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Modern manuscripts - summary list

Balliol's post-1600 manuscript holdings are very extensive, particularly for the 19th and 20th centuries, and range from individual items to major collections of family and individuals' papers.

There is important material for the history of the College in several collections, notably in the Jowett holdings, the Jenkyns Family Collection (which include the papers of Richard Jenkyns, Master 1819-1854, previously a Fellow), the Conroy Papers (which include the papers of Sir John Conroy FRS 3rd Bart, Fellow, died 1900), the papers of JL Strachan Davidson (Master 1908-1916, previously a Fellow), the papers of AL Smith (Master 1916-1924, also previously a Fellow) and so on.

The modern papers collections are now open to readers by apopintment in the new facilities at St Cross Church, Holywell, not in the College Library. Enquiries about the collections and requests to access the modern manuscripts should be made in writing to the College Archivist and curator of manuscripts, Anna Sander. Further information and more detailed catalogues in hard copy are available for most collections on request; more will be posted here as they are revised.

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Summary list of Modern Papers Collections

Existing lists and catalogues are currently being put online and all links to catalogues will appear on this page as they become available. Please contact the archivist for hard copy catalogues.

Abbott Collection

Evelyn Abbott 1843-1901: Fellow of Balliol 1874-1901. 6 notebooks mainly on Greek history and literature; small box file of notes, set of lecture notes; 1 notebook of personal reflections & quotations. 2 bundles of envelopes addressed to Abbott, dated 1894-1895. These probably contained reminiscences of Jowett sent to Abbott for use in Abbott & Campbell's biography of Jowett. 2 archive boxes .

Allan Collection

Donald James Allan 1907-1978: Fellow of Balliol 1931-1947. Large collection of MS and TS notes, unbound printed material, some correspondence mainly on classical subjects, notably on a version of Jowett's Plato; offprints and other printed material. 3 archive boxes, 3 R-Kive boxes

Arnold Family Collections

Collected papers of Thomas Arnold, Matthew Arnold, Mary Augusta Arnold (Mrs Humphry Ward). 27 archive boxes.

Catalogues available online:

Atlantic Crossing Trust Collection

Trust founded 1955 by W A Coolidge (Balliol 1924, Hon Fellow 1963). 94 travel reports made by 'Coolidge Pathfinders' (students travelling using money from the Trust). 1955-1964, 1994.


Bailey Collection

Material relating to the life of Cyril Bailey (1871-1957: Balliol 1890-1894, Fellow of Balliol 1902-1939, Honorary Fellow 1939). Mainly correspondence between family and friends, including: correspondence between Cyril Bailey and his mother Fanny Bailey, 1890s-1929; material relating to Cyril Bailey's father Alfred; correspondence relating to Cyril Bailey's grandmother, his wife Gemma (dau of Mandell Creighton, Bp of London and wife Louise) and other relations. Correspondence with Oxford contemporaries Arthur Jelf, Bob Brinton (Balliol 1891), letter from F F Urquhart, notes from Benjamin Jowett. 2 R-Kive boxes

Balogh Collection

Thomas Balogh, Baron Balogh (1905-1985: Fellow of Balliol 1945-1973). Very large collection of papers, mostly related to his work in the UK government. 200+ boxes. 1930s-1980s. Collection is closed.


KN Bell Collection

Kenneth Norman Bell (1884-1951: Fellow of Balliol 1919-1941). MSS: 1-9: courses of lectures on English history 141-1559; foreign history 1494-1648; Lollardy & Reformation; Cromwell & the Protectorate; Cromwell & Charles II; 19th century colonial administration. 10-21: Notes & papers on Dr John Bell; Whitgift, Puritanism etc. 22-27: 6 mark books with notes on pupils, Oct 1919-1935. Unpublished TS biography. 5 archive boxes.

