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AL Smith Collection - Catalogue 3.A.1

AL Smith 3. Balliol and the University

The "Balliol" material originally formed Group III of the "E.L. Morgan" list, but when this catalogue was compiled, more material relating to AS's work in the administration of both the college and the university had come to light. As the new material did not concern AS's teaching or academic work, it was decided to place it in Group III with the Balliol material.

AL Smith 3A. Balliol

AL Smith 3A.1. College Adminstrative Material from AS's Mastership.

Items 3 A1/1-7 are from the original "Balliol" box (a storage box, not one of AS's original file boxes) which formed Group III of the "E.L. Morgan" list. In September 1979 the papers were examined by Dr. John Jones, Dean and Archivist, who followed the order in which he found the papers. This order is followed here, but this listing is in greater detail. Dr. Jones also noted that many items have blue or green pencil numbers, suggesting a systematic order which had been broken by the time he examined the papers. Items III A1/8-9 were added to this section when this catalogue was compiled.

AL Smith 3A.1.1. Material relating to AS's election to the Mastership, April 1916.

AL Smith 3A.1.1.1. AMS text of the College Minute of the meeting of 29 April 1916 electing AS as Master. 1L.
AL Smith 3A.1.1.2. AMS notes on the agenda for the meeting of 29 April 1916. 1L.
AL Smith 3A.1.1.3. AMS notes for AS's address accepting the Mastership. 1L.
AL Smith 3A.1.1.4. TS obituary note for Strachan-Davidson. 1L.
AL Smith 3A.1.1.5. TLS from H.W.C. Davis. 22 April 1916. 1L. Glad that AS accepts the Fellows' wish that he should be Master.
AL Smith 3A.1.1.6. ALS from A.W. Lockhart. 3 May 1916. 1L. Sorry that AS could not attend a dinner of his old school society. Pleased that he has been elected Master.
AL Smith 3A.1.1.7.TLS from George L. Fox of The University School, New Haven, Conn. 15 May 1916. 1L. Congratulates AS. News of his American friends.
AL Smith 3A.1.1.8.TLS from Nicholas Murray Butler. 16 May 1916. 1L. Congratulates AS.

[Items 3A1/1 ix-xiii were found in a temporary storage box in the grilles, with a note saying that in February 1991 they had been removed from the annex filing cabinet. From their content it is almost certain that they were part of the original collection, and kept with the above material, so when this catalogue was compiled they were placed with the other material concerning Smith's accession to the Mastership.]

AL Smith 3A.1.1.09.ALS from Cyril Bailey. 2 April 1916. 1L. Hopes AS will accept the Mastership. He may take a post at Marlborough.
x.ALS from E.T. Cook. 4 April 1916. 1L. Congratulates AS.
xi.ALS from John Gordon Jameson. 5 April 1916. 3L. Congratulates AS. Thoughts on the college etc.
xii.ALS from T.A. Brassey. 6 April 1916. 1L. Hopes the Mastership will be settled sensibly.
xiii.ALS from Henry H. Gibbon. 12 April 1916. 1L. Congratulates AS.

2. Various lists of students.

i.TS list of names and addresses of Rhodes Scholars who had been at Balliol. 2L, annotated.
With note from F.J. Wylie sending the list to AS. 3 Oct. 1922. 1L.
ii.12 TS copies of the above. All dated 11 Oct. 1922. All 2L.
iii.TS list of old Balliol members who have not been contacted about the War Memorial Fund. 7L.
With TS note from Edward Hilliard. 23 Jan. 1923. 1L.

3. Balliol addresses, reviews by AS.

i.Annotated TS script for a memorial sermon for James Leigh Strachan-Davidson. 1916. 13L (first leaf is missing).
ii.Loose AMS notes and drafts for the above. 19L.
iii.TS script of "Why will ye die?", an address on civilisation, the War etc, given in the Chapel 26 Jan. 1919. 21L.
iv.Altered copy of the above marked "used at Lady Margaret Hall 29.2.20." 21L.
v.AMS notes and drafts for the above. 9L.
vi.Notepad with AMS notes for a review of Jones and Muirhead's Life of Edward Caird. 1921. 5L.
vii.AMS notes for AS's speech at the unveiling of Balliol's War Memorial. Nov. 1922. 8L.
With bill from the William Hunt typing office. 10 Nov. 1922. 1L.

4. TLS from M.R. Ridley. 17 Oct. 1923. 4L [incomplete?].

About the building of houses in Mansfield Road. The view that they are being built for Ridley and J. Macmurray. Problems of planning and building.

