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Contents of Balliol MS 371

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371. Armenian. 'Armenian Songs' (wth a few in Turkish), a list of 84 titles is inserted in the MS. (C18, first half) [condition: poor]

Contents of MS 371, taken from list, inserted in ms. Checks/corrections, first lines etc required.

Translation of notes on front page (?by 'WG Ceste Esq') : 'Tzerakuin of Andrinople, the pilgrim of holy sepulcre. I bought it for 30 paras. In the era 1168 (1730 of AD).' The translator also notes, 'Arabe date 1134.'

  • item 1 (f Dr Minass' song on love.
  • item 2 The first judgement of Salomon - not in metre
  • item 3 The Lord speaking to Moses - not in metre
  • item 4 Religious song (Elegy)
  • item 5 Song on beautiful persons
  • item 6 On a ship coming over the waves
  • item 7 On the Holy Virgin
  • item 8 (Love song) made each verses with a letter of the name of the singer: Gha - ch - a - d -/ou - r.
  • item 9 On a garden (love song)
  • item 10 On the soul, by D'Naghash (Painter)
  • item 11 On the apparition of the holy Cross (holy day)
  • item 12 On the 'Finding the Cross' (a holy day) [i.e. feast of the Invention of the True Cross]
  • item 13 On the holy virgin
  • item 14 On the annunciation (holy day)
  • item 15 (same subject)
  • item 16 On Christmas festivality
  • item 17 (same subject)
  • item 18 On the Easter day
  • item 19 (same subject)
  • item 20 (same subject)
  • item 21 (same subject)
  • item 22 (same subject)
  • item 23 (same subject)
  • item 24 On the holy Rhiphsime and her compagnons (virgin martyr)
  • item 25 On St Stephanos (Steven)
  • item 26 On the apostles and the prophets
  • item 27 On purification day (candeloro, a holy day)
  • item 28 (same subject)
  • item 29 On the holy virgin
  • item 30 Hymn for the end of the mass
  • item 31 on St John Baptist
  • item 32 On the holy virgin
  • item 33 Love song by Toolgooranensis
  • item 34 love song
  • item 35 love song (in turqish language)
  • item 36 Song by Grigory Pontife of Aghmatar (lac of Van)
  • item 37 Song by John, on the incarnation of Christ
  • item 38 Song by the priest Yakob (James) on the holy town of Jerusalem
  • item 39 On Easter Day
  • item 40 Song of laud for the holy Jerusalem (Turqish)
  • item 41 On the rose and nightingale
  • item 42 Song of merriment
  • item 43 The beautiful song (Religious and armeno-turqish)
  • item 44 On the crane (the bird)
  • item 45 Treasure song on the distant abroad stranger
  • item 46 Song of the agitated on the sea
  • item 47 Song of anxiety for a friend
  • item 48 The pitiful song by Zacharie
  • item 49 Love song
  • item 50 The merriment song
  • item 51 Song on St Minas, the military man
  • item 52 Song of compunction (armeno-turqish) by the Dr Kaloust Gaitzag (the thunder)
  • item 53 On the holy virgin (in turqish)
  • item 54 (same subject) (turqish)
  • item 55 On the transfiguration day
  • item 56 On the ascension of the holy Virgin
  • item 57 (same subject)
  • item 58 on the holy Virgin
  • item 59 On Christmas festivality
  • item 60 On the day of Epiphany
  • item 61 (same subject)
  • item 62 On the purification day (candeloro)
  • item 63 Song on the Sunday of Palms (of trees)
  • item 64 On the resurrection (Easter Day)
  • item 65 (same subjeect)
  • item 66 (same subject)
  • item 67 On the first Sunday next to [after] Easter day
  • item 68 On the Ascension of Christ
  • item 69 On the Pentecost
  • item 70 On the holy Virgin
  • item 71 On the exaltation of the cross (a holy day)
  • item 72 On St John Baptist
  • item 73 On the same
  • item 74 On St Sarkis (Sergius) the soldier
  • item 75 On St Gregory the Illuminator (of Armenia)
  • item 76 On the Oskians (martyr priests)
  • item 77 On the Peter and Paul (the apostles)
  • item 78 On St James the apostle
  • item 79 On the holy martyrs
  • item 80 On the holy Fathers
  • item 81 On the holy hermits
  • item 82 On holy virgins
  • item 83 On the arrival of the son of God for the judgement
  • item 84 On the last judgement (armenro-turqish) by Sarkiss. - End-

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