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Jenkyns Collection: Papers of Canon Henry Jenkyns (1795-1878)

Box 22

Jenkyns VB.1.

Correspondence with Charles Manners-Sutton, Mr Speaker, 1821-1825 concerning HJ as tutor to his sons Charles and Henry

  • i.Charles Manners-Sutton ALS to HJ 7 July 1821 inviting him to be tutor to his sons aged 9 and 7 at home for two years and then go to Eton with them.
  • ii.HJ’s draft reply to the above, nd.
  • iii.Charles Manners-Sutton ALS to HJ 26 July 1821 from Palace Yard .
  • iv. HJ’s draft reply to the above, nd.
  • v. Charles Manners-Sutton ALS to HJ 5 August  1821 .
  • vi.Wrapper for the above signed and dated by Charles Manners-Sutton 6 August 1821 from Newark to HJ at Evercreech.
  • vii.Charles Manners-Sutton ALS 6 February 1822 from Palace Yard to HJ; HJ was about to join him there .
  • viii. Charles Manners-Sutton ALS 19 January  1824 from Palace Yard to HJ
  • ix.Part of a postal wrapper signed by Charkes Manners-Sutton,post stamped 30 January 1842 to HJ “at Mrs Sefton’s Eton College”.
  • x. Charles Manners-Sutton ALS 21 May   1824 from Palace Yard to HJ.
  • xi. Charles Manners-Sutton ALS 9 July   1824 from Palace Yard to HJ.
  • xii. Charles Manners-Sutton ALS 18 July  1824 from Bognor to HJ.
  • xiii. Charles Manners-Sutton ALS 21 July  1824 from Bognor to HJ.
  • xiv. Charles Manners-Sutton ALS 27 September  1824 from Paris  to HJ.
  • xv. Charles Manners-Sutton ALS 4 October  1824 from Paris  to HJ.
  • xvi. Charles Manners-Sutton ALS 1 November 1825 from Palace Yard   to HJ.Annotated in pencil by John Jenkyns “Others of this year torn up as of no general interest. 1912 J.J. None of 1826 of general interest”.

Jenkyns VB.2.
Letters of 1827:-

  • i. Edward Hawkins from Oriel ALS to HJ at “Right Honl the Speaker’s” 7 December 1827 re the Oriel Provostship.
  • ii. Edward Hawkins from Oriel ALS to HJ 16 December 1827 re the Oriel Provostship.
  • iii. Edward Hawkins from Oriel ALS to HJ 19 December 1827 re the Oriel Provostship.
  • iv. Edward Hawkins from Oriel ALS to HJ 22 December 1827 re the Oriel Provostship.
  • v. J Dornford  from Oriel ALS to HJ at Eton 7 December 1827 re the Oriel Provostship.
  • vi. CJ Plumer from Canons, ALS to HJ 9 December 1827 re the Oriel Provostship and friends: ”Newman,you will be sorry to hear, has been drawn away from Oxford by a tendency of blood to the head.”
  • vii. JS Upton  from Cambridge  ALS to HJ at Eton 1827 re the Cambridge Divinity Professorship election.
  • viii.Charles Manners-Sutton ALS from Palace Yard 17 July 1827 to HJ.

Also a newspaper cutting of a note by Henry Jenkyns[Jnr] dated 9 August 1882 from The Athenaeum re “Mr Mozeley’s Reminiscences”, contradicting Mozeley ,and a  pencil note by John Jenkyns “None of 1828 worth preserving”. Luckily  some letters of 1828 did actually survive his scorn .

Jenkyns VB.3.

  • i. JW Awdry ALS 1 January 1828 from Notton Chippenham to HJ at Balliol,re the Oriel Provostship. Keble has decided to ”give up any pretensions -& leave the way open---to Hawkins” . Awdry thinks he must acquiesce; he also remarks that he is pleased by Arnold’s election to Rugby. 
  • ii. WR Churton ALS(2) from London House 18 and 21 January 1828 to HJ re the Oriel Provostship.
  • iii. Edward Hawkins  ALS(4) from Oriel  6,8 ,11 and 21 January 1828 to HJ re the Oriel Provostship.
  • iv. Henry Hobhouse ALS(6) from Hadspen 4 ,8 and 12 Oct , 30 November 11 December and 18 December 1828 to HJ at Eton until December then at Balliol.
  • v. Charles Manners-Sutton ALS (5) to HJ from Palace Yard 12 and 14 February, 13 May,21 July, and 1 December 1828.In the last he asks HJ to bring or send his son Henry home from Eton as he is about to be married to Mrs Home Purves; he is pleased with reports on Henry; his son Charles is satisfied with Cambridge; and he sends “capital reports” of his mother and sisters at Gloucester Place.With HJ’s draft replies of 8 and 14 May 1828: on 8 May  seeking advice on whether to take the Oriel living of Coleby,it being his turn, and on 14 May  saying he has decided not to.

Jenkyns VB.4.
Letters mostly of 1830 :-

  • i. E Burton ALS(2) 9 May and 27June 1830 to HJ at Eton,re Cranmer’s Remains.  
  • ii. Edward Hawkins ALS(4) 2 April from Shrivenham and 20 May June 8 and June 10 1830 from Oriel to HJ at Eton.
  • iii. Charles Manners-Sutton ALS(3) from Palace Yard 21 probably January 1829,March 1830 and 23 July 1830 to HJ.With a draft letter to Charles Manners-Sutton, nd ,apparently on conclusion of HJ’s employment as a tutor , and a note of a 1:1 interview.
  • iv. William Selwyn ALS(3) 19 November 1830, 3 December 1830(from Eton), and 27 December 1830 from Belvoir Castle.
  • v. HJ Todd 16 August 1830 ALS from Settrington ,Malton to HJ at Eton, redirected to 14 Red Lion Square, re Cranmer’s Remains.

