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Arthur Lionel Smith Collection - Catalogue Index M


Macalister, Donald: M1
Macan, R.W.: M2, R50
MacCunn, John: M3
MacCurdy, Edward A.C.: I A5/7
McCutcheon, K.H.: S63
MacDonald, Dr. --: T35
MacDonald, C.D.: M4
MacDonald, Prof. William: M5
McDonnell, Prof. A.A.: II E2/1; S68
MacEwen, Prof. A.R.: C3
Macfarlane, C.W.: III A1/5
MacGregor, D.C.: III A1/8i
MacInnes, Charles: M6
Mackail, Ella: M7
Mackail, J.W.: B27
Mackay, Sgt. A.L. Gordon: M8
MacKenzie, J.A.P.: I C17xvi
Mackenzie, M.H.: M9
McLaren, Elsie [?]: M10
MacLean, George E.: B11, U15
MacLean, R.A.: M11
Macleay, Ronald: L34
McLennan, J.S.: M12
McLure, J.D.: M13
Macmurray, J.: III A1/4
Macrae, Edith K.A.:
Mactavish, J.M.: II C2v, C10vi, D1/12iv,v, E2/3v; M69, W13, WEA11, WEA19, WEA21, WEA23, WEA25, WEA28, WEA35, WEA38, WEA42, WEA47, WEA50, WEA72
Madan, F.: III B2iii; B113, M15
Madan, Geoffrey: M16
Madeley, Helen: M17
Mahmood, M.: I A9/6vii, viii; M18
Maitland, Florence: I A2/2vii
Maitland, Frederick William: I A2, C21i-iii; IV B2ii
Malcolm, D.O.: III A1/9iv
Mallet, Elizabeth W.: M20
Malvern College: M21, S91
Manchester College: J1, M22
Manchester Pioneers' Club: M23
Manchester University: M24, P48
Mansbridge, Albert: II A2v,ix-xiii, A3ix, A7v, vii, B1ii, B4i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi, vii; M2, M25, P21, T27, WEA1, WEA16, WEA67
Marchant, James: N3
Marcon [?], C.S.W.: M27
Marett, Ranulf: III A2/3xv-xvii
Markby, Lady Lucy: M28
Markby, Sir William: IV D1
Markham, Violet: M29
Marriott, J.A.R.: II A2vii, viii, A3ii; M31, WEA9
Marris, Sir William: W35
Marten, C.H.K.: M32, N12, R13
Martin, A.L.: M33
Masefield, J.: M59
Masefield, Muriel: M34
Mason, Charlotte: M35
Massie, J.: L18
Massingham, H.W.: M36
Masterman, Canon J.H.B.: II B13ii; B12, B17, H7, M37
Mastership, AS's election to the: III A1/1
Matheson, Leonard: M38
Matheson, P.E.: III A2/3xviii; M39, S87
Mathews, Basil: M40
Matthai, J.: II D1/16iv, v; I2, U7, W63
Maude, J.H.: M41
Maygel [?], Emily L.: M42
Mazzini Society, The: W1
Medley, Prof. D.J.: M43
Meiklejohn, A.: M44
Meir, G.H.: WEA34, WEA48, WEA65
Menon, K.K.: I6
Mercier, Winifred: M45
Merriman, R.B.: III A1/6vi
M46, S87
Merry, C.: M47
Merton, Marjory: M48
Merton, Thomas R.: II E2/4i; M49
Methuen, A.: M50
Midland Adult School Union, The: WEA63
Miers, Sir Harry: S19
Miles, B.: A41, B51
Miles, W.: II C10x
Milford, T.R.: P28
Miller, Edward: M52
Millis, C.T.: M53
Milman, Helen: M54
Miln, G.C.: M55
Milner, Lord Alfred: II D1/12iv; E10, H83, K20, M56, O2
Milner, J.W.: III A2/1ii
Milner, T.: III A2/1i-v
Milner, W.S.: II D3/6vi; M57
Minchin, Capt. H.C.: M58
Mitchell, Canon J.T.: L43
Mitchell-Innes, Edward: M62
Modern History Tutors' Association, The: H43
Monckton, W.T.: I A9/6iii
Montagu, E.S.: I5
Montefiore, C.J.G.: M64, M65
Montefiore, Florence: M65
Montgomery, George: M66
Montgomery, Miss J.D.: M67
Moral and Social Hygiene, The Association for: M68
Morel, E.D.: II D1/2iii, iv
Morgan, Prof. A.E.: M69
Morgan, Gladys M.: M70
Morgan, Sir Herbert: M71, O16
Morier, Sir R.B.D.: III A2/3xix; W15
Morier, Victor: W15
Morpeth, Lord --: I A7/4ix
Morrill, Hon. S.: M72
Morrison, W.: III A2/3xx
Morton, Beatrice: M73
Morton, J.: F2
Moscardi, A.F.G.: III A1/6xv
Moscardi, Laura: III A1/6xv
Mosshead [?], M.: I B4/7viii
Mothers' Union, The: K21, M74
Mowat, R.B.: M75
Muir, Francis R.: M76
Muir, Ramsay: II D1/12viii; M77
Muirhead, J.F.: M78
Mulholland, Capt. William J.: M79
Müller, W.G. Max: M80
Mulliner, Miss B.C.: M81
Muncaster, Anne D.: M82
Munitions, Ministry of: B71, S55
Munro, J.A.R.: M83
Murray, Prof. Gilbert: C52, D26, E6, M84, R34, R47, S19, W64
Murrell, W. Stanley: J23, M85
Mylles, James: M86

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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