R P Bell Collection

1 R-Kive box. Listed online here.

Bodley Collection

John Edward Courtney Bodley (1853-1925: Balliol Trin 1873-1876). 6 volumes of memoirs by Mrs J E C Bodley, listed in Mynors as MS 442. Several original letters are tipped-in between the pages of the MS, including letters from Benjamin Jowett, F W Russell, Cardinal Henry Manning, James Whistler, Prince Leopold, Sir Charles Dilke, Lord Salisbury, Lord Shaftesbury, Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Matthew Arnold, Lord Alfred Tennyson etc. 6 volumes

Bradley Collection

Andrew Cecil Bradley (1851-1935: Balliol 1869-1873, Fellow 1874-1881, Hon Fellow 1912). MSS: a small collection including an undergraduate essay and 3 notebooks, mainly on Shakespeare; letters, mainly from ACB to Miss Spens, a pupil at Glasgow. 3 archive boxes.

Browning Collection

Papers of Robert Browning (1812-1889: Hon Fellow 1867-1889). 20 boxes . Catalogue online here.


Bryson Collection

Papers of John Norman Bryson (1896 - 1976: Lecturer 1923-40, Fellow 1940-63, Librarian and Vincent Massey Fellow 1949-61). A mixed collection of Bryson's published and unpublished research papers and correspondence on topics including CR Maturin, Robert Browning, the Pre-Raphaelites in Oxford, Forrest Reid, Pugin at Balliol and portraits of English poets. 3 archive boxes. Listed online here.

Caird Collection

Papers of Edward Caird (1835-1908: Master 1893-1907). Correspondence, including letters from John Watson, J K M Shirazi; formal addresses etc on EC; letters of condolence to Mrs Caird; Photograph of Caird, invitation to cricket match on new playing field, 1891. 2 archive boxes. Catalogue online here.

Chalet des Melezes Collection

Material relating to Chalet des Melezes, owned successively by F F Urquhart and Roger Mynors and used for reading parties. Negatives of photographs in FFU's albums, other photographic material; insurance documents & other financial information; correspondence re maintenance & use of chalet; FFU's passport, obituaries etc. 1890s-1970s. 8 archive boxes + art folder.

Clough Collection

Arthur Hugh Clough (1819-1961: Balliol 1837-1841). Journals 1835-1848 with breaks; MS recollections of A H Clough by Anne Jemima Clough c 1865-1868; note from A H Clough to Rev Pawles; MS drafts & proof sheets of poems by A H Clough; death mask & hand of A H Clough. 10 boxes.

Conroy Family Collection

26 archive boxes, 11 R-Kive, 5 sm boxes, 1 roll. Hard copy catalogue available on request. Online catalogue here.

Correspondence Collection

3 archive boxes, 1 folder. List online here.

Crocker Collection

Sir Walter Russell Crocker (1902-2002: Balliol 1926-1931). 'Memories'--memoirs 1902-1975. bound TS

Crouch Collection

Papers of Nicholas Crouch (ca. 1618 - ca.1690), Fellow of Balliol. One bound volume, contents listed online here.

Curgenven Collection

Curgenven Family. 6 archive boxes. Listed online here.

Eldridge Collection

Noel Howard Eldridge (1918-1944: Balliol 1937). Letters from NHE's time at Balliol and during military service; poems by NHE; photographs, cuttings etc re Oxford events 1937-1938; NHE's medals; papers re his wounding & death. 2 archive boxes. Listed online here.

Eliot Collection

Papers relating to Thomas Stearns Eliot. Copies of various of T S Eliot's works, signed by the author & dedicated to depositor; newspaper cuttings; articles on T S Eliot by depositor; copies of correspondence about N M Iovets-Tereshchenko incl letters between T S Eliot and A D Lindsay (originals in College Archives). 2 archive boxes. Listed online here.

Emanuel Collection

Montagu Rousseau Emanuel (1873-1933: Balliol 1891-1895). M R Emanuel's letters to his family from his time at Balliol, also 2 letters from Benjamin Jowett to Emanuel's father, TS of memories of the Paris Peace Conference, written for his son. 1 archive box. Listed online here.

Falk Collection

Oswald Toynbee Falk (1879-1972: 1898-1902). Material on Paris Peace Conference (1919), British foreign policy in late 1930s; large group of letters from John Maynard Keynes to OTF, c1916-1953. 2 archive boxes.