Jenkyns VB.5.
Letters re Cranmer’s Remains:

  • i. JA Cramer ALS nd dated 1833 by EV Quinn to HJ.
  • ii.J Fonhall ALS 15 April otherwise nd  from the British Museum to HJ.
  • iii. Henry Hobhouse ALS from Hadspen 24 July  27 July and 1 September 1831 to HJ the first two at Eton the other at Oriel.
  • iv. Charles Webb LeBas ALS(3) 7January 1832 ( but postmark 1833) from Mrs Hodgsons Bromley ,to HJ at Oriel with HJ’s draft response, and two of April 1833 from Hatford.
  • v. J Lamb ALS(2) 29 March 1832 from Cambridge and 22 April 1833 from Corpus Christi Lodge to HJ at Oriel.
  • vi.William Palmer from Beaumont Street ALS to HJ 13 June 1832.
  • vii.George Pellew ALS 23 March 1832 from the Deanery Norwich to HJ
  • viii. HJ Todd ALS(2) from Sethrington Malton 20 June 1832 and 8 November 1833 to HJ .

Jenkyns VB.6.

Three drafts by HJ of letters to John Henry Newman ,all nd but all of similar date re controversy in Oriel over the authority of the Dean and Provost .No trace of any  letters by Newman which might have been cherry-picked by John Jenkyns.

Jenkyns VB.7.

  • i. G Burton ALS from Ewelme 9 December 1831 to HJ.
  • ii.Henry Cotton ALS fromThurles Ireland 1 April 1831 to HJ at Oriel .
  • iii.Henry Hobhouse from Hadspen ALS 5 June 1831 to HJ.
  • iv.Thomas Keble ALS from Bisley near Stroud 12 October 1831 to HJ .
  • v.J Lonsdale ALS(2) from Bloomsbury Rectory 2 March and 5 April 1831 to HJ at Oriel.
  • vi.Charles Manners-Sutton ALS(3) to HJ from Palace Yard 5 February 5 April and 13 May 1831 with a draft letter by HJ nd.The possibility exists that HJ  will be invited to head King’s College London.
  • vii. Ellen Manners-Sutton ALS from Palace Yard 25 July 1831.
  • viii.George Pellew ALS 17January 1831 to HJ.
  • ix.William Selwyn ALS(3) from Eton dated 25 January 1830 but postmarked 1831,9 February 1831 and 8 November 1831 to HJ at Oriel.
  • x.Thomas Thorp ALS (2,one with separate wrapper ) from Trinity College Cambridge to HJ at Oriel 22 October 1831 and 11 November 1831.
  • xi. HJ Todd ALS(2) from Settrington Malton to HJ at Oriel 4 February and 31 March 1831.
  • xii.William Turner ALS from the Oxford and Cambridge Club 7 January 1831
  • xiii.JS Upton ALS from Cambridge to HJ at Oriel 5 March 1831 and  a wrapper for another now missing letter postmarked 29 November 1831.
  • xiv.R Whately ALS (2) to HJ at Oriel dated 1831 by EV Quinn .

Jenkyns VB.8.

  • i.Noel T Ellison from Huntspill Rectory ALS to HJ 20 February 1832 re setting the examination papers for the Ireland Scholarship.
  • ii.Charles Manners-Sutton ALS from Palace Yard to HJ 23 April 1832.
  • iii.Edward Miles Rudd ALS(2), both long and detailed, re Oriel issues, from Kemsey Worcester to HJ at Oriel 9 and 30 June 1832.
  • iv.Thomas V Short ALS from Kings Worthy 27 February 1832 to HJ re setting the examination papers for the Ireland Scholarship.

Jenkyns VB.9.

  • i.Edward Coleridge from Eton ALS to HJ 3 May 1833 opening “My Dear Old Jenko” and closing with best wishes from wife Charlie and “your little dab of  Godchild”.
  • ii.HN Coleridge ALS to HJ from New Square Lincolns Inn 5 June otherwise nd.
  • iii. J ? Dornford ALS to HJ from Plymtree ? .
  • iv.J Keate from Eton ALS to HJ at Oriel 27 February 1833.
  • v.Charles Manners-Sutton ALS(3) to HJ 15 April from Palace Yard and 22 October and 3 November from Dover ,with HJs draft of 20 October seeking advice re accepting the Durham Professorship.
  • vi. C Neate ALS from London post marked 6June 1833 to HJ.
  • vii. Unidentified ALS 5 November 1833 to HJ from Minster Yard York.

Jenkyns VB. 10.

  • i. HJ ALS originals(6) from Durham to Henry Hobhouse [Senr] his father-law: 8 and 17 May 1834( both addressed The Right Hon H  Hobhouse State Papers Office),26 October 1834 (addressed Rt Hon H Hobhouse Hadspen House), 8 February 1835, and nd (2).All are re Durham especially as affecting HJ with inside information on relevant Westminster politics.
  • ii. Henry Hobhouse ALS(4) to HJ from Hadspen,15 January probably 1835, 30 April 1835, 4 October 1835,and nd ,mostly re looming ecclesiastical reform as it might affect HJ.
  • iii. Charles Thorp ALS from College dated 7 February 1834 (amended in pencil in another hand to 1835 without obvious evidence) to HJ.
  • iv.Verses, part English part Greek .According to a near contemporary pencil annotation, by Henry  Hobhouse [Senr] on the occasion of the marriage of Thomas Gaisford and Jane Catherine Jenkyns.
  • v.Extract  in  a mid 19th century hand beginning “Philip  & Mary &c” of some document re the Cathedral Church of Durham mentioning teaching as one of its purposes.


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