5. Correspondence with and about C.W. Macfarlane and the possibility of a benefaction from him.

i.TS copy of Stephen Langdon of the Philadelphia University Museum to Dr. Strong, Vice-Chancellor. 29 Nov. 1916. 2L. Macfarlane wishes to leave £60,000 for professorships in Economics, History and Philosophy for one college. Langdon is prepared to try and secure the money for Oxford.
ii.TS copy of Macfarlane to Francis Rawle of Harvard. 13 Dec. 1916. 2L. (Sent by Langdon to Strong). His ideas for the uses of his money.
iii.TS copy of Herbert Warren of Magdalen to Strong. 16 Dec. 1916. 1L. Macfarlane's conditions are impossible. Danger of his idea about "propaganda."
iv.TS copy of Strong to Macfarlane. 23 Dec. 1916. 2L. Problems of Macfarlane's ideas due to Oxford's constitution. Problems of professors attached to colleges.
v.ALS from Langdon to AS. 3 Jan. 1917. 3L. With envelope. Macfarlane now proposes to give his money direct to a college - he wishes to give it to Balliol. Langdon wishes it to go to Jesus, his old college.
vi.TS copy of Langdon to Strong. 14 Jan. 1917. 1L. Should Macfarlane's money go to Jesus or Balliol -Strong's advice will probably settle the matter.
vii.TS copy of Macfarlane to Strong. 19 Jan. 1917. 1L. Realises he may have to alter his conditions. He wishes to combat the drift to the "inductive side" of education.
viii.TL copy of AS to Langdon. 20 Jan. 1917. 1L. Can he pass on a letter to Macfarlane?
ix.TL copy of AS to Macfarlane. 20 Jan. 1917. 1L. Balliol is discussing Macfarlane's scheme.
x.ALS from Edward Hilliard to AS. 22 Jan. 1917. 3L. Balliol should not accept the money - it risks losing its "distinctive features" because of the conditions. The money should go to Jesus. Concern over George Whitaker.
xi.ALS from Hilliard to AS. 24 Jan. 1917. 2L. Problems of administering Macfarlane's scheme. Balliol can raise money from its old members if it needs it.
xii.TL copy of AS to Hilliard. 26 Jan. 1917. 1L. More discussion is needed. They will need very good reasons if they reject the offer.
xiii.ALS from Hilliard to Cyril Bailey. 27 Jan. 1917. 3L. With envelope. Problems of the benefaction. Macfarlane's scheme is not suitable for Balliol.
xiv.Incomplete ALS from Hilliard [?] to AS. 27 Jan. 1917. 1L. His discussion of the scheme with Dr. Hazell of Jesus - he knew more of it than anyone at Balliol.
xv.ALS from J.A. Smith to AS. n.d. [early 1917]. 2L. With envelope. The scheme is very promising - he is sure the problems can be overcome. Shock at some of the attitudes to the scheme. Could Bosanquet or Lord Haldane help?
xvi.ALS from Macfarlane to AS. 18 Feb. 1917. 1L. Hopes they can come to an understanding.
xvii.TLS from Alfred Biddle [Macfarlane's solicitor?] to AS. 17 March 1917. 2L. With TS copy and envelope. Macfarlane's background. Details of the scheme. Jesus have "irritated" him, but he is impressed with AS and Balliol.
xviii.Telegram from Biddle to AS. 19 March 1917. 2L. Details of the scheme. Suggests negotiations through Tom Spring-Rice.
xix.ALS from Biddle to AS. 30 March 1917. 1L. Macfarlane is not impressed with the Vice-Chancellor, and is thinking of giving everything to Balliol.
xx.ALS from Biddle to AS. 3 April 1917. 1L. With envelope. Balliol need to encourage Macfarlane, who is a "braggart." He has trouble understanding the Oxford system.
xxi.ALS from J.A. Smith to AS. 9 April 1917. 1L. Returns Biddle's letter of 17 March and a pamphlet by Macfarlane. They should negotiate over the terms.
With pamphlet of reations to Macfarlane's book Value and Distribution (7p), printed text of reactions from French publishers (1L).
xxii.ALS from Vivian Bulkeley-Johnson to AS. 2 May [1917]. 1L. Has met Macfarlane - impressions of him. Balliol should act fast. Tom Spring-Rice will mediate.
xxiii.ALS from J.A. Smith to AS. 7 June 1917. 1L. Returns the above. Still thinks the scheme holds promise. They should use Tom Spring-Rice.
xxiv.ALS from Strong to AS. 15 July 1917. 1L. Is leaving office. Passes on a letter from Langdon about Macfarlane. Does AS wish to carry on the correspondence?
xxv.ALS from Langdon to AS. 15 Oct. [1917]. 1L. Has returned from America. Will discuss Macfarlane.
xxvi.ALS from Langdon to AS. "Thursday" [18 Oct. 1917]. 1L. Does not wish to get too involved with the Macfarlane benefaction.
xxvii.TS transcript of telegram from AS to Macfarlane. 25 Oct. 1917. 1L. Has seen Langdon and is writing.

