook impressions of Balliol business letters by Scott 1854-1870.

Scott 1A. Fifteen incomplete sections taken from letterbooks with flimsy buff pages, spanning 1854-1860, probably selected for preservation by Scott himself. The majority of the letters concern Oxford University Commission business (especially as it impinged on the Snell and other closed Exhibitions at Balliol) and ecclesiastical patronage.

Scott 1A.1. 9 items

  • Scott 1A.1.01To the Secretaries of the Oxford University Commission, 27 Oct 1854.
  • Scott 1A.1.02To the Visitor, John Jackson, Bishop of Lincoln, 21 Nov 1854.
  • Scott 1A.1.03 To Dr (Professor) Nichol, 4 Dec and 9 Dec 1854, re his son’s admission to Balliol and the religious declaration required.
  • Scott 1A.1.04 To William Butterfield, architect, 19 Dec 1854. See Scott 2.ii below.
  • Scott 1A.1.05 To Paul Bush, Rector of Duloe, 19 Dec 1854, re South Luffenham.
  • Scott 1A.1.06 To the Visitor, 4 Jan 1855, re religious tests and admissions.
  • Scott 1A.1.07 To Henry Wall, Fellow and Bursar, 18 Jan 1855, re the value of Snell Exhibitions.
  • Scott 1A.1.08 To Professor Nichol, 24 Jan 1855, re his son coming into residence; he would not have to make a declaration, but would  have to conform in other ways.
  • Scott 1A.1.09 To the Visitor, 25 Jan 1855, re the advowson of Riseholme.

Scott 1A.2. 15 items

  • Scott 1A.2.01To William Butterfield, 20 Feb 1855. See Scott 2.ii below.
  • Scott 1A.2.02 To JP Dickenson Esq of 55 Curzon St, 21 Feb 1855, re the “Brownes Scholarship” [Browne Exhibition], which was payable out of a rentcharge on lands at Rotherwick Hants. Scott regretted that he was unable to give satisfactory information, the trifling rentcharge of a shilling a week having been lost through the property changing hands.
  • Scott 1A.2.03 To the Visitor, 7 Feb 1855 [possibly Scott’s dating error as this letter follows the two previous letters in the letterbook] re possible exchange of the advowsons of Riseholme and Brattleby.
  • Scott 1A.2.04 To the Visitor, twice in March 1855, re Dr Busby’s catechetical lectures.
  • Scott 1A.2.05 To the Bishop of Ripon, Charles Longley, a Busby Trustee, 21 March 1855 re Dr Busby’s catechetical lectures.
  • Scott 1A.2.06 To William James Jenkins, ex-Fellow and Rector of Fillingham, 27 March and 2 April 1855, re Fillingham.
  • Scott 1A.2.07 To Goldwin Smith, a Secretary of the Oxford University Commission, 11 April 1855 re Blundell Fellowships.
  • Scott 1A.2.08 To Noel Thomas Ellison, ex-Fellow and Rector of Huntspill, 24 April 1855 re Huntspill.
  • Scott 1A.2.09 To James Thomas Round, ex-Fellow and Rector of All Saints Colchester,  25 April 1855, re Colchester living business.
  • Scott 1A.2.10 To Henry Wall, 28 April 1855, re Abbotsley.
  • Scott 1A.2.11 To the Secretaries of the Oxford University Commission, 28 April 1855, re oaths.
  • Scott 1A.2.12 To the Visitor, 28 April 1855, re oaths and Riseholme.
  • Scott 1A.2.13 To John Frederic Bigge,Vicar  of Stamfordham, 3 May 1855, re a request that the College should surrender some land to extend the Churchyard.
  • Scott 1A.2.14 To the Visitor, 5 May 1855, re oaths and Riseholme.
  • Scott 1A.2.15 To George Armstrong of Heddon-on-the-Wall, farmer and land agent, 10 May 1855, re Bigge’s Stamfordham proposal.

Scott 1A.3 11 items

  • Scott 1A.3.01 To WJ Jenkins, 12 June 1855, re Fillingham.
  • Scott 1A.3.02 To NT Ellison, 27 June 1855, re Huntspill.
  • Scott 1A.3.03 To WJ Jenkins, 28 June 1855, re Fillingham.
  • Scott 1A.3.04 To JT Round, 3 July 1855, re restoration of All Saints Church Colchester.
  • Scott 1A.3.05 To JF Bigge, 3 July 1855, re Stamfordham Churchyard.
  • Scott 1A.3.06 To the Secretaries of the Oxford University Commission, 3 July 1855, two letters of same date, re Balliol finances and the Warner Exhibition respectively.
  • Scott 1A.3.07 To the Secretary of the Ecclesiastical Commission, 7 July 1855 and 12 July 1855, re Bedford St Mary and Riseholme.
  • Scott 1A.3.08 To Mrs Smith [Sarah Frances Smith widow of Copp’s Court, Gold Street Tiverton ] of Gold Street Tiverton, from Weston super Mare 30 1855 August, re her son Clement Smith’s  Blundell Scholarship  and his failures.
  • Scott 1A.3.09 To Henry Alexander Douglas, Vicar of Abbotsley, 22 Sept 1855, re Abbotsley and Douglas being about to leave England.
  • Scott 1A.3.10 To Constantine Estlin Prichard, ex-Fellow and Rector of South Luffenham, 25 Sept 1855, re South Luffenham allotments and parish personalities, and partly personal.
  • Scott 1A.3.11 To HA Douglas, 26 Sept 1855, re Abbotsley and Douglas being about to leave England. 

Scott 1A.4 17 items

  • Scott 1A.4.01 To Frederick Edwin Lott of Milverton, 9 Oct 1855, offering Abbotsley.
  • Scott 1A.4.02 To G Cooke of Clifton, 18 Oct 1855, re his son’s admission.
  • Scott 1A.4.03 To Henry Wall, 18 Oct 1855, re the value of Snell Exhibitions.
  • Scott 1A.4.04 To the Visitor, 25 Oct 1855, re the Oxford University Commission.
  • Scott 1A.4.05 To William Butterfield, 25 Oct 1855,
  • Scott 1A.4.06 To John Durbin Gray, Vicar of Abbotsley shortly afterwards, 1 Nov 1855, re Abbotsley.
  • Scott 1A.4.07 To the Very Rev … [unidentified] 19 Nov 1855 re Snell Exhibitions.
  • Scott 1A.4.08 To the Visitor, 20 Nov 1855, re oaths.
  • Scott 1A.4.09 To JT Round, 20 Nov 1855, re a subscription to his Church.
  • Scott 1A.4.10 To Dr Bright, 7 Dec 1855, re his son’s admission.
  • Scott 1A.4.11 To WJ Jenkins, 12 Dec 1855, re Fillingham.
  • Scott 1A.4.12 To Benjamin Collins Brodie Jnr, Professor of Chemistry, 12 Dec 1855, re his rent-free use of the College Laboratory.
  • Scott 1A.4.13 To Theodore Walrond, Fellow, 20 Dec 1855, re his leaving and College business.
  • Scott 1A.4.14 To Edwin Palmer, Fellow, 31 Jan 1856, re College business and teaching.
  • Scott 1A.4.15 To Professor Ramsay, probably William Ramsay, Senate Assessor, Glasgow University, 19 Jan 1856, re Snell Exhibitions.
  • Scott 1A.4.16 To JT Round, 31 Jan 1856, re advowsons.
  • Scott 1A.4.17 To the Secretaries of the Oxford University Commission, 5 Feb 1856, re fines on lease renewal.

