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Jenkyns Collection: Papers of Canon Henry Jenkyns (1795-1878)

Box 23

Jenkyns VB.11.
Letters etc of 1836.

  • i.WS Gilly ALS from Norham Vicarage to HJ.
  • ii.Henry Hobhouse ALS(9) to HJ.
  • iii.Rob Hussey ALS from ChCh to HJ.
  • iv. HJ ALS(19) to Henry Hobhouse Snr .
  • v. Drafts etc (3) in HJ’s hand.
  • vi CJ Langley signing CJ Ripon from Ripon ALS to HJ.
  • vii. E Maltby signing E Chichester from Lincolns Inn ALS to HJ.
  • viii. Charles Thorp ALS(19) to HJ.

Jenkyns VB.12.
Letters etc of 1837.

  • i.Temple Chevallier ALS to HJ.
  • ii..GS Faber ALS(2)to.HJ.
  • iii.WS Gilly ALS to HJ.
  • iv.Edward Hawkins ALS to HJ.
  • v.Henry Hobhouse ALS(2) to HJ.
  • vi.G Johnson ALS from Queen’s College  (Oxford post stamp)to HJ.
  • vii.H Manners Sutton ALS to HJ.
  • viii.HJ Rose ALS to HJ from Addn Park 16 December post stamp  DE20 ,1837;addressed as from Croydon December 20 1837 ,signed W Cantuar.
  • ix. Charles Thorp ALS(4) to HJ.

Jenkyns VB.13.
Letters etc of 1838

  • Helen Burton, a family friend, ALS to HJ from Claremont.
  • Edward Cardwell ALS to HJ.
  • Edward Churton ALS(2) from Crayke to HJ.
  • Henry Hobhouse ALS(11) to HJ.
  • Robert Ingham ALS to HJ.  
  • HJ to Henry Hobhouse ALS(6).
  • HJ draft  to E Maltby.
  • E Maltby signing E Dunelm ALS to HJ with copy of  letter from Lord John Russell.
  • H Manners Sutton ALS to HJ.
  • WJ Raymond from Auckland to HJ.
  • HJ Rose ALS to HJ.
  • Alexander Watson ALS from “Castle”on leaving the University.

Jenkyns VB.14.
Letters etc of 1839

  • John Collinson ALS from Gateshead Rectory to HJ 21 March 1839.
  • John Collinson ALS from Whithorn 18 April 1839 to HJ post stamp Sunderland.
  • SC from York 22 December 1839 to HJ , address signed E Ebor.
  • Temple Chevallier ALS 13 September 1839 to HJ from Flass Hall post stamp Durham .
  • Stephen Cryke ALS nd npl to HJ mentioning that he has spoken to the Archbishop  about the admissibility of Durham Licentiates as candidates for orders at Bishopsthorpe.
  • E Denison signing E Sarum ALS 16 January from the Palace ,Salisbury to HJ, enquiring whether an RC could be admitted to the University of Durham.
  • Henry Hobhouse ALS(3) to HJ.
  • HJ ALS(12) to Henry Hobhouse.
  • HJ drafts and copies letters to S Cryke and E Denision.
  • J Keate ALS to HJ from Hartley... Hartford Br...Hants 31 Octr 1839.
  • George Pearson ALS(2) to HJ 30 April 1839 from Castle  ....Linton ? post stamp ..inton and 13 May 1839 from Cambridge.
  • Charles Thorp ALS(4)to HJ.
  • Thomas Thorp ALS to HJ from Trinity College Cambridge 3 November 1839
  • Unknown hand,copy of  a  Quarter Sessions Committee Report ( signatories John Fawcett HJ Spearman and John Pemberton) on a claim by the University of Durham.

Jenkyns VB.15.
Letters etc of 1840

  • .....Acland ALS to HJ 24 January 1840
  • John Carr ALS(2) from Brattleby to HJ ,including some Greek.
  • E Hobhouse ALS to HJ from Balliol 11 March 1840.
  • Henry Hobhouse ALS(6)to HJ.
  • HJ ALS(7) to  Henry Hobhouse. 
  • HJ drafts etc
  • D MacBride from Cheltenham ALS to HJ mentioning Cranmer’s Remains and the Martyrs’ Memorial.
  • E Maltby signing E Dunelm ALS(2) to HJ.
  • George Pellew [?] ( annotated “D of N...”) from Hanworth Rectory Hounslow 1 April 1840 ALS to HJ.
  • W Selwyn from Can House Doncaster 7 February 1840 ALS to HJ.
  • Charles Thorp ALS(21) to HJ. 
  • George Waddington ALS to HJ.
  • Miscellaneous - not described

Jenkyns VB.16.
Letters etc of 1841:

  • John Collinson ALS to HJ 30 May 1841 from Boldon Rectory  N....u Tyne
  • George Cornish ALS 25 September 1841 to HJ.
  • H Douglas ALS(2) to HJ re the inscription for Bishop’s Monument.
  • Henry Hobhouse ALS(7) to HJ.
  • HJ to Henry Hobhouse ALS(13).
  • GHS Johnson ALS from Queens College.
  • E Maltby signing E Dunelm ALS(5) to HJ.
  • H Manners Sutton ALS to HJ from the Carlton Club 18 September 1841.
  • W… Raymond ALS to HJ 18 July 1841.
  • Charles Thorp ALS(7) to HJ.
  • W Turner ALS to HJ from ChCh 22 September 1841.
  • George Waddington ALS to HJ from the Athenaeum 1841.

Jenkyns VB.17.
Letters of various years:

  • John Keble Jnr( signs Jnr )  from Fairford ALS(3) to HJ,16 January 1826,6 December 1832 and 8 January 1833.
  • HJ to Henry Hobhouse ALS(6) 4 May 1842, 3 Oct 1842, 5 Feb 1843, 11 Feb 1843, nd ( noted received by Henry Hobhouse 21 May 1843),and 14 June 1843.

Jenkyns VB.18.
The envelope labelled VB.18 by me in 1978 was found empty in 2013.

Jenkyns VB.19.
Letters of 1862 and 1864 etc:

  • Arthur Hobhouse ALS(2) to Henry Jenkyns( not HJ ) 22 Oct 1862 and 23 Oct 1864 .
  • George Waddington 23 March 1864 ALS to HJ re his resignation with some scraps and drafts re the same.

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- John Jones, 2013

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