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Jenkyns Collection: Papers of Canon Henry Jenkyns (1795-1878)

Box 15 

Jenkyns IVC. F
Lawyers’ bills letters and receipts 1864-1877.

Jenkyns IVC. G
Papers re HJ’s estate 1878-1879.

Jenkyns IVC. H
Papers re HJ’s estate 1878-1879.

Jenkyns IVC. I
Correspondence of Henry Jenkyns [Jnr] with his siblings and the Chapter Office at Durham re memorials at Durham and Curdridge 1878-1879.
Valuations of HJ’s Durham plate in four shares 1878 by Thomas Wetherell,licensed valuer. 

Jenkyns IVC. J
Correspondence of Henry Jenkyns [Jnr] with his siblings about division of chattels etc 1878, and dilapidations and valuations, apparently on part of the prebendal estate, nd .
A letter to Henry Jenkyns [Jnr] from Mary Anne King of 39 South St Durham.

Jenkyns IVC. K.

  • a. Probate of the Will and Codicil of Miss Elizabeth Anne Jenkyns ,13 October 1845,with PCC seal etc decayed and detached. She was  “spinster late of Balliol College” ;HJ her brother was Executor.
  • b. Lease Mr Edwin Lovell and  Mrs Troth Jenkyns of  a dwelling house and premises in the Liberty of Saint Andrew in Wells 15 July 1854.
  • c. Inventory and sale accounts re William Tutton (evidently a farmer) deceased of Meare Somerset, March 1780.
  • d. William Bailey undertaker, receipt dated 8 February 1878 [sic;HJ died in April 1878 so this is probably a mistake for 1879] re the funeral of HJ.
  • e. Cutting from The Athenaeum, nd after HJ’s death ,letter by Henry Jenkyns [Jnr] refuting Mr Mozeley’s account of Oriel conflicts of ca 1830.
  • f. Correspondence re HJ’s work on Thomas  Cranmer: HJ to Henry John Todd ,draft nd and Todd’s ALS reply 9 June 1830; Phillip Bliss ALS nd to HJ.
  • g. Arthur Hobhouse to HJ, ALS from Simla 24 September 1876 following the death of Harriet Jenkyns.
  • h. Sir TH Plumer, ALS nd  to HJ.
  • i. P ChevenixTrench ALS to Henry Jenkyns [Jnr] 1878.
  • j. Speech of the Earl of Shaftesbury on laying the Memorial Stone of the first of 1,200 Improved Dwelling Houses ..... August 3rd 1878. Pamphlet 8pp.Water damage to edge not affecting the text.

Jenkyns IVC. A-K.Scraps
Isolated minor bits and pieces, separated envelopes, working notes and such like, all from IVC.A-K.

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