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Papers of Walter Turner Monckton, 1st Viscount Monckton of Brenchley, 1896-1957

Dep. Monckton Trustees, G. Papers on legal matters (53-75)

Dep. Monckton Trustees 53
Papers on legal matters, 1932-8
Extent: 304 leaves
Scope and Content:
(fol. 1) the Davidson case, 1932
(fol. 20) mrs. J.M. Graham's pearl necklace, 1937
(fol. 57) arbitration between the London and Home Counties Joint Electricity Authority and the Surrey and Middlesex County Valuation Committees, 1938
(fol. 119) the nationalist government of Spain and merchant vessels, 1938
(fol. 126) case of Clive Burn against the `Daily Mirror', 1938
(fol. 123) legal opinion on the Adhoi Enclave, 1938
(fol. 132) note on the typhoid enquiry, 1938
(fol. 137) opinion on the powers and duties of directors of I.C.I., 1938
(fol. 167) Rex v Buckley, 1938
(fol. 207) the coal mines Act of 1911 and firedamp detector regulations, 1938
Note: Files of correspondence and related legal papers, arranged chronologically.

Dep. Monckton Trustees 54
Papers on legal matters, 1938-9
Extent: 307 leaves
Scope and Content:
(fol. 1) Prince Arenberg's marriage, 1938-9
(fol. 204) Edward Keeling, consul-general at Tangier, 1938-9
See note in Dep. Monckton Trustees 53

Dep. Monckton Trustees 55
Papers on legal matters, 1942-4
Extent: 354 leaves
Scope and Content:
(fol. 1) Atlantic Smoke shops v. Conlon, 1942-3
(fol. 44) accidental shooting of Hounsome, 1943
(fol. 76) Grand Union Canal Bill, 1943
(fol. 126) London Wholesale Meat Supply Association, 1943
(fol. 157) Lord McGowan's committee on a national policy for industry, 1943-4
See note in Dep. Monckton Trustees 53

Dep. Monckton Trustees 56
Papers on legal matters, 1944
Extent: 419 leaves
Scope and Content:
(fol. 1) privy council appeals numbers 1, 9, and 18 of 1944
(fol. 51) Picken v. L.N.E.R., 1944
(fol. 173) London Midland and Scottish Railway (Canals) Bill, 1944
(fol. 198) Duncan v. Cammell Lairds, 1944

Dep. Monckton Trustees 57
Papers on legal matters, 1945
Extent: 356 leaves
Scope and Content: Papers concerning workmen's compensation and the Home Office committee on alternative remedies.
See note in Dep. Monckton Trustees 53

Dep. Monckton Trustees 58
Papers on legal matters, 1944-8
Extent: 239 leaves
Scope and Content:
(fol. 1) Sir Christopher Bullock, 1944-6
(fol. 121) brief on behalf of the Mining Association of Great Britain for the Coal Industry Nationalisation compensation Tribunal, 1946
(fol. 186) the South Wales and Monmouthshire district and the nationalisation of the coal industry, 1948
See note in Dep. Monckton Trustees 53

Dep. Monckton Trustees 59
Papers on legal matters, 1947-8
Extent: 294 leaves
Scope and Content:
(fol. 1) the succession case of Mokalla (Aden Protectorate), 1947-51
(fol. 118) privy-council appeal no.55 of 1948
(fol. 153) princess von Hohenberg's savings bonds, 1948
(fol. 162) city of London plan, 1947-8

Dep. Monckton Trustees 60
Duplicated typescript reports, 1948
Extent: 2 items
Scope and Content: Reports of the first and twelfth days proceedings at the public inquiry concerning the city of London plan.

Dep. Monckton Trustees 61
Papers on legal matters, 1948-9
Extent: 275 leaves
Scope and Content:
(fol. 1) Hyderabad, British Nationality Bill, 1948
(fol. 10) city of Birmingham treasurer, 1948
(fol. 15) deportation of Rudolph Beuthner, 1948
(fol. 21) princess Arenberg's diamond ring, 1948
(fol. 71) Gas Light and Coke company, 1948
(fol. 79) Oxford University Press and W.H. Clarke of Toronto, 1948
(fol. 83) Carnegie family, 1948-51
(fol. 147) Ralph Halkett and the Sheffield and District Gas company, 1948-50
(fol. 256) Whitbread and Co., 1949
(fol. 263) city of London Real Property Co. and war damage, 1949
(fol. 272) Maurice Mauray, 1949

Dep. Monckton Trustees 62
Papers on legal matters, 1949-50
Extent: 393 leaves
Scope and Content:
(fol. 1) the princess of Berar and the education of her sons, 1949-52
(fol. 102) the lease of Spilsteds Farm, Sedlescombe, Sussex, 1949-54
(fol. 143) arbitration in the Guernsey tomato dispute, 1950
(fol. 34) Dubai arbitration, 1950

Dep. Monckton Trustees 63
Papers on legal matters, 1950
Extent: 184 leaves
Scope and Content: Papers concerning the decartelisation of Unilever in Germany.