Green Collection

Thomas Hill Green (1836-1882: Balliol Trinity 1855-1859, Lecturer 1860, Fellow 1861). 15 archive boxes. Catalogue available online here.

Grimble Collection

Ian Naughton Grimble (1921- :Balliol 1940-1941, 1946). Material on 3 writers collected by ING: Neil M Gunn, Wilfrid Noyce, Eric Linklater. 2 boxes. Listed online here.

Guedalla Collection

Philip Guedalla (1889-1944: Balliol 1908-1912). 11 bound vols of MS, TS, mounted cuttings: 1851; Conquistador; Conquistador proofs; A council of industry; A gallery; The industrial future; The liberators; The missing muse and other essays; The Queen and Mr Gladstone. 4 large archive boxes.

Hardie Collection

William Ross Hardie (1862-1916: Fellow 1884-1895). Texts & notes on Aristotle's Poetics, some with D C MacGregor's name on them (Fellow 1919-1939); 2 mark books (Scholarships 1889-1894, 1891-1895); Letters 1891-1896 to J W Mackail (Balliol 1878-1884, Fellow 1882-1891, Hon Fellow 1922); compositions in and translations into Latin and Greek by Hardie; further academic papers- essays, lectures, notes, on various classical subjects. 3 archive boxes. Listed online here.

Hare Collection

Richard Mervyn Hare (1919-2002). List of papers, bibliography of publications, philosophical papers, philosophical letters, offprints 1950-1999, reviews. 23 folders, 2 box files, 1 card file

Harris Collection

Sir Charles Harris (1864-1943: Balliol 1882-1886). 3 ALS from Sir Douglas Haig (1914-1918), 31 ALS from Lord E S Haldane, 17 ALS from Sir Charles Mallet (Balliol 1881), 1 TLS from Sir Henry Rawlinson and letters from other Balliol members during the 1880s; papers re CH's War Office work, c1908-1923. 4 archive boxes. Listed online here.

Hartley Collection

Brigadier-General Sir Harold Brewer Hartley (1878-1972: Balliol 1897-1901, Fellow 1901-1941, Hon Fellow 1941). Listed online here.


Hill Collection

J E Christopher Hill. Personal and professional papers. 75+ boxes. Collection is closed. Cataloguing in progress.


Hindmarsh Collection

Leonard King Hindmarsh (1877-1950: Balliol 1897-1900). TS material on Balliol Benefactors-- benefactions, scholarship, exhibitions, endowments; Sir Thomas Wendy; College portraits; Balliol ephemera; notes on heraldry in Balliol College. 3 archive boxes, 3 box files. Listed online here.

Hope-Simpson Collection

Sir John Hope-Simpson (1868-1961: Balliol 1887-1889, 1907-1908). Letters, papers, printed material re JHS' career: ICS, MP for Taunton 1922-1924; Charmain, India Colonies Committee; Vice-President, Refugee Settlement Committee, Athens 1926; Commissioner to report on Land Settlement in Palestine 1930; Director General, Chinese Flood Relief Commission, 1931; Newfoundland Government Commission, 1934; Director, Refugee Survey, Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1936. 12 archive boxes. A few files are closed. Listed online here.

Hopkins Collection

Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889: Balliol Trinity 1863-1868). Notebook containing 6 GMH undergraduate essays ('Credit and the causes of commercial crises etc,' 'Authenticity: why do we believe some things in ancient writers and not others?' 'Poetic Diction,' 'The Sophists,' 'The position of Plato to the Greek world,' 'The Life of Socrates.' ?c 1865; ALS from GMH to Mr Wall, Domestic Bursar of Balliol, June 1868. Photograph of GHM with other Balliol undergraduates, 1863. 1 archive box.

Ince Collection

John Ince. 2 boxes of letters and documents sent by lawyer John Ince to Roger Mander, 1700-1704, re efforts of RM to frustrate attempt by Benjamin Woodroffe, principal of Gloucester Hall, to obtain benefaction of Sir Thomas Cooke and transform his Hall into an endowed college. Listed online here.

