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Conroy Collection: Catalogue 1 - 17

Genealogy and Family History

The Conroys

1. 'The Pedigree of Sir John Conroy Knight Baronet,' 1837. A roll, ca 6'6" x 2'9", showing the alleged descent of Sir John Conroy 1st Baronet from King Niall the Great (Niall of the Nine Hostages, ca 400 AD.) [9B]

2. A certified extract (1826) from 'Funeral Entries Vol VII 1636-1639' in the Office of Ulster King of Arms, reciting the ancestry of Moylin O'Mulconry. [9A.8]

3. A portfolio, ca 1' x 2', labelled 'Manuscripts: De familis Hibernicis,' bearing Edward Conroy's bookplate on the front. Contents:

  • An attested copy of a Grant of Lands to Charles Conry, 10 Aug 1676, with notes on Charles Conry made by Edward Conroy.
  • Extracts from manuscripts in the Royal irish Academy respecting the family of O'Maolconaire, with notes by Edward Conroy on the same subject.
  • 'Brief account of the O'Maolconaire/ for the use of ... the Baronets' Committee of Priviliges,' with notes by Edward Conroy, ca 1840-5.
  • Edward Conroy's draft of a Conroy family history (2 vols), ca 1840-5.
  • Edward Conroy's notebook 'Ancient Pedigrees.' [13]

4. Edward Conroy's papers (6) concerning his line of descent from King Edward I through the families of Lloyd, Trevor, Puleston, Hanmer, Kynaston, Grey, Cherlton, Holland and Plantagenet. [8.1]

5. F. Galton, 'Life History Album' 1884. A book arranged with blank spaces for its owner to record details of his life, characteristic and personal biology. Completely unused. [9A.1]

6. F. Galton, 'Record of Family Faculties' 1884. A book with, after an introduction, blank spaces arranged for its owner to record details of his family history. Two copies, carefully filled in by the 3rd Baronet, giving essential biodata and physical characteristics of his immediate ancestors and family. [9A.2]

7. Edward Conroy's voluminous notes, papers and correspondence concerning his studies of his Conroy ancestry, including an outline of a book on the Conroys and their background from the earliest times, with advanced drafts of seven chapters for the same. [6.M & N; 9.A4, 5, 12, 13.5 & residue; 14B+.4]

Families related to the Conroys

8. Pedigrees and related material, compiled by Edward Conroy, for the following families linked to the Conroy descent:

  • Foulke, C16-18, showings descents from John Fowke of Gunston, Staffs.
  • Preston, C14-17, showing descents from Sir Simon de Preston.
  • Fisher, Laurens and Bulteel, C16-19, showing descents from James Bulteel of Tournay in Hainault.
  • Hore, C18-19, showing descents from Walter Hore of Harpurstown.
  • Aylmer,Hhort, Cramer, Coghill and Taylor, C18-19, showing descents from Sir Fitzgerald Aylmer and Josiah Hort, Archbishop of Tuam.
  • Waldron, C17-19, showing descents from Sir Richard Waldron.
  • Parsons, C17-19, showing descents from Sir Laurence Parsons. [9A.6.1-7]

9. A copy of an Act of Parliament, ND (Charles II) naturalising Mark Lawrence (born at Rouen, son of Thomas Lawrence) and others. [9.C.2]

10. Papers relating to the Bulteel and connected families (1600-1800), from whom Benjamin Fisher was descended. [9C.4]

11. A memorandum by Edward Conroy etc, concerning the possibility that Elizabeth Fisher his mother was a natural daughter of the Duke of Kent. [6.F]

Other families

12. Other pedigrees compiled by Edward Conroy:

  • O'Conor, C12-19, from printed sources.
  • Garth, C19 [9A.7.1 & 2]


13. Garter King of Arms with seal, 1660, confirming the right of John Bulteel, Secretary to the Lord High Chancellor of England, to arms: argent semy of billets and a bend gules; and crest - out of a crowne gules two wings argent billette of the first. [9C.3]

14. Ulster King of Arms with seal (detached), 1837, confirming the 1st Baronet's right to arms: azure, in base an antient book open with clasps indexes and the backs bound in gold all proper, a chief embattled or; and crest - a cubit arm vested or, cuffed ermine the hand proper grasping a wreath of laurel vert; and motto L'ANTIQUITE NE PEUT PAS L'ABOLIR. Supporters are said by an annotation on the reverse to have been omitted by oversight; the Chief of the Conrys (which the 1st Baronet claimed to be) was entitled to two ancient Irish Bards as supporters. [9C.1]

15. Bills of costs etc from the College of Arms on the creation of the Conroy Baronetcy, 1837. [9A.13]

16. Letters (2) from HF Burke querying the Conroy family's right to supporters. [1.D/E/3]

17. Miscellaneous papers, sketches etc concerning the Conroy arms (1 bundle). [9A.3]

- Katherine Hudson and John Jones

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