Scott 1A.5 11 items

  • Scott 1A.5.01 To William Butterfield, 11 March 1856. See Scott 2.ii.
  • Scott 1A.5.02 To JD Gray, 25 March 1856, re Abbotsley.
  • Scott 1A.5.03 To the Visitor, 2 April 1856, re Riseholme.
  • Scott 1A.5.04 To Charles John Vaughan, Headmaster of Harrow, 14 April 1856, re Charles W Wodehouse and another un-named candidate (someone, probably Scott himself, has carefully excised the name) and entry standards generally; Vaughan threatened  to stop Harrow applications.
  • Scott 1A.5.05 To the Secretaries of the Oxford University Commission, 23 April 1856, re Blundell Scholarships.
  • Scott 1A.5.06 To JT Round, 24 April 1856, re Colchester livings.
  • Scott 1A.5.07 To the Secretaries of the Oxford University Commission, 5 May, 16 May, and 26 May 1856 re Blundell Scholarships.
  • Scott 1A.5.08 To Samuel William Wayte, a Secretary of the Oxford University Commission 28 May 1856, re Blundell Scholarships.
  • Scott 1A.5.09 To John Wilson, President of Trinity, 31 May 1856, re a concession regarding the construction of the new Balliol Chapel.
  • Scott 1A.5.10 To the Secretaries of the Oxford University Commission, 3 June and 6 June   1856, re Blundell Scholarships.
  • Scott 1A.5.11 To WJ Jenkins, 11 June 1856, re Fillingham.

Scott 1A.6 4 items

  • Scott 1A.6.01 To Jacob  Ley, Student of Christ Church and Vicar of St Mary Magdalen Oxford, 17 July 1856, from Perivale, Harrow-on-the Hill, re St Mary Magdalen lighting.
  • Scott 1A.6.02 To JD Gray, 18 Aug 1856, re Abbotsley expenses.
  • Scott 1A.6.03 To The Rt Hon …. [unidentified] 24 Sept 1856, acknowledging a copy of “The Architectural Antiquities of St Stephens Chapel”  for the College Library.
  • Scott 1A.6.04 To the Secretaries of the Oxford University Commission, 7 Oct 1856, re closed scholarships and exhibitions.

Scott 1A.7 1 item. To the Secretaries of the Oxford University Commission, 21 Oct 1856 re closed scholarships and exhibitions.

Scott 1A.8 4 items

  • Scott 1A.8.01 To the Secretaries of the Oxford University Commission, 8 Nov and 20 Nov 1856, re Blundells Scholarships and leases respectively.
  • Scott 1A.8.02 To JD Gray, 21 Feb 1857 re Abbotsley.
  • Scott 1A.8.03 To Robert Phelps, Master of Sidney Sussex College Cambridge, 6 March and 13 March 1857, re Blundell Scholarships,
  • Scott 1A.8.04 To SW Wayte, 23 March 1857, re scholarship elections and the exercise of the Master’s double vote.

Scott 1A.9 2 items

  • Scott 1A.9.01 To the Secretaries of the Oxford University Commission, 2 April 1857, 6 April 1857, 30 April 1857 and 22 May 1857, re the Snell Exhibition, scholarships, and ordinances by the Commission.
  • Scott 1A.9.02 To the Visitor, 22 May 1857, re the Litany in Chapel.

Scott 1A.10 7 items

  • Scott 1A.10.01 To Professor Ramsay 4 Nov 1857, re the Snell Exhibitions and the Commission’s ordinances.
  • Scott 1A.10.02 To the Secretaries of the Oxford University Commission, 11 Nov 1857, re the Warner Exhibition.
  • Scott 1A.10.03 To Professor Ramsay 11 Nov 1857, re the Snell Exhibitions and the Commission’s ordinances.
  • Scott 1A.10.04 To Robert James Allen, Balliol 1849, 12 Nov 1857, re granting him testimonials.
  • Scott 1A.10.05 To SW Wayte, 12 Nov 1857, re Warner Exhibitions.
  • Scott 1A.10.06 Incomplete, addressee and date missing, re College resolutions of 20 Jan 1858 concerning Chaplains and Chapel services.
  • Scott 1A.10.07 To Henry Wall, 3 April 1858, re value of Snell exhibitions.

Scott 1A.11 7 items

  • Scott 1A.11.01 To the Rev Dr Badham of Mitchley Abbey, 2 Nov 1858, re a pupil of his called Clifford who had failed an entrance examination.
  • Scott 1A.11.02 To Professor Ramsay, 4 Nov 1858, re Snell Exhibitions.
  • Scott 1A.11.03 To JD Gray, 4 Nov 1858, re Abbotsley.
  • Scott 1A.11.04 To the Rev Dr Badham, 30 Nov 1858, further re Clifford who is also a Unitarian, presenting a further difficulty; Scott mentions the recent rejection of a Romanist.
  • Scott 1A.11.05 To the Rev WH Channing of 7 MontpelierTerrace, 30 Nov 1858; Scott says there is nothing to prevent a native of the USA from joining Balliol, provided he is an Episcopalian.
  • Scott 1A.11.06 To Paul Bush, 3 Feb and 9 Feb 1859, re Duloe.
  • Scott 1A.11.07 To Professor Ramsay, 3 March 1859, re Snell Exhibitions.

Scott 1A.12 2 items

  • Scott 1A.12.01 To Professor Ramsay, 15 April 1859, re Snell Exhibitons.
  • Scott 1A.12.0 2To Professor Blackburn, probably Hugh Blackburn, Clerk of Faculty, Glasgow University, 7 May 1859, re Snell Exhibitions.

Scott 1A.13 1 item. To Professor Blackburn, 32 April 1859, acknowledging the elections of AD Grant and RB Rankin to Snell Exhibitions.

Scott 1A.14 1 item. To Henry Wall, 30 Jan 1860 and 11 Feb 1860, re the value of Snell Exhibitions.