Jackson Collection

Frederick Huth Jackson (1863-1921), Balliol 1883 (HT 1884), banker and man of affairs. 13 notebooks of undergraduate notes/essays on the Modern History course, 1884-1887. Listed online here.

Jenkyns Family Collection

36 boxes. Hard copy catalogue available on request. Online catalogue here.

Jowett Collection

Benjamin Jowett (1817-1893: Balliol 1835, fellow 1838, Master 1870-1893). Full catalogue available online here


Labour Club Collection

Records of Oxford University Labour Club. 21 issues of Oxford University Labour Club Bulletin, Oct 1939-May 1940 with 2 supplements and photocopies. Issues include contributions from C A R Crosland, P M Williams, Roy Jenkins, G D H Cole, Christopher Hill, Sir Kenneth Dover. 2 archive boxes + 2 folders. Listed online here.

Leeper Collection

Alexander Wigram Allen Leeper (1887-1935: Balliol 1908-1912). Mainly photocopies and a few originals of letters from Leeper to family members during his time at Balliol. 2 travel essays by Leeper, Leeper family material, Leeper's CMG and CBE medals, 3 items re Leeper's College life at Trinity College, Melbourne. 3 archive boxes. Listed online here.

Lusk Collection

David James Theodore Lusk (1915-1940: Balliol 1934-1937). Poems, writings, 1927 and 1935 diaries; letters from DJTL during RAF service 1939-1940; letters to DJTL 1934-1940 incl by Albert Einstein, P G Wodehouse; documents re Lusk's school career etc. 13 archive boxes. Catalogue available online here.

MacArthur Collection

John Stewart MacArthur (1856-1920). TSS, MSS, notebooks, letterbook, photographs, articles, press cuttings, many relating to JSM's invention of cyanide process for gold extraction; judgement on Cassel Gold Exchange case; papers relating to African Gold Recovery Co; correspondence with J P Fitzpatrick. 3 archive boxes. Listed online here.

Madan Collection

Geoffrey Spencer Madan (1895-1947: Balliol 1913-1914, 1919). Bound TS of extracts from his notebooks (one of 67 copies); loose photographs of GSM; TS list of his books, large amount of correspondence between Mrs Marjorie Madan and Vincent Quinn, Balliol College Librarian. 1 archive box

Mallet Family Collection

Papers of Jacques (James) Mallet du Pan (1749-1800), Jean Louis Etienne (John Lewis) Mallet (1775-1861), Sir Louis Mallet (1823-1890), Sir Louis du Pan Mallet GCMG (1864-1936) and other members of the Mallet family, Marie Constance Mallet née Adeane (1861-1934) and Sir Bernard Mallet KCB (1859-1932). Draft list online here.

Mallock Collection

William Hurell Mallock (1849-1923: Balliol 1870-1873). MS notebook: 'On the use of systems of philosophy.' Charles C Nickerson: 'The novels of W H Mallock: a bibliographical catalogue.' ?Charles C Nickerson: commentary on Everyman his own poet, or The Inspired Singer's Recipe book, by a Newdigate Prizeman [i.e. WHM]. 1 archive box.

Manuscripts, Typescripts & Albums Collection

Manuscripts and other individual items bequeathed or given to the Library. Includes: HiIlaire Belloc's 'To the Balliol men still in Africa'; TS of The Great Jowett by Graham Greene; TS of Look at the Clock! By Robertson Davies; notebook of essays by Frederick Temple with annotations by Benjamin Jowett etc. also poems about the College including 'The Masque of Balliol'; reminiscences including those of Cyril Bailey, Katherine Ridley etc; scripts and tape copies of broadcasts about the College etc. 15 boxes. Listed online here.

Maxwell Collection

James Coutts Maxwell (1916-1976: Balliol 1934-1939, Fellow 1946-1949, 1966-1976). Includes correspondence 1938-1971, letters from William Empson, Geoffrey Faber, C S Lewis, Bernard Levin, Harold Nicolson, Anthony Powell, Hugh Trevor-Roper etc; large number of letters from C G Stone; notebooks on reading; notes for lectures, articles etc on English Literature c 1945-1976. 8 archive boxes + drawer file. Listed online here.

