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Arthur Lionel Smith Collection - Catalogue Index G


Gairdner, W.H.T.: G1
Galante, Prof. --: G2
Galloway, Lucy: S3
Galpin, P.C.: II D3/6ix, x
Gamlen, J.W.: G3
Gardner, Edward G.: G4
Gardner, J.S.: G5
Gardner, Lucy: U6
Gardner, P.: G6
Garland, L.V. Lester: II D1/7i; C43
Garlett, C.F.: P43
Garret, J.: O21
Garrond [?], C.J.: II D1/2v
Garton Foundation, The: WEA23
Gavrilovic, M.B.: G7
Geary, B.H.: S100
Geldart, Prof. W.: G8
Gell, Philip Lyttleton: III A2/3x
General History, Papers, notes etc for: I A9, A10, A11, A12, A14/2i,ii,vii, A14/3
George, R.: G9
German History, Papers, notes etc on: I A1, A9, A10, A12, A14/2i, A14/2ii, A14/3; II D3/1
Gerrans, H.T.: P60
Gibbon, Aubrey W.: G10
Gibbon, Col. C.F.: G11
Gibbon, Capt. Enid: G12
Gibbon, Helen: G13
Gibbon, Henry: III A1/1xiii, A1/6xxxiv; B4, G13, G14, G15 [?], K8
Gibbon, Phoebe: G15
Gibson, J.: R47
Gilbert, J.W.: G16
Gilbertson, F.W.: G17
Gill, L.V.: II A2xi
Gillet, Dr. Henry T.: G18
Glazebrook, A.L.: G19
Glazebrook, M.G.: II C11vii; G20
Gloag, W.M.: G21
Glossop, Hadfield and Hollingworth Trades Council: G22
Glossop, Ellen M.: G23
Godfrey, Catharine: II D2/10
Godley, Alfred D.: G24, G25
Godley, Gen. Alix L.: G26
Godley, Amy: G24
Goldsmiths' Company, The: G28
Goldstone, Mr. --: II C6xii
Gooch, Maud M.: G29
Goodall, F.: B84
Goodspeed, Florence: Z1
Gordonblack [?], H.H.: G30
Gore, Charles, Bishop of Oxford: II B5, B11ii, iii, B12ii,iv, B13i, B15ii, iii
Gorell, Col. --: G31
Gough, A.W.: G32
Gough, G.W.: G33
Goulburn, Lewis: G34
Graduate Hockey Club, The: G35
Grant, Rev. Cecil: G36
Graves, Michael: G37
Gray, A.: I A12/4iii
Great Thoughts: G38
Green, A.S.: G39
Green, Charlotte B.: M82
Green, F.M.: L17
Green, F.W.: III A1/9viii
Green, T.H.: I A16/2xiii
Greening, Flora: G40
Greenwood, Mr. --: G41
Greenwood, Arthur: II C10ii, D1/2viii; G42
Greig, Capt. J.Y.T.: G43
Grey, Sir Edward: C5, D26, E10, G44
Griffiths, Col. --: W12
Griffiths, Fanshaw: G45
Griffiths, John S.: G46
Griffiths, Maud A.: G47
Griffiths, Olive M.: G48
Grigg, E.W.M.: II D1/12i
Groupe Inter-Universiataire Franco-Britannique: G49
Grove, W.E.U.: G50
Gruner, Alice: II C2i
Guardian, The: G51
Gunling, C.H.: G52
Gunter, Miss --: G53

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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