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AL Smith Collection - Catalogue III.A.2

III. Balliol and the University.

The "Balliol" material originally formed Group III of the "E.L. Morgan" list, but when this catalogue was compiled, more material relating to AS's work in the administration of both the college and the university had come to light. As the new material did not concern AS's teaching or academic work, it was decided to place it in Group III with the Balliol material.

A. Balliol

2. Balliol Letters, and Letters to AS as Master.

These letters to AS were not noted on the "E.L. Morgan" list, but in fact make up a small separate collection given to the Library by Hubert J.F. Smith, AS's second son, in March 1980. The gift was arranged by Lady Rosalind Clay, one of AS's daughters, and E. Vincent Quinn, then College Librarian. The letters were divided into three sections by Hubert Smith.

1. Correspondence with Benjamin Jowett.

i.ALS from AS to BJ. n.d. 1L. Suitable rooms for Gell.
ii.ALS from J.W. Milner to BJ. 9 Sept. 1884. 1L. His son [T. Milner] has not heard anything about his exams.
iii.ALS from T. Milner to AS. 11 Sept. 1884. 1L. Thanks AS for entering him for Responsions.
iv.Telegram from BJ. 12 Sept. 1884. 1L. T. Milner has not heard from the Senior Tutor.
v.ALS from BJ. [c.Sept. 1884]. 1L. Can AS let BJ know if Milner has been entered for his exams.
vi.ALS [in Matthew Knight's hand] from BJ. 2 Sept. 1886. 1L. BJ has a room free for Russell.
vii.ALS from BJ. n.d. [1887?] 1L. Introducing J.O. Wardrop, who wishes to study Modern History.
viii.ALS [in Martha Knight's hand] from BJ. n.d. [1888?] 1L. Does AS think Vickers should be admitted?
ix.ALS [in Martha Knight's hand] from BJ. 19 March [c.1889?]. 1L. What is Gregory Smith like? He has asked BJ for a testimonial.
x.ALS [in Martha Knight's hand] from BJ. 18 April [c.1889?]. 1L. Problems of re-admitting and finding rooms for Pearsall-Smith and Pomeroy.

2. Letters from aristocrats.

i.ALS from Lord Bath. 17 Oct. 1880. 1L. His son's (Viscount Weymouth) academic progress. His failure in exams. His going to AS to be tutored.
ii.ALS from Lord Bath. 22 Oct. 1880. 1L. More on Viscount Weymouth. His second son has gone to Eton.
iii.ALS from Lord Dufferin and Ava. 13 Sept. 1890. 1L. Presenting his son Lord Basil Blackwood. Can AS tutor him for Responsions?
iv.ALS from Lord Dufferin and Ava. 30 Oct. 1890. 1L. Can AS tell him of his son's academic progress? Can AS advise him on his son's allowance?
v.ALS from Lord Portsmouth [5th Earl of]. 18 Oct. 1875. 1L. Thanks AS for a letter. Can AS come and stay?
vi.ALS from the Hon. Oliver Wallop (son of Lord Portsmouth). 2 July 1879. 1L. He has been ill. Thoughts on AS's marriage.