Meiggs Collection

Russell Meiggs (1902-1989: Duncan Campbell MacGregor Fellow of Ancient History 1939-1970). MSS, TS, photographs, printe dmaterial re writing & publication of Home Timber Production (1939-1945), Greek Historical Inscriptions, The History of Greece, Roman Ostia, The Athenian Empire, Trees and Timber in the Ancient Mediterranean World; correspondence, scripts relating to work for OU/BBC in the mid-1970s. 48 archive boxes + 1 shelf of books

Monckton Collection

Walter Turner Monckton, 1st Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (1891-1965: Balliol 1910-1914, Fellow 1957, Visitor 1957). 1. letters and papers including: a) material from WTM's period as Minister of Labour and Minister of Defence, b) correspondence & papers relating to the MCC, c) papers relating to Oxford, d) papers relating to legal cases, to the Hon Mabel Stricland and Malta, publication of material on the abdication crisis, the UN Association of Great Britain, the Arundel Estate, Birkett Committee on the interception of communication, Dr V A Allen and industrial relations, St Bartholomew's Hospital, Toynbee Hall, Brendan Bracken, E W Golding and underdeveloped areas of the world, Midland Bank, University of Sussex; e) papers relating to Advisory Committee on the Review of the Constitution of the federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland (closed); 2: speeches delivered by WTM with related correspondence and papers, 1953-1963; 3) Misc printed items, including printed official papers, photographs, press cuttings.

N.B. The Monckton papers are held at the Bodleian Library, in the Modern Political Papers division of the Department of Special Collections and Western Manuscripts.

Morier Collections

Papers of Sir Robert Burnet David Morier (1826-1893: Balliol 1844?-1849) and the Morier family

Hard copy catalogue available on request. 22 archive boxes + 1 folder.

Mynors Collection

Sir Roger Mynors (1903-1989: Balliol 1922-1926, Fellow 1926-1944, Honorary Fellow 1963). Correspondence & notes re Mynors' Catalogue of the Manuscripts of Balliol College Oxford (1963); notebook containing marks for exhibition and scholarship examinations 1931-1936. 1 archive box.

Nicolson Collection

Harold George Nicolson (1886-1968: Balliol 1904-1907, Hon Fellow 1955). Diaries: 1910, 1912, 1913, 1916, 1918, 1921-1963. 6 autograph volumes, 31 TS annotated loose leaf binders. With letters to Nigel Nicolson, mostly concerning his edition of the diaries, from correspondents incl James Joyce & Sir Oswald Moseley. 1 archive box + 35 folders. The diaries have not been indexed.

Balliol College owns the diaries, but owns copyright only in the early ones (pre-1930). Full access and note-taking are permitted for the later diaries, but copying and photography are not. Please note that the editions of the diaries are heavily edited, to the extent of silently removing words, phrases and sentences, and amending spellings, punctuation, word choice and word order. It should not be assumed without reference to the diaries that any quotation from the edited version is a verbatim or accurate transcription from the original. Quotations from editions only - that is, which have not been compared to the original - should be cited as quoting the edition and not the diaries themselves.

Oppenheimer Collection

Sir Francis Oppenheimer (1870-1961: Balliol 1890-1894). Letters, papers, photographs etc, mainly concerning visits to India, 1923-1925. Summary list online here.


Palmer Collection

Edwin James Palmer (1869-1954: Balliol 1887-1891, fellow 1891-1908, Bp of Bombay 1908-1929). MSS: account of visit to dying Jowett, 26 Sept 1893, speech as Senior Proctor, notes, essays etc. Letters: to EJP from var incl Raymond Asquith, F F Urquhart, Lionel Davidson, JL Strachan-Davidson, A L Smith. Diaries: engagement books 1893, 1899, 1900. Misc: 2 photo albums, loose photographs, printed material incl The Ephemera nos 1-3, 5, 6 (May 1893, ed Balliol. Only 6 issues produced?); obit of Sir John Conroy. List online here.