6. Miscellaneous college documents, 1911-1923 (but mainly 1922-1923).

i.ALS from D.G. Hogarth. 14 Jan. 1911. 1L. Will AS be a trustee for the purchase of 65 St. Giles?
ii.Various notes from a College Meeting. 3 June 1916. 6L.
iii.AMS extract by G.B. Whitaker from the College Minutes about proposed grants. 29 May 1919. 1L.
iv.ALS from William Bell. 12 Jan. 1920. 2L. Thoughts on politics, the new education reforms etc.
v.Papers on a donation from D.B. Wilson. May-June 1921. ALS (1L) and AMS notes (1L) from Wilson outlining the details of the gift, 2 ALS from E.H. Pelham, TS notes on the details of the gift (2L). With envelope.
vi.4 ALS from R.B. Merriman of Cambridge, Mass. 15 Feb.-13 April 1922. About various American students who wish to attend Oxford. The increasing popularity of applications to Britain.
vii.TLS from Raymond Knox of Columbia University. 17 Feb. 1922. 1L. About an American student, Franklin Brodil, who wishes to attend Oxford.
With ALS from F.J. Wylie of the Rhodes Trust. 2 March 1922. 1L. With envelope. About Brodil's case.
viii.2 ALS from Bernard Hanson a US student, to the University Registrar. 28 Feb. and 3 March 1922. On entering Oxford and Balliol. With High School Certificate, ALS from C. Leuderdorf of the University Registry passing Hanson's letters to AS.
ix.ALS from George S. Whitehead. 13 March 1922. 7L. With envelope. Thoughts on the improving Anglo-American friendship.
x.AMS note from Cyril Bailey about R.K. Kane, an American student. 20 March 1922. 1L.
xi.TL from G. Bell, publishers, to Mrs. Smith. 26 April 1922. 1L. About a dictionary sent for AS.
xii.ALS from J.M. Harlan. 29 April 1922. 1L. Four Princeton men have been admitted to Cambridge and have withdrawn their applications.
xiii.TS circular from the University Registry about American Universities. May 1922. 1L.
xiv.Printed Harvard University English History paper. "Mid-Year" 1922. 1L.
xv.ALS from Laura Moscardi. 12 June 1922. 3L. Her husband, A.F.G. Moscardi, a Balliol friend of AS, has died. His time in India.
xvi.AMS note by Cyril Bailey on a now missing report/memo. 24 June 1922. 1L.
xvii.Minutes of a meeting of a Trustees Committee. 30 June 1922. 2L.
xviii. TLS from Viscount Peel. 4 July 1922. 1L. Thanks AS for his statement on ICS recruitment.
xix.TS list of college committees and their members. 8 July 1922. 1L.
xx.AMS draft of a letter by AS on undergraduates who have failed Schools. 9 July 1922. 1L.
xxi.TLS from Arthur Steel-Maitland. 19 July. 1922. 1L. AS has been elected an Honorary Governor of the London School of Economics and Political Science.
With TS list of Honorary Governors (1L), AMS note from Cyril Bailey (1L).
xxii.ALS from Cyril Bailey. 20 July 1922. 1L. About a meeting of the War Memorial Committee.
With AMS notes on the meeting. 1L.
xxiii.ALS from Jeanette Tawney (wife of R.H. Tawney). 16 Oct. 1922. 1L. News of her husband's recovery.
xxiv.TS notes on chapel monuments. Late 1922 [?]. 1L. With envelope.
xxv.Annotated TS memo of the recommendations of the College Committee on War Memorial Studentships. c. early 1923. 1L.
xxvi.TS memo by Edward Hilliard on property on Broad Street. 7L. With TLS from Hilliard enclosing the memo. 20 March 1923. 1L.
xxvii."Report on the Sale and proposed Sale of agricultural properties left by various Benefactors to Balliol College." TS report by Edward Hilliard. Nov. 1921. 12L.
With enclosing TLS. 20 March 1923. 1L.
xxviii.2 TS memos on the College's Internal Reserve Fund. 1 by Edward Hilliard (22 June 1923, 2L), 1 by "T.R.M." (n.d., 3L). With envelope.
xxix.ALS from Edward Hilliard. 24 June 1923. 1L. With envelope. Arrangements for his leave of absence.
With 2 TS lists of law undergraduates, AMS note from a college meeting.
xxx.TS report on 1922 finances by the College Budget Committee. 24 April 1923. 6L.
xxxi.Material on Caution Money. May 1923. 2L of AMS notes [by AS and Cyril Bailey?], TS draft of a letter from Col. W.H. Salmon, Domestic Bursar, to an undergraduate about Caution Money (1 May 1923, 1L), printed set of Rules of the College (July 1922, 1L).
xxxii.TS memo by Edward Hilliard about lands at Stamfordham and Benton. 6 Oct. 1923. 1L.
xxxiii.TS copies of correspondence about the Jowett Copyright Fund March-April 1923. 7L.
With TL from Edward Hilliard. 6 Oct. 1923. 1L. Sending the papers to AS. Notes on republishing some of Jowett's works.
xxxiv.ALS from Henry Gibbon. 26 March ?. 1L. He is with his sister. He hopes to sell her house.
xxxv.Visitor's card for Bernadotte E. Schmitt of Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.