Scott 1A.15 11 items

  • Scott 1A.15.01 To Professor Ramsay, 18 Feb, 8 March, and 22 March 1860, re Snell Exhibitions.
  • Scott 1A.15.02 To Paul Bush, 22 March 1860, re Duloe.
  • Scott 1A.15.03 To Mrs Cowie of 62 Queens Gardens Hyde Park, 27 April 1860, re St Lawrence Jewry payments.
  • Scott 1A.15.04 To Professor Ramsay, 4 May 1860.
  • Scott 1A.15.05 To Duncan Harkness Weir, Clerk of Senate, Glasgow University, 16 May 1860.
  • Scott 1A.15.06 To Henry Wall, 28 May 1860.
  • Scott 1A.15.07 To Joseph Wigram, Bishop of Rochester, 30 May 1860, re Warner Exhibitions.
  • Scott 1A.15.08 To the Rev E Balston of Eton, 3 July 1860, re a pupil who had failed entry; the name of the pupil has been carefully excised at every appearance.
  • Scott 1A.15.09 To DH Weir, 4 August 1860, re Snell Exhibitions.
  • Scott 1A.15.10 To the Governor of the Windward Isles, 31 August 1860, re his son, who was in residence seeking leave of absence.
  • Scott 1A.15.11 To G Wyatt of 78 Nodehill, Newport IOW, 26 Sept 1860, re the lease of Alderman Spier’s house, which would not be renewed.

Scott 1B. Impressions of two letters on pale green flimsy paper sheets sewn together, 1858. 2 items

  • Scott 1B.01 To the Visitor, 8 May 1858, re a Snell Exhibitioner, and Snell Exhibition regulations.
  • Scott 1B.02 To Professor Ramsay, 17 June 1858, re Snell Exhibition regulations.

Scott 1C. Separate pages selected from letterbooks with flimsy numbered white pages, spanning 1861-1873. The letters from 9 Nov 1861 to 17 Nov 1865 inclusive were typed at Quinn’s instance: see Scott 2.iii below, where they are listed. 27 items.

  • Scott 1C.01 To Edward Lewis, solicitor, of Rye Bank Chorlton cum Hardy Manchester, 20 Dec 1865 and 10 Jan 1866, re Brackenbury Scholarships.
  • Scott 1C.02 To John Bickley Hughes, Head Master  of Blundells School, 17 Jan 1866, 17 April 1866, re the Newte Exhibition.
  • Scott 1C.03 To William Henry  Rooper, Perpetual Curate St Andrew’s Chapel Brighton and adviser to Hannah Brackenbury, Benefactor and philanthropist (ODNB),  25 Jan, 2 Feb, 5 Feb, 23 Feb, 13 March, 26 March and  14 April 1866, re Brackenbury Scholarships. 
  • Scott 1C.04 To Lewis Welsh Owen, ex-Fellow and Rector of Holy Trinity Colchester, 20 April 1866 and 1 May 1866, re various matters, partly personal.
  • Scott 1C.05 To DH Weir, 1 May 1866 re Snell Exhibitions.
  • Scott 1C.06 To LW Owen, 9 May 1866, re various matters, partly personal.
  • Scott 1C.07 To Alfred Waterhouse, architect, 20 June 1866, re building plans.
  • Scott 1C.08 To DH Weir 15 Oct 1866, re Snell Exhibitions.
  • Scott 1C.09 To JB Hughes, 20 Oct 1866, re the Newte Exhibition.
  • Scott 1C.10 To Alfred Waterhouse, 29 Oct 1866, re building plans.
  • Scott 1C.11 To HA Gilbert of Tiverton, 7 Nov 1866 and 30 Nov 1866, re the Newte Exhibition.
  • Scott 1C.12 To DH Weir, 13 Dec 1866, re Snell Exhibitions.
  • Scott 1C.13 To Charles Erskine Vertue, Snell Exhibitioner 1862, 13 Dec 1866, explaining that a Snell Exhibitioner taking up a settled professional position in India could not expect his stipend to continue. Vertue did not go to India, but did vacate his Snell Exhibition in 1867.
  • Scott 1C.14 To HA Gilbert, 12 April 1867, re the Newte Exhibition.
  • Scott 1C.15 To Alfred Waterhouse, 27 April 1867, from 87 High St Oxford, re the building of the Master’s House.
  • Scott 1C.16 To William James Farrer, solicitor, 1 May 1867, re Dr Busby’s Catechetical Lectures.
  • Scott 1C.17 To Sir EAH Lechmere Bt MP, written from Brighton 8 Sept 1867, explaining that the Edgcumbe Exhibition had been swallowed up with others by the Oxford University Commission.
  • Scott 1C.18 To the Archbishop of Canterbury, 19 Oct 1867, Charles Longley, re Dr Busby’s Catechetical Lectures.
  • Scott 1C.19 To the Visitor, 19 Dec 1867, re finances of building works. 
  • Scott 1C.20 To Henry Wall, 8 Feb 1868, from 87 High St Oxford, re the value of Snell Exhibitions.
  • Scott 1C.21 To the Visitor, 28 Jan 1869, re reduction of the number of Fellows in Holy Orders.
  • Scott 1C.22 To WJ Farrer, 15 Jan 1869 and 25 Jan 1869, re Balliol investments.
  • Scott 1C.23 To the Visitor, 28 Jan 1869, re Holy Communion in Balliol Chapel.
  • Scott 1C.24 To WJ Farrer, 19 Jan 1870 and 28 Jan 1870, re Balliol investments.
  • Scott 1C.25 To Farrer Ouvrey & Co, 66 Lincolns Inn Fields, 17 Jan 1870, re Balliol Investments (WJ Farrer being away) .
  • Scott 1C.26 To R Broughton, Long Benton, 5 May 1870, re legal technicalities concerning a property transaction.
  • Scott 1C.27 To Edward Cooper Woollcombe, Fellow, 4 Dec 1873, re the Huntspill rent charge due to the Master.

Scott 2. Modern TS copies (made in Balliol College Office at Quinn’s instance)  of some of Scott’s correspondence, 1841-1870.

Scott 2.1. Copies of letters by Scott and others typed for JM Prest, Fellow. They were published, after some selection and editing, in his article “Robert Scott and Benjamin Jowett”, which appeared as a Supplement to the Balliol College  Record, 1966. With a copy of the article.

Scott 2.2. Scott’s letters to William Butterfield re  the new Balliol Chapel, 19 Dec 1854, 20 Feb 1855, 25 Oct 1855 and  11 March 1856.Top copy and one carbon copy . 4 items.

Scott 2.3. Letters by Scott on Balliol business 1861-1865.Top copies with one carbon copy. 16 items.