Dep. Monckton Trustees 64
Papers on legal matters, 1950-1
Extent: 187 leaves
Scope and Content:
(fol. 1) report of the endowment and war memorial funds of Balliol College, Oxford, 1950
(fol. 17) inquiry into the Viking air disaster, 1950
(fol. 103) Civil Air Transport Incorporated v. Central Air Transport Corporation, 1950-1
(fol. 129) Monckton's deposition for Reynolds v. Hearst, 1951
(fol. 135) arbitration award between Petrol Development (Trucial Coast) Ltd. and the ruler of Abu Dhabi, 1951

Dep. Monckton Trustees 65
Notes by Monckton on legal cases, 1943-5
Extent: 407 leaves

Dep. Monckton Trustees 66
Notes by Monckton on legal cases, n.d.
Extent: 330 leaves

Dep. Monckton Trustees 67
Miscellaneous legal papers, n.d.
Extent: 204 leaves

Dep. Monckton Trustees 68
Legal opinions, 1948-51
Extent: 594 leaves
Scope and Content: Legal opinions, with a few related papers, arranged chronologically, with a list of contents in each box.

Dep. Monckton Trustees 69
Legal opinions, 1948-51
Extent: 573 leaves
Scope and Content: Legal opinions, with a few related papers, arranged chronologically, with a list of contents in each box.

Dep. Monckton Trustees 70-3
Printed records of proceedings of appeals in the privy council, 1940-9
Scope and Content: Correspondence and other papers concerning these appeals are included in boxes 53 to 69.

Dep. Monckton Trustees 70
Appeals 26 of 1940 and 19 of 1942
Extent: 3 items

Dep. Monckton Trustees 71
Appeals 20, 21 and 58 of 1942
Extent: 3 items

Dep. Monckton Trustees 72
Appeals 1 and 18 of 1944, 17 of 1945
Extent: 3 items

Dep. Monckton Trustees 73
Papers on legal matters, 1943-9
Extent: 210 leaves
Scope and Content:
(fol. 1) duplicated proceedings of appeal from the high court of judicature at Patna, April 1943, with related papers
(fol. 151) duplicated notes of proceedings of the 21st day of an appeal from the high court of Australia, April 1949

Dep. Monckton Trustees 74
Papers relating is the Duchy of Cornwall Correspondence and legal papers as attorney-general to the duchy of Cornwall, 1932, 1943-51
Extent: 252 leaves

Dep. Monckton Trustees 75
Notes on legal matters, 1936-51
Extent: 296 leaves
Scope and Content:
(fol. 1) notes on the duchy of Cornwall and the civil list, [1936]
(fol. 80) notes for meetings of the council of the duchy, 1948-51

Dep. Monckton Trustees, H. Miscellaneous papers (76-89)

Dep. Monckton Trustees 76
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1943-53
Extent: 515 leaves
Scope and Content: Correspondence concerning
(fol. 1) the Leslie Howard Tribute Fund, 1943-4
(fol. 33) the English Speaking Union, 1943-5
(fol. 244) the Entertainments National Service Association, 1945-6
(fol. 380) the Marlborough-Windham Club, 1945-6
(fol. 435) the M.C.C., 1944-5, and Surrey County Cricket Club, 1950-3

Dep. Monckton Trustees 77
Miscellaneous papers, 1941-5, n.d.
Extent: 175 leaves
Scope and Content:
(fol. 1) reminiscences for an autobiography
(fol. 151) typescript verses, n.d.
(fol. 162) correspondence of Mrs. Keith Newall, 1941-5, n.d.

Dep. Monckton Trustees 78
Notebooks and notes for speeches, n.d., c.1951-7
Extent: 203 leaves

Dep. Monckton Trustees 79
Miscellaneous papers, 1911-50
Extent: 30 items
Scope and Content:
(items 1-13) account and fee books, 1911-31
(items 14-16) passports, 1935, 1941, 1945
(item 17) desk diary, 1941
(items 18-19) pocket diaries, 1947, 1950
(item 20) bookplate, n.d.
(items 21-30) miscellaneous printed items, 1931-46

Dep. Monckton Trustees 80
Newspaper cuttings, 1934-55
Extent: 237 leaves

Dep. Monckton Trustees 81
Volume of newspaper cuttings, 1942-6
Extent: 54 leaves

Dep. Monckton Trustees 82
Household bills and accounts, 1946-8
Extent: 301 leaves

Dep. Monckton Trustees 83
Household bills and accounts, 1949
Extent: 251 leaves

Dep. Monckton Trustees 84
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1937-53
Extent: 124 leaves
Scope and Content: Miscellaneous correspondence concerning
(fol. 1) mortgages, 1937-8, 1948-9
(fol. 36) the estate of H.P. Monckton, 1937-8, 1942
(fol. 105) 2 Harcourt Buildings, 1953

Dep. Monckton Trustees 85
Personal papers, 1930-53
Extent: 26 items
Scope and Content: Personal papers, mainly documents concerning appointments and honours.

Dep. Monckton Trustees 86
Scope and Content: Photographs, mainly undated and unidentified.

Dep. Monckton Trustees 87
Letters patent appointing Monckton solicitor- general, May 1945.

Dep. Monckton Trustees 88
D.H. Monckton, A Genealogical History of the Family of Monckton, (1887)

Dep. Monckton Trustees 89
Ajanta painting, 1946


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