Photographs Collection

Balliol College Library Photographs Collection. Albums: albums formerly belonging to L E Berman, J F Langfor, T G Ridley, J Steel, R G Waddy. Loose photographs: 27 groups of loose photographs incl of Balliol members in the 1890s, Benjamin Jowett, architectural etc.

Powley Collection

Edward Barzillai Powley (1887-1968: Balliol 1920-1921). Notes & notebooks, mainly on 17th century history, naval history, the Earl of Torrington, Dutch history; small number of microfilms. 12 archive boxes.

Pugin Collection

Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin (1812-1852). Rejected drawings & designs for rebuilding & additions to college by AWNP, 1843. A: box containing bound volume of 15 pen & ink drawings with annotations, 1843; photographs of some of the drawings; photocopies of articles, college archive documents relating to the Pugin dispute. B: grey folder containing 8 mounted drawings, mainly of chapel designs 1842. C: Black box containing 11 mounted drawings of Master's lodgings, chapel, rooms in new buildings etc. Listed online here.

Pyper Collection

Arthur Spring-Rice Pyper (b 1916: Balliol 1935-1939). Essays, notes, exam papers etc for papers in Modern History, some with comments by KN Bell, BH Sumner. TS of speech given to the Leonardo Society. Listed online here.

Rendell Collection

Muriel Hatherley Rendell (1885-19?). Letters written to MHR's mother from East Bengal, 1901-1913; photograph of MHR aged 28; 2-page TS account of her life

Rodger Collection

Alexander Bankier Rodger (1895-1961: Balliol 1919-1923, Fellow 1924-1961). Notes, correspondence relating to ABR's teaching (closed); small amount of maerial relating to personal and college affairs. TS 'Chance in History,' 22pp. A paper on Naval History and its MS material, 1953/ 'Logs and Journals,' 2pp.

Scott Collection

The Very Rev Robert Scott (1811-1887: Fellow of Balliol 1835, Master 1854-1870). Letters on College business written to RS during his Mastership; part of letter book recording his replies; letter to Rev G Thring about RL Nettleship's scholarship exams. 1 archive box.

AL Smith Collection

Arthur Lionel Smith (1850-1924: Balliol 1869-1874, Fellow 1882-1916, Master 1916-1924). 80 archive boxes. Online catalogue available here. Print-ready PDF (9MB, 189 pages) available here.


JA Smith Collection

John Alexander Smith (1863-1939: Balliol 1884-1887, Fellow 1891-1910, Hon Fellow 1924). 9 archive boxes. Notebooks, letters and lecture notes on Classical subjects, particularly Aristotle.


Stone Collection

Charles Graham Stone (1886-1976: Balliol 1905-1910, Fellow 1912-1924). MSS & TSS: philosophical papers & notebooks, mainly on metaphysics; many are on small booklets of writing paper; comment on 'Losing religion to find it' by E Lindsay. Letters: from CGS to recipients including Prof WJ Mackenzie, Prof HJ Paton, AD Lindsay, Miss Lindsay, Nial Charlton, 1922-1943. Correspondence & other material on the xford Refugee Committee, c 1939. Diary of JG Stone (father of CGS), 1905-1906. 13 archive boxes.

Strachan-Davidson Collection

James Leigh Strachan-Davidson (1843-1916: Balliol 1862-1867, Fellow 1866-1907, Master 1907-1916). 19 archive boxes. Listed online here.

Sumner Collection

Benedict Humphrey Sumner (1893-1951: Balliol 1912-1914, Fellow 1925-1944, Hon Fellow 1946). MS & TS notes, card indices, springback folders & notebooks, mainly on Roman history. TS of chapter for Cambridge Modern History. Box files of notes on European history, 12th & 13th century; british history 15th-18th century; Russian history, Peter the Great, European history 19th-20th centuries, Russian history 20th century. Printed material: documents re League of Nations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, international relations. 10 archive boxes.

Swinburne Collection

Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837-1909: Balliol Hilary 1856-1859). 2 archive boxes, 3 folders, 2 shelves books. Listed online here.