  • Scott 2.3.01 To SW Wayte, 9 Nov 1861, re Lecturerships in Balliol.
  • Scott 2.3.02 To Henry Wall, 20 April 1864, re the value of Snell Exhibitions.
  • Scott 2.3.03 To the Visitor, 15 Oct 1864, re Balliol Chapel attendance.
  • Scott 2.3.04 To WH Rooper, 21 April 1865, re Brackenbury Scholarships.
  • Scott 2.3.05 To Robert Browning, 19 Oct 1867, re his election to an Honorary Fellowship.
  • Scott 2.3.06 To WH Rooper, 4 May 1865, 17 June 1865, 20 June 1865 and 22 June 1865, re Brackenbury Scholarships.
  • Scott 2.3.07 To Edward Lewis, 1 July 1865, re Brackenbury Scholarships.
  • Scott 2.3.08 To Hannah Brackenbury, 10 July 1865, re Brackenbury Scholarships.
  • Scott 2.3.09 To WH Rooper 27 July 1865, re Brackenbury Scholarships.
  • Scott 2.3.10 To the Visitor, 13 Oct 1865 re exhibitions and an appeal by Henry Wall.
  • Scott 2.3.11 To Hannah Brackenbury, 13 Oct 1865, re Brackenbury Scholarships.
  • Scott 2.3.12 To WH Rooper, 13 Oct 1865, re Brackenbury Scholarships.
  • Scott 2.3.13 To Henry Wall, 16 Oct 1865, re Snell Exhibition value.
  • Scott 2.3.14 To WH Rooper, 18 Oct 1865, re Brackenbury Scholarships.
  • Scott 2.3.15 To Hannah Brackenbury, 18 Oct 1865, re Brackenbury Scholarships.
  • Scott 2.3.16 To Frederick Joseph Morrell, solicitor, 17 Nov 1865, re Brackenbury Scholarships.

Scott 3. Letters (all ALS), many with testimonials and follow up letters, to Scott about potential Balliol admissions, mostly of 1867-1870. 125 items.

Filed alphabetically according to the surname of the candidate. Some letters mention more than one candidate; these are filed by the surname of the one first mentioned. The procedure seems to have been that Scott handled all admissions correspondence, maintaining a provisional College list and allocating rooms, and would put names down as candidates from age 15, anything up to 4-5 years in advance of matriculation, on receipt of an application from a parent, guardian or schoolmaster accompanied by a testimonial.The correspondence makes it amply clear that Balliol was universally perceived in this period as the most desirable College to get into. Many of the young men who were the subject of correspondence do not appear in the Balliol Register, presumably because they did not come up to the mark when examined at matriculation. Non-members of the Church  of England were admitted, but only if they conformed to requirements for Chapel attendance.The letters often refer to a printed paper of Scott’s setting out procedures and conditions, but no example of that is known at present.