3. Other Balliol letters.

i.ALS from Evelyn Abbott. n.d. 1L. Exam results of AS's students.
ii.ALS from T.A. Brassey. Date cut out. 1L. Sending a form for AS to fill in.
iii.ALS from T.A. Brassey. 4 Dec. [1889]. 1L. News of his engagement. Arrangements to meet.
iv.ALS from H.M. Cohen. 2 Sept. 1896. 1L. News of his study in France.
v.ALS from Sir John Conroy. 23 Dec. ?. 1L. A contribution to sending the Eight to Henley.
vi.ALS from Louis Dyer. 15 Nov. 1889. 1L. Arrangements for his marriage. Arrangements to meet.
vii.ALS from C.R.L. Fletcher. n.d. 1L. Suggestions for tutoring Viscount Peel.
viii.ALS from C.R.L. Fletcher. 1 Feb. ?. 1L. He has too much other work to lecture to women students. He feels that he is at Oxford to teach men.
ix.ALS from C.R.L. Fletcher. 20 Aug. ?. 1L. Descriptions of Guernsey.
x.ALS from Philip Lyttleton Gell. 13 Nov. 1883. 3L. His and Barnett's suggestions for the uses of the Arnold Toynbee Memorial Fund - for extension work, or the creation of Toynbee Hall.
xi.ALS from Henry H. Hart. 11 Sept. 1894. 1L. Thanks AS for a Statute Book.
xii.ALS from R.H. Hodgkin. 24 Dec. 1896. 1L. He has decided not to try for the Stanhope Prize. Details of his study.
xiii.ALS from Thomas Hodgkin. 29 Dec. 1896. 1L. Can AS suggest a good maths coach for his daughter?
xiv.ALS from Mrs. B.J. Johnson. 20 April ?. 1L. Details of the studies of various female students.
xv.ALS from Ranulf Marett. 11 April 1890. 1L. Thoughts on tutoring Lord Basil Blackwood to enter Magdalen. He should be taught in England.
xvi.ALS from Ranulf Marett. 24 May 1890. 1L. Blackwood has failed at Magdalen. He may now try for Balliol. Thoughts on his attitude to work.
xvii.ALS from Ranulf Marett. 9 June 1890. 1L. Lord Dufferin, Blackwood's father, has decided that Blackwood is not yet ready for coaching by AS.
xviii.ALS from P.E. Matheson. 31 Dec. 1888 [?]. Can AS send a report to Merchant Taylors' School recommending a student for an exhibition?
xix.ALS from Sir R.B.D. Morier. 10 May 1886. 1L. Thoughts on his son Victor's performance in Responsions.
xx.ALS from W.S. Morrison. 7 June 1897. 1L. Plans for his book on Balliol.
xxi.ALS from C.W.C. Oman to Mrs. Johnson. n.d. 1L. Does not think it is worth a female student coming to his lectures. He is not a popular lecturer. Would rather not have a lady present.
xxii.ALS from E.J. Palmer. 24 Dec. 1893. 1L. AS should move to the bursary rooms.
xxiii.ALS from L. Pearsall-Smith. 4 July ?. 1L. News of a boating holiday.
xxiv.ALS from Norman Pearson. 16 Oct. 1890. 1L. Can AS help him get a post with the Merchant Taylors' Company? Tutoring arrangements for a student.
xxv.ALS from Norman Pearson. [Oct. 1890.] 2L. Thanks AS for the testimonial. His application to the Charity Commission. News of his work, family etc.
xxvi.ALS from L.R. Phelps. 3 Aug. 1884. 1L. Thanks AS for a visit.
xxvii.ALS from Arthur Pickard-Cambridge to Lionel Smith. 14 Jan. 1901. 1L. News of his holiday. Personal news etc.
xxviii. ALS from Arthur Pickard-Cambridge to Lionel Smith. 20 Aug. 1901. 1L. News of a holiday in Norway. Did Lionel enjoy his visit to the Chalet Des Mélèzes? Personal news.
xxix. ALS from W.K. Richardson. 7 Sept. 1884. 1L. His intentions to to gain a Fellowship in Oxford.
xxx.ALS from Prof. W. Scott. 25 March 1890. 2L. A chair in History is vacant at Sydney University. Can AS recommend anyone? Would he think of standing?
xxxi.ALS from T. Seccombe. 12 June 1891. 1L. His application to a library in Leeds.
xxxii.ALS from W.E. Sherwood. 12 Nov. 1892. 1L. Problems of the "Ancient Mariners" [a rowing club].
xxxiii. ALS from AS to his wife Mary. "21st. Monday." 1L. About a visit to Banbury.
xxxiv.ALS from W.A. Spooner. 10 Oct. 1888. 2L. Problems of Arthur Lee's financial settlements.
xxxv.ALS from W.A. Spooner. 10 April 1889. 1L. Further news of Arthur Lee. Spooner's holiday in Rome.
xxxvi.ALS from J.L. Strachan-Davidson. 23 Sept. ?. 1L. Encloses a letter from a Balliol contemporary [now missing] offering a post. Does AS know of anyone suitable?
xxxvii. ALS from AS to Archbishop Tait. 11 Feb. 1882. 1L. Enclosing a circular [now missing] about building a new barge for the college.
xxxviii. ALS from F.F. Urquhart. 4 July 1890. 1L. His work for Responsions.
xxxix.ALS from F.F. Urquhart. 28 July 1897. 1L. Results of History exams.
xl.ALS from W.W. Fowler. 20 Dec. 1888. 1L. On a job application by ? [illegible.]
xli.APS from R.G. Tatton. 12 Sept. 1884. Thanks AS for his help.
xlii.ALS (incomplete) from ? 12 Sept. ?. A students's problems with Responsions.
xliii.ALS from Hubert J.F. Smith to EVQ. 19 March 1980. 1L. Sending the letters.

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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