Theses & Undergraduate Work Collection

Balliol College Library Theses & Undergraduate Work Collection. Examples of individuals' graduate and undergraduate work bequeathed or given to the Library. Includes notes taken during lectures by RL Nettleship and Edward Caird; notebooks of 'Freshmen's Essays'; reports by the SS Clarke Travelling Exhibitioners of the 1930s, inc a report by Dennis Healey; TWM Smith's thesis on the Balliol-Trinity science laboratories, et al. 9 archive boxes. Listed online here.

Toynbee Collection

Arnold Toynbee (1852-1883: Balliol Hilary 1875-1878, Lecturer 1875-1883). MSS: Lecture notes, used after AT's death as the basis of The Industrial Revolution; notes for speeches in series of debates with Henry George. Letters: autograph & copy letters from AT to mainly family correspondents; 1 letter to AT from his father; 1 letter to AT from John Ruskin. Memoir of Arnold Toynbee by Mrs Toynbee, MS 40 pp. 3 archive boxes.

von Trott Collection

Adam von Trott zu Solz (1909-1944: Balliol 1931-1933). 1. 363 letters from AvT to Diana Hubback, 375 letters from Diana Hubback to AvT, 1931-1942; A Memoir of Adam von Trott by Diana Hopkinson (nee Hubback) - photocopy of TS, 130pp. 2. 3 undergraduate essays by AvT: 'The basis of political theory' (11pp), 'Kant' (6pp, 'Trace the development of post-Kantian idealism out of Kantian criticism' 6 pp (undated, c 1931-33). 3. 27 photocopies of undergraduate essays on politics, philosopy, economics and history (all AMS except 1 TS) undated, c 1931-1933. 5 archive boxes. Listed online here.

David Urquhart Collection

David Urquhart (1805-1877). 45 archive boxes + 2 vols.

Catalogue available online:

Francis Fortescue Urquhart Collection

Francis Fortescue Urquhart (1868-1934: Balliol 1890-1894, Fellow 1896-1934). 1. presentation volume with names of subscribers to his portrait by Walter Russell ARA, Mar 1926. 2. 11 heavily annotated photograph albums formerly belonging to FFU, 1890-1932. Albums include photographs of well-known Balliol members of the period and many photographs taken at Chalet des Melezes. 3. 1 photograph album formerly belonging to Christopher G Goschen (Balliol 1899) recording a visit to Chalet des Melezes, 1900. 12 archive boxes, 1 vol

Walker Collection

Ernest Walker (1870-1949: Balliol 1887-1891, Asst Organist 1891, Organist 1900, Hon Fellow 1926). Diaries: 7 vols 1888-1894 (Mynors MS 445), c 30 pocket diaries. MSS: 3 vols MS songs; notes on music; drafts & notes for reviews, articles etc; proofs; notebooks, incl undergraduate notebook of classical essays. Letters: mostly to EW from correspondents incl John Farmer, Paul Wittgenstein, Edward Caird, JL Strachan-Davidson, EJ Palmer, JA Smith, AL Smith, AD Lindsay, Benjamin Jowett; letters from EW to Maragret Deneke about Donald Tovey. Misc: 5 photographs albums, legal documents, receipts, EW's will. Printed material: pres cuttings, concert programmes, musical scores; books owned by EW, some annotated. Maragret Deneke (EW's biographer): correspondence, incl letters from musicians. 30 boxes.

Waters Collection

William Alexander Waters FRS (1903-1985: Fellow 1945-1970, Emeritus Fellow 1970). Papers relating to history of physical organic chemistry: laboratory notebooks, Cambridge & Durham, 1925-1939; Oxford 1945, 1959, 1970-1977; mineraliogy notebooks c 1925. WAW's collected scientific papers, 1926-1979, 4 bound vols. Drafts, correspondence etc on WAW's work, mainly on free radical chemistry. Slides, photographs, offprints, theses, etc. Annotated copies of books. Biographical material incl degrees, honours, testimonials, will. 15 archive boxes.

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