  • Scott 3.01 From Sir Thomas N Abdy, 29 Jan 1869, withdrawing his son’s name, his son having passed the examination for Woolwich.
  • Scott 3.02 From Sir R Affluck Bt, 22 Oct 1869, withdrawing his son’s name as he was not up to the examination.
  • Scott 3.03 From Edward Caird of Glasgow, later Master, 12 Nov 1869, re Anderson, his best student last year. No Anderson was elected to the Snell Exhibition.
  • Scott 3.04 From Mrs Anson, signing A Theresa Anson, of East Parade Bleyl N Wales, 10 Nov 1869, re her son with a testimonial from his tutor at Eton, Arthur C Ainger.
  • Scott 3.05 From Father Augustus Applegarth, Clewer Green Windsor, 2 July 1867, enquiring whether Roman Catholics were accepted at Balliol, with Scott’s draft reply.
  • Scott 3.06 From Rev S Haward Archer of Oakehampton 17 Feb 1867, withdrawing his son’s name.
  • Scott 3.07 From Rev Marcham Argyles of Barnack Rectory, 29 July 1868, re his son Marcham Frederick Argyles who is at Harrow, tutor the Rev FW Farrer. With an enquiry from Henry Montagu Butler, Headmaster of Harrow, about Argyle’s failure in the examination, 22 Nov 1869.
  • Scott 3.08 From Edwin Abbott Abbott, Headmaster, City of London School, 23 Nov 1869, re his pupil Herbert Henry  Asquith ,later Prime Minister, who was  a Baptist but willing to attend Chapel.
  • Scott 3.09 From Rev P Bowden Smith of Rugby, 20 June 1867, re Mr Bailward’s ward.
  • Scott 3.10 From George Gilley Pritchet Bale, born 11 Oct 1852, son of Mary Bale, from 30 Cowe St Ludlow, 4ALS 1869-1870 applying for admission, enclosing a testimonial from William Charles Sparrow, Head Master of Ludlow Grammar School.
  • Scott 3.11 From James Barron of 27 John Street Sunderland, 4ALS of Aug-Oct 1868, re his son Robert Percy Barron, with  a testimonial from Henry Holden DD of Durham School.
  • Scott 3.12 From the Rev FH Steel of The Grove Harrow, 23 May 1866, re Arthur Rankine Blackwood, whose father resided in Australia and hoped his son might enter Balliol in 1869, with a testimonial from Henry Montagu Butler, 12 Jan 1869.
  • Scott 3.13 From George D Bland, of Hollowcombe Nr Sydenham, 28 April 1870, asking for his son Godfrey Davison Bland to be put down for a place as a Commoner in Oct 1871; he is at Harrow and will be 17 in July 1871. Annotated by Scott: ”Answd.Can’t”.
  • Scott 3.14 From William Bovill, Lord Chief Justice, 2ALS of 1869, re his son Archibald George Bovill, and a testimonial from GR Dupuis, Assistant Master at Eton.
  • Scott 3.15 From the Rev Charles Bradley of Royal Parade Cheltenham, 4 Oct 1869, re his son Andrew Cecil Bradley, later Fellow, coming into residence on 15 Oct 1869.
  • Scott 3.16 From Mr Justice Brett, 11 July 1869,re his eldest son Reginald Baliol Brett, who was 17 on 24 June 1869 ,with a testimonial from Arthur C Ainger of Eton.
  • Scott 3.17 From the Rev JH Brierly, Curate of Leeds, of the Priory Leeds, 2ALS of 1867, re his brother Harold Brierly born 2 April 1852, with a testimonial from P Bowden Smith of Rugby, and a letter of 1869 from James Brierly of West Hill Rochdale re his son.
  • Scott 3.18 From Edward Caird, 2ALS of 1868-1869, re John M Brown [John Macmillan Brown Balliol 1869] and a letter from Brown himself, 8 May 1869 .
  • Scott 3.19 From Edmond Warre of Eton (later Head Master of Eton), 15 Nov 1869 re Robert Preston Bruce, ”Elgin’s brother”, who wished to stand for the Scholarship.
  • Scott 3.20 From the Rev W Bryans of Windermere, 8 Feb 1870 withdrawing his son’s name because of poor health.
  • Scott 3.21 From James Colquhoun Campbell, Bishop of Bangor, 2ALS of 1868-1869 re his nephews Colin George Campbell (then at Rugby) and Henry Osborne Campbell (also at Rugby, born 16 Jan 1854), sons of his brother, Mr Campbell of Stonefield near Tarbert Argyllshire, with testimonials from Frederick Temple (ex-Fellow, later Archbishop) and LT Arnold respectively.
  • Scott 3.22 From the Rev A Ramsay Campbell of Aston Rectory Rotherham, 27 July 1868, re his nephew Archibald Spencer Lindsey Campbell son of the late George Ramsay Campbell Esq, H.E.I.C.’s Civil Service, aged 16 on 27th June 1867, a pupil of Mr Westcott at Harrow, with the latter’s testimonial.
  • Scott 3.23 From Captain Thomas Carpenter RN of 4 Holland Road Brighton, 24 June 1869, re his son Edward Stanley Carpenter born 8 Jan 1854, with a testimonial from P Bowden Smith of Rugby.
  • Scott 3.24 From Mrs Frances Carré of the Abbey Grange Sherborne, 19 July 1869, re her son Arthur Augustus Carré, with a testimonial from Hugo Daniel  Harper, Head Master of King’s School Sherborne.
  • Scott 3.25 From GWLP Carter, 2ALS of 1868, seeking to put the names of four sons down for admission: Harry Wyndham Carter born 26 Nov 1854, George William Carter born 3 Nov 1857, Charles Edwin James Carter born 27 Nov 1858, and Henry Ireland Victor Carter born 26 May 1862 (he had another son ,”quite an infant”). Annotated by Scott that he sent a memo to try again later. None of the sons named were ever admitted to Balliol.
  • Scott 3.26 From the Rev Walter Clarke of Derby School 29 Nov 1869, re a pupil called Coates.
  • Scott 3.27 From William Wood, Warden of Radley, 21 Jan 1869, re his pupil Charles Lewis Coote born Würtzburg 12 Jan 1854, son of Charles Thomas Wood MD, guardians his grandmother Mrs Lewis and Miss Livie of 2 Queens Parade Bath.
  • Scott 3.28 From JD Coleridge of 1 Sussex Square, 6 June 1869, re his son hoping for residence in 1870.
  • Scott 3.29 From Henry E Tweed and Charles Evans, testimonials for John  Churton Collins.
  • Scott 3.30 From the Lodging House Delegacy, 26 May 1869, re John Barnabas Cull [alias Barnaby Cull] “Scholaris non Ascriptus”.
  • Scott 3.31 From AC Ainger, re his pupil William Davy, son of CR Davy of Tracy Park Bath: “not a boy of great ability, but in other respects is likely to be a deserving member of his College”.
  • Scott 3.32 From Alfred Barry DD, Principal of The College Cheltenham, 10 Feb 1868, re Arthur V Dobson, and a letter from the latter’s widowed mother MA Dobson of Lansdowne Lodge Cheltenham.
  • Scott 3.33 From Thomas M Crowder, 10 June 1868, enclosing a testimonial from Edmond Warre for Sir Charles E Dodsworth.  
  • Scott 3.34 From Arthur G Watson from Harrow 26 Jan 1869, seeking an 1871 place at Balliol for his pupil Alfred William Dunn, son of Thomas R Dunn Esq of Ryelands Lancaster, who would be 19 on 6 August 1871.
  • Scott 3.35 From Herbert Snow of Eton 15 Nov, no year, testimonial for Arthur A Dunn-Gardner.
  • Scott 3.36 From Edward B Edgell of Bromham Rectory, 2ALS of 1867 and one of 1869, re his son Edward Matthews Rogers Edgell born 17 Jan 1851, with a testimonial from the latter’s Marlborough College housemaster Mr Thompson.
  • Scott 3.37 From George Granville Bradley, Head Master of Marlborough College 9 April 1869, re Edmund Walter Estcourt[ Balliol 1869].
  • Scott 3.38 From AC Ainger, 29 May 1868, re Alfred Farquar.
  • Scott 3.39 From Edmond Warre, 19 Nov 1866, re his pupil James A Farrer and putting in a word for an Etonian called Benson.