7. Records of gifts to the College from old members, 1910-1923.

i.TS list of gifts donated in each year. 15 small leaves.
ii.ALS from Edward Hilliard. 5 Oct. 1923. 2L. An article on benefactions should be written for the Parish Magazine.

[Note that III A1/8 and 9 below did not appear on Dr. Jones' listing.]

8. Material about War Memorial Fund Grants, 1923. [This material was donated separately and kept among miscellaneous gifts to the Library until this catalogue was compiled.]

i.TL copy of AS to E.H. Pelham. 30 May 1923. 1L. The use of the grants for Major Duke and D.C. MacGregor.
ii.TL copy of addendum to the above. 31 May 1923. 1L. AS has received suggestions for the grants from Edward Hilliard.
iii.AMS drafts for the above 2 items. 2L.
iv.ALS from E.H. Pelham to AS. 9 June 1923. 1L. Allocation of grants decided at a meeting of the Trustees.
v.TS note on the College applying to the Trustees for War Memorial Studentships. 29 June 1923. 1L.
vi.AMS draft of the above.

9. College correspondence 1923. [Note that this is not on Dr. Jones' listing. Its provenance is unknown.]

i.AMS note from K.N. Bell. n.d. 1L. Will be late for a Tutors' Meeting-he is with the Torpids rowing crew.
ii.ALS from Lily Collier. n.d. 1L. Thanks AS and the Fellows for their condolences on the death of her husband.
iii.ALS from Francis Pember. "Thursday." About a recent death.
iv.ALS from D.O. Malcolm. 10 Feb. 1923. 1L. Thanks AS and the Fellows for their condolences on the death of her father.
v.ALS from W.D. Ross of Oriel. 20 Feb. 1923. 1L. Thanks AS for his congratulations - he learnt much from the teaching of Edward Caird and J.A. Smith at Balliol.
vi.ALS from ? [illegible, possibly Lord Curzon?]. 27 Feb 1923. 1L. Thanks AS for a letter.
vii.ALS from H.H. Joachim. 11 March 1923. 1L. He will act as Balliol representative in the T.H. Green Prize exams.
viii.ALS from F.W. Green of Merton College. 22 March 1923. 1L. Offences by two undergraduates.
ix.AMS copy of AS to D.M. Sandral. 26 March 1923. 1L. Thanks him for help with lectures.
x.ALS from A. Blyth. 15 May 1923. 1L. News of his cousin, his sisters.
xi.ALS from H. O'B. Boas. 16 May ?. 1L. The donation of Mr. Ormond's books to the Library.
xii.Printed letter from L.R. Farnell, Vice-Chancellor. 26 May 1923. 1L. Enclosing a questionnaire from the Government Grants Committee. With completed questionnaire. 1L.
xiii.ALS from Edward Hilliard. 11 June 1923. 1L. Applications for grants.
xiv.ALS from A.K. Overend to F.F. Urquhart. 26 June 1923. 1L. Cannot visit Urquhart when he is in Oxford. Thoughts on his new home in Ireland.
xv.ALS from L.K. Hindmarsh to Harold Hartley. 1 July 1923. 1L. Thanks for a Gaudy.
xvi.ALS from E. Dugdale. 2 July 1923. 1L. Thanks for a Gaudy.
xvii.ALS from C.W. Tomkinson. 2 July 1923. 1L. Thanks for a Gaudy.
xviii.ALS from K.R. Swan. 4 July 1923. 1L. Thanks for a Gaudy.
xix.ALS from N.S. Lewis. 9 July 1923. 1L. Thanks for a Gaudy.

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