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Jenkyns Collection: Papers of Canon Henry Jenkyns (1795-1878)

Box 16

Jenkyns VA.1a.
Detailed accounts rendered to HJ by his agent (Samuel Rowlandson for many years, perhaps throughout) 1839-1878 concerning his Prebend and other financial affairs. Samuel Rowlandson aged 45 was in 1851 Deputy Treasurer to the Dean and Chapter ; JP and  Treasurer by 1881.

Box 17

Jenkyns VA.1b.

  • i. Final draft, or possibly copy as executed, Deed of Covenant, 10 September 1864, HJ to the University of Durham, whereby HJ would pay £1000pa on retiring as Professor of Divinity, to make provision for his successor as Professor, so long as he HJ held the 3rd Stall in the Cathedral. With an ALS from Henry Jenkyns[Jnr] 22 July 1864 advising HJ his father on the matter.
  • ii. Papers of 1870 re discussions between the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and the Dean and Chapter of Durham following the Ecclesiastical Commission Act 1868:- 
    • A paper by HJ, “Suggestions to form a basis of negotiation with the Ecclesiastical Commissioners”.
    • Financial analyses and estimates re Cathedral and Chapter income and expenditure.
    • Proposals for Commutation.
    • Draft Scheme of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.


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