  • Scott 3.40 From JM Wilson of Rugby 8 Dec 1867, re Fawcett who had given up hope of Balliol, and also re JM Wilson’s brother at Eton.
  • Scott 3.41 From Lady Winchilsea 28 April 1866, re her son Murray Edward Gordon Finch Hatton born 28 March 1851, with a testimonial from his Eton tutor Mr Johnson, and a letter from her brother the Rev J Morland Rice.
  • Scott 3.42 From the Rev J Taylor of Tunbridge Wells, 14 June 1867, re his pupil AW Fitzroy of Frogmore Park Blackwater.
  • Scott 3.43 From the Rev Dr William Haig Brown of Charterhouse, 21 April 1869, re Miles Douglas Fletcher.
  • Scott 3.44 From the Rt Hon A Brewster of Fort Augustus, 25 April 1868; his grandson Mr AB French or RAB French who has become his ward because Mrs French has died, will not be coming to Balliol but hopefully going into the Army.
  • Scott 3.45 From the Rev L Campbell of 3 St John Street, 7 May 1868, re George Gillespie who is hoping to come up.
  • Scott 3.46 From Thomas William Jex Blake of Rugby 6 Dec 1865, re Goschen and Godley.
  • Scott 3.47 From Arthur G Watson of Harrow 23 May 1868 re Charles Gore, son of the Hon CA Gore.
  • Scott 3.48 From Edward Caird, 11 Nov 1868, re William Gr…by
  • Scott 3.49 From GW Baker of Liverpool, 19 July 1869, re his nephew Charles Haddock.
  • Scott 3.50 From Thomas Entwhistle of Christchurch Hants, 14 Oct and 28 Oct 1869, re his nephew Reginald Gervis Hargreaves, born 13 Oct 1852, only son of Mrs Anna Maria Hargreaves of Cuffnells Lyndhurst Hants, with a testimonial from AC Ainger.
  • Scott 3.51 From William Hart Smith of Cornwall, 30 Oct 1869, re his son Thomas Northmore Hart Smith, born 9 June 1854, with a testimonial from GG Bradley of Marlborough College.
  • Scott 3.52 From Edward White Benson of Wellington College, 2 March 1868, re the twin sons of Colonel Hay.
  • Scott 3.53 From Henry Montagu Butler of Harrow 22 Nov 1867, re Charles Buller and Henry Hoare.
  • Scott 3.54 From GG Ridding of Winchester College 10 Nov 1868, re Hill (who would probably go to New College), and Leach.
  • Scott 3.55 From the Rev F Thackeray of Eton 27Sept and 23 Oct 1869, re Lord Helmsley and Frederick Charles Arkwright born 7 Nov 1853.
  • Scott 3.56 From TW Jex-Blake of Rugby 21 June 1867, re Francis Shuttleworth Holden born 1 April 1852 son of EA Holden, who hopes to enter Balliol in October 1871.
  • Scott 3.57 From Henry Montagu Butler of Harrow, 28 May 1868, re Hood.
  • Scott 3.58 From TW Jex-Blake of Rugby, 30 April 1864, re Henry Hammond Johnston, apparently 15 on 18 Dec 1863, son of Robert Henry Johnston Esq, banker of Grantham, with a testimonial.
  • Scott 3.59 From Sir James Kay Shuttleworth Bt of Barbon Park, 14 Aug and 19 Sept 1869, re his son Stewart Marjoribanks H Kay Shuttleworth, born 8 Nov 1851 and a  testimonial from EW Benson of Wellington College.
  • Scott 3.60 From William Haig Brown of Charterhouse 13 March 1868, re King.
  • Scott 3.61 From GG Ridding of Winchester College 1 Feb, no year, seeking admission of a son of Colonel Laffan (CO Engineers at Aldershot) in 1872.
  • Scott 3.62 From James H Du Boulay, a Winchester housemaster, 9 Nov 1868, re AF Leach entering for the Scholarship Examination.
  • Scott 3.63 From David Williams, Warden of New College 6 Jan 1868, giving permission for Mr Lee to remove from New College and apply to Balliol.
  • Scott 3.64 From Frederick Temple of Rugby 22 Oct 1869, asking for two pupils to be put down for Oct 1871: Nevil Waterman born 13 Jan 1852 son  of Mrs Waterman of  Basset Down House Swindon , and Charles Fox Frederick Adams, son of the late Sir Frederick Adams born 27 Nov 1852. “They will not get Balliol Scholarships but they will get First Classes “.
  • Scott 3.65 From William Wood of Radley 21 May 1869, re John Clarkson Rowlandson Milns son of John Clarkson Milns Esq of The Oaks Radcliffe Nr Manchester born 15 March 1852.
  • Scott 3.66 From Frederick Temple 16 Nov 1868, re his nephew William Moberly.
  • Scott 3.67 From WC Sidgwick of Merton 3 May, no year, re Mr Murray.
  • Scott 3.68 From GR Dupuis of Manor House Eton 20 Jan 1869, re the Hon William Frederick O’Callaghan.
  • Scott 3.69 From Edward C Austen Leigh 21 Feb 1866, re Frederick Pallon.
  • Scott 3.70 From GG Bradley of Marlborough College 10 Dec 1861, re Paravicini [ later Baron Francis de Paravicini, Fellow] and whether he was first or second in the Balliol Scholarship Examination, with acidic comment on Harrow.
  • Scott 3.71 From Thomas Stevens, Warden St Andrews College Bradfield, 25 March 1869, testimonial for Norman Pearson.
  • Scott 3.72 From Charles G Prideaux Brune, 2ALS of 1868 and testimonials, re  his son Edward Shapland Prideaux Brune who was 15 on 14 June 1867 and was at Eton.
  • Scott 3.73 From AM Rendel of 8 George St Westminster 27 Nov 1869, re his son James Meadows Rendel born 31 Jan 1854, with a testimonial from WG Mullins of Marlborough,  reinforced by GG Bradley.
  • Scott 3.74 and 75 Two mostly illegible ALS with a testimonial from Henry Montagu Butler, re August Julius Clemens Herbert Reuter, born 10 March 1852.
  • Scott 3.76 From Arthur C Barrett, formerly of Caius College Cambridge, of 3 Lion Terrace Tunbridge Wells, re (adversely) his pupil Charles Cureton Rhys of 2 Clarence Terrace Tunbridge Wells with a testimonial and 2ALS from Rhys himself. Rhys was nevertheless admitted to Balliol in TT 1870.
  • Scott 3.77 From the Rev Dr Charles Badham of Sydney University, 30 Sept 1867, re a son of WH Richardson, manager of one of the largest banks in Sydney.
  • Scott 3.78 From William Haig Brown of Charterhouse 23 Nov 1867 and 10 Dec 1867, re Richmond and Clark.
  • Scott 3.79 From Gerald Wellesley , Dean of Windsor, 2ALS of Feb 1868 from Nice,re Charles Henry Ridgway born 29 March 1852 son of his American friends Mr John J Ridgeway and Mrs Ridgeway of 5 Rue François Premier. With a testimonial from the Rev DS Govett MA Oxon.
  • Scott 3.80 From H Beaver Roberts of Plas Llandoget, 7 March 1869, re his son.
  • Scott 3.81 From Robert Rodger of Hadlow Castle 4 August 1869, re his son who has just returned from Eton and does not think himself qualified for the Balliol examination.
  • Scott 3.82 From Charles Fursdon  Rogers of Trinity College, 1 June no year (but 1869), re his brother Andrew Trevarthian Rogers born 10 April  1853 son of JJ Rogers of Penrose Helstow Cornwall. With a testimonial from … Benson of Wellington College.
  • Scott 3.83 From John Round of Brighton, 3ALS of 1868, re his son John Horace Round, mentioning his family connection with the College, which he is keen to maintain.
  • Scott 3.84 From Francis Russell of Alston Lodge Maidstone, 2ALS of summer 1867, re his son Alfred Francis Russell born 7 June 1851, with a testimonial from William Haig Brown of Charterhouse.
  • Scott 3.85 From Hastings Russell of Woburn Abbey 13 June 1867, re his son JWFS Russell born 16 April 1852.
  • Scott 3.86 From Frederick Cusins of Nottingham Grammar School 22 Nov 1867, testimonial for John Russell.
  • Scott 3.87 From … Ryder of 7 St James Square Manchester, 14 July, no year, re his nephew SCD Ryder.
  • Scott 3.88 From Thomas Sanctuary of Powerstock Vicarage, 4 Nov 1867, re his son Thomas Sanctuary with testimonials from William Awdry and GG  Riddings of Winchester College .
  • Scott 3.89 From Charles Sandars of Mackworth Derby, 1869, re his son John Satterfield Sandars born 15 Jan 1853, with a testimonial from E Latham MA (formerly of Trinity College Cambridge) of Repton.
  • Scott 3.90 From Lord de Samaurez of 41 Princes Gate, 2ALS of 1868, re his son Arthur de Samaurez who would be 16 on 21 July 1868, with  a testimonial from Edmond Warre.
  • Scott 3.91 From the Rev James Senior, 2ALS of 1869, re his son James Hubert Senior born 20 April 1853, with a testimonial from AE Thompson of Marlborough College.
  • Scott 3.92 From Frederick Temple Rugby 29 June 1867, re Walter Shirley born 17 Oct 1857, son of WE Shirley Doncaster, and John M Stirling born 12 March 1857 son of Mrs Maria Stirling of 9 Eaton Place.
  • Scott 3.93 From DL Shirres of 240 Union St Aberdeen 6 Nov 1869, re his son Logan Shirres born 4 March 1852 with an 1868 testimonial from the Rev W Croft.
  • Scott 3.94 From Eric Carrington Smith 6 Oct 1868, re his son Lindsay Eric Smith born 10 Jan 1852 and two testimonials from Russell Day MA of Eton.
  • Scott 3.95 From Henry Abel Smith of Welford House Nottingham, 7 Feb 1868, re his son Samuel Henry Smith born 15 Jan 1853, with testimonials from RS Tabor of Cheam School and James Leigh Joynes of Eton.
  • Scott 3.96 From Thomas Maitland Snow of Exeter, 12 Nov 1867 and 2ALS of Dec 1869, re his sons Thomas Snow and Philip Chichely Hyde Snow ( born 17 Oct 1853, at Haileybury in 1869) with testimonials for the former from James Du Boulay of Winchester and for the latter by Edward Henry  Bradby of Haileybury.
  • Scott 3.97 From Elizabeth Somers widow of Thomas Somers Barrister  of Mendip Lodge Somerset, nd, re Benjamin Edward Somers born 20 Nov 1851 and  testimonial from Cecil F Holmes MA of Harrow.
  • Scott 3.98 From George Henry Somerset writing from France 8 May no  year, re his son Fitzroy John Henry Somerset  with a 1868 testimonial from AE Thompson of Marlborough College.
  • Scott 3.99 From John Spencer from the Vicarage Eastwood Essex 12 April 1869, re his son Walter Edmund Spencer born 23 June 1851.
  • Scott 3.100 From Lt Colonel J Stokes RE, HM Commissioner on the Danube Galatz, 15 Feb 1869 and 23 March 1869, re his son Arthur Stokes (a nephew of Edward Stokes of Christ Church born 9 April 1853 with a testimonial from the Rev J Kempthorne of Blackheath Proprietary School.
  • Scott 3.101 From Lord Strafford (George Byng, 2nd Earl of the 3rd creation), of Wrotham Park 10 Oct 1869, re his son Alfred who has been appointed to the 7th Hussars, so his name is withdrawn.
  • Scott 3.102 From TW Jex Blake of Rugby 14 Feb 1866, re Charles Beilby Stuart Wortley with an 1869 testimonial from Frederick Temple.
  • Scott 3.103 From George Sweet barrister 29 April and 7 July 1869, re his son Henry Sweet born 15 Sept 1845 who had been educated at Kings College School and Heidelberg and then spent three years in a merchant’s office before deciding on an academic career.With a testimonial from GF Maclean DD, Headmaster of Kings College School.
  • Scott 3.104 From the Rev Thomas Todd of Newlin Rectory 28 Feb 1868, re his younger son John Dand Todd born 19 Sept 1852 (mentioning his elder son) with   a testimonial for Todd “Jnr” from GG Ridding of Winchester.
  • Scott 3.105 From CF Trower, himself a Balliol man known well to Scott ,26 Dec 1868 and 25 Jan 1869, re his son Harold then at Harrow aged 15 with a testimonial from BF Westcott of Harrow.
  • Scott 3.106 From John Tyas of Belle Vue Barnsley , 2ALS nd, re his son( not named ) and an 1867 testimonial from Brooke Foss Westcott. 
  • Scott 3.107 From Charles Tennant 29 Jan 1868 and 15 July 1869, re his son Charles CoombeTennant born 30 July 1852 . A testimonial from Mr Bibby BA of TCD was enclosed but is no longer present.Tennant was at Harrow briefly.
  • Scott 3.108 From the Rev WilliamTylden, 24 Nov 1869 , re his son who was  at Rugby.
  • Scott 3.109 From the Rev Thackeray 18 Aug 186, re his pupil George Harold Urmson of Boughton Lodge Chester.
  • Scott 3.110 From the Rev James Vaughan 6 July 1863, re his son Arthur Powys Vaughan born 1 Nov 1848 with a testimonial from HBW Churton.
  • Scott 3.111 From Oscar Browning of Eton 23 March 1867, re Edward L Vaughan and again 15 Nov 1869 when he was a candidate for a Balliol Scholarship.
  • Scott 3.112 From SW Wayte of Trinity College 7 May 1862, certifing that Charles Erskine Vertue had been a resident member of Trinity 1861-1862.
  • Scott 3.113 From W Wayte of Eton, testimonial for Francis John Chesshyre Walker 2 Dec 1866.
  • Scott 3.114 Correspondence re William Warner (son of W Warner Esq of Wolverhampton) born 3 Aug 1851, and William Allison (ward of Rev T Walker Sleights Whitby) born 30 April 1851.
  • Scott 3.115 From Mrs Webbe of 65 Portland Place 8 July 1869, re her son enclosing a testimonial from Dr Butler, now missing.
  • Scott 3.116 From Mrs JA Wedderburn of 2 Montpellier Villas Brighton 1 Dec 1869, re her son Alexander Dundas Ogilvy Wedderburn born 7 Aug 1854, with a testimonial from EH Bradby of Haileybury.
  • Scott 3.117 From Herbert Snow of Eton 14 Oct no year, re his pupil Algernon Whitmore.
  • Scott 3.118 From the Rev Edmund D Wickham of the Holmwood Parsonage Dorking 25 Jan 1869 and 29 Feb 1868, re his son Reginald Whalley Wickham born 29 Jan 1851 with an adverse testimonial from GG Bradley of Marlborough College.
  • Scott 3.119 From David R Williamson of Lawers House, Crieff, Perthshire 16 Aug 1869, re his son Charles David R Williamson born 2 Oct 1853, with a testimonial from William Johnson of Eton.
  • Scott 3.120 From Robert Williamson of Sunny Bank Ripon 22 Jan 1869 and 1 Feb 1869, re his son Robert Isherwood Williamson born 8 Feb 1852, with a testimonial from LT Arnold of Rugby and a separate testimonial from the same for Thomas Williamson, second son.
  • Scott 3.121 From James M Wilson of Rugby 23 Oct 1867, re his brother Charles H Wilson born April 1851 (who was at Eton) and Colin Aulay Macaulay born March 1851 (who was in Wilson’s house at Rugby).
  • Scott 3.122 From H Lee Warner of Rugby nd, re Edward Yates aged 16 on 15 Feb 1869, son of Mrs Yates of Rugby.
  • Scott 3.123 From John Young MA Dunelm 25 March 1869.Young was a mature student applicant born 2 Sept 1842: see the Balliol Register. With a detailed letter of support from the Rev RF Clarke of St Johns College Oxford (written from Lowestoft).
  • Scott 3.124 From GG Ridding 20 March no year, re an unidentified candidate.
  • Scott 3.125 From LF Burrows nd, re an unidentified candidate who had failed entry to Balliol and having had a useful lesson would now try at Trinity. 

Scott 4. Balliol Business Correspondence ALS to Scott 1854-1870. 63 items

  • Scott 4.01 From James Banks, Head Master of Ludlow School, 11 Nov 1854 and 11 Oct 1856, re the Greaves Exhibition.
  • Scott 4.02 From Ralph B… , nd answered by Scott 1853, re Paul Bush and  a legal transaction, possibly re tithes.
  • Scott 4.03 From William Bell Esq of The Poplars Farnham Royal Bucks 11 Dec 1869, re his ward CS Lock.
  • Scott 4.04 From Mr Bockett of Lincoln’s Inn Fields, re the Finch legacies.
  • Scott 4.05 From RHM Bosanquet (Balliol 1859, BA 1862) 31 March no year, re joining Christ Church.
  • Scott 4.06 From J Bryce on Schools Inquiry Commission headed paper 4 Feb no year, re Ludlow School.
  • Scott 4.07-08 From Calthrop White & Buckston, 2ALS 1864, re sealing deeds re North Gosforth and Killingworth.
  • Scott 4.09 On behalf of The Rt Hon Edward Cardwell of the War Office 9 April 1869, re Sgt Richard, just appointed Porter who would be discharged immediately.
  • Scott 4.10 Testimonial from the Provost of Worcester 9 Nov 1869 for Thomas Kelly Cheyne, elected Fellow 1868; and a note 23 Nov no year from Cheyne himself declining the living of South Luffenham.
  • Scott 4.11 From the Rev John E Chuse of Presteign Rectory 10 Feb 1864, re the Greaves Exhibition.
  • Scott 4.12 From the Rev GF Clarke of Ufton 6ALS, re Ufton School with an Inspector’s Report from Mr Pilkington, 4 Dec 1863.
  • Scott 4.13 From VSS Coles 12 July no year resigning his Exhibition.
  • Scott 4.14 From BM Cowie,Vicar of St Lawrence Jewry 24 April 1860, re payments he thinks he should have had from Balliol.
  • Scott 4.15 From Francis Curtis of All Saints Colchester 20 May 1868, re the living of Holy Trinity Colchester, in support of Mr Farman.
  • Scott 4.16 From WE Dando 7 Jan 1867 enquiring after family rights in Balliol said to have been awarded by Henry VIII, with Scott’s dismissal.
  • Scott 4.17 From William Fishburn Donkin 10 Oct 1855 a detailed letter following the Savillian Chair of Astronomy, which he held, being augmented.
  • Scott 4.18-19 From the Delegacy of Lodgings, 2ALS of 1869, re Lord F Hervey, Mr Primrose, and Mr Young.
  • Scott 4.20-21 Robert Grosvenor, 1st Lord Ebury, 17 March 1869, re his son’s rustication for idleness and Scott’s draft response (incidentally setting out academic disciplinary  procedure); and 31 March  1869 saying he had decided his son, the Hon Richard Cecil Grosvenor, was a hopeless case and would not be coming back.
  • Scott 4.22 From the Rev Edward Elton 14 Dec 1860; re his financial problems and wanting to get back on the College books.
    William Emery, Archdeacon of Ely, asking for a contribution to cost re Richard Bole’s memorial brass in Wilburton Church, and his acknowledgement of the College’s £5, 1869.
  • Scott 4.23 From the President of Magdalen 1862 and 1868 re testimonials.
  • Scott 4.24 From Jonathan Rashleigh 17 Aug 1869, re a rumour he had heard that the College was thinking of disposing of some plate and offering to buy the piece presented by his ancestor; annotated by Scott “answd. never heard of the intention”.
  • Scott 4.25-27 From the Rev John Rigaud Fellow of Magdalen, 3ALS of 1868, re a proposed Convalescent Home.
  • Scott 4.28 From Bishops of Rochester: 29 Sept  1854, signing G Rochester (George Murray), and April 9 no year signing TL Rochester (Thomas Legh Claughton Bishop of Rochester 1866-1877), re the Warner Exhibition.
  • Scott 4.29 From WH Rooper 7 Aug 1868 re Hannah Brackenbury’s agreement for the Brackenbury Buildings; and the Brackenbury arms to appear on them.
  • Scott 4.30 From Mrs Smith of Gold Street  Tiverton 27 Aug 1855, re her son Clement Smith who was in danger of being deprived of his Blundell Scholarship.
  • Scott 4.31 From the Rev WC Sparrow of Ludlow Grammar School, 30 Nov 1869, re the Greaves Exhibition. 
  • Scott 4.32-34 From Edward Lyulph Stanley, Fellow, 3 ALS 1867-1869, re College and personal affairs.
  • Scott 4.35-37 From the Rev Arthur Fanshawe Stopford, Fellow of All Souls, 3ALS 1858-1860, re the East Window in Balliol Chapel. 
  • Scott 4.38 From E Swaine Esq of 1 The Crescent York, re his orphaned grandson then at Rugby enquiring about Founders Kin privileges at Balliol. Annotated by Scott “Answd. No”
  • Scott 4.39-40 From Thomas Tame, Churchwarden St Mary Magdalen Oxford , 5 Dec 1857, re the Churchyard fence, and Scott’s draft  reply.
  • Scott 4.41-43 From GE T… , a   Proctor, writing from Wadham College,  3ALS, no years .
  • Scott 4.44-45 From C Tripp of Silverton Rectory Collumpton Devon 6 Nov 1863 and 30 Nov 1863, re Huntspill advowson deeds.
  • Scott 4.46 From Charles Vaughan of Harrow 11 April 1856, angry at rejection of Harrow candidates and threatening to send no more.
  • Scott 4.47 From SW Wayte of Trinity 9 Nov 1861, re Oxford University Commission issues.
  • Scott 4.48-55 From DH Weir, 8ALS 1963-1869, re Snell Foundation issues.
  • Scott 4.56-57 From Felicia MF Skene (daughter of Sir Walter Trevelyan) of 13 New Inn Hall St, Friday otherwise nd, re John Wilson a servant , and a testimonial re the same from Lady Burgoyne of 5 South Eaton Place 13 March, no year.
  • Scott 4.58-61 From John Wilson, President of Trinity, 4ALS of 1854-1859, re construction of Balliol Chapel.
  • Scott 4.62 From Charles JF Yule, resigning his Scholarship 8 Jan 1869.
  • Scott 4.63 From W……, Chairman of the Committee of the Rifle Volunteers 6 Feb 1860 re use of Balliol stables by the Rifle Volunteers.

Scott 5. Miscellaneous papers 1859-1871. 7 items.

  • Scott 5.01 Regulations for Chapel attendance at New College,nd.
  • Scott 5.02 Questions from the Tithe Commission and Scott’s answers, 24 Nov 1859.
  • Scott 5.03 Questions from the Public Schools Commission and Scott’s answers, 2 Nov 1861 and 31 March 1863.
  • Scott 5.04 Questions from the Ecclesiastical Commission, 7 Oct 1865, re the Rev JS Blair and Killingworth District.
  • Scott 5.05 Receipts from Evelyn Abbot, laterFellow, for Jenkyns Exhibitions payments 1866-1870.
  • Scott 5.06 Consols sale notes from Childs and Co, 1868-1869.
  • Scott 5.07 Printed circular, 30 Sept 1871, to whom addressed not stated, ”Private and Confidential “ from GG Bradley and EC Wickham, on behalf of an Oxford Committee set up to ascertain the views of Schoolmasters on proposals by a Committee of Headmasters that the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge should periodically examine their schools.

Scott 6. Original ALS by Scott 1852 and 1863. 2 items.

  • Scott 6.01 To Paul Bush from “S.L.”, 21 April 1852 re South Luffenham and Duloe affairs. Presented by the Rector of South Luffenham 1964.
  • Scott 6.02 To Edward Thring of Uppingham, 30 Nov 1863, re Richard Lewis Nettleship, later Fellow.

Scott 7. Preliminary Notes

Notes by Quinn and the undersigned, old wrappers,  and a large number of used Library loan slips, mostly of around  1948 but unsorted , which Quinn used as markers to assist him in sorting the letters in Scott 3 and Scott 4 above.

== end of list ==

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