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Papers of RBD Morier, boxes 61-78

Box 61

1. i. - ii. Correspondence of M with his father, Lady Alice Morier and other members of his family and friends, including Décoppet, Teignmouth, Stratford de Redcliffe 1876-1877. (2 files)

Box 62

1. i. - iii. Correspondence with family, particularly with Lady Alice Morier 1874-1877, 1879, 1880. (3 files)

Box 63

1. i. - x. Correspondence of M with his family but mainly his wife, Lady Alice Morier and son 1881, 1883-1891. (10 files)

2. ALS to Anna Morier 21 February 1822. (2 pages)

Box 64

1. Family correspondence nd, but probably 1880's. (1 file)

2. TS copies of correspondence to M from his family 1890-1891. (2 volumes)

Box 65A (1 of 2)

1. Family correspondence nd. (1 file)

2. Family correspondence 1884, 1885, 1888, 1889, 1893, 1894, 1896. (23 letters)

3. Letters and telegrams of condolence to Lady Alice Morier on the death of M 1893. (1 file)

4. Correspondence to M from Dr. Döllinger 1860-1879. (21 letters)

5. Private letters to and copies of letters from M an papers relating to German affairs 1870, 1875 and nd. Correspondents include Lord John Russell, Benjamin Jowett, Sir W A White. (8 items)

6. Press cuttings relating to Gladstone's Midlothian campaign and Schleswig-Holstein November - December 1879. (1 file)

7. TS copy of "Correspondence with Gerlach" pp 170-208 taken from Bismarck his Reflections and Reminiscences Vol I, London, Smith, Elder, & Co., 1898. (33 pages)

Box 65B (2 of 2)

1. Papers relating to the Austrian military frontier 1857. (1 file) Images online here

2. TS copies of correspondence to and from M 1874-1875. Correspondents include Lord and Lady Derby, DR, Sir Louis Mallet, Lord Odo Russell, Gladstone, Sir W A White, Baron Stockmar, Lord Lytton, A Craven, Sir Henry P Anderson, Benjamin Jowett, W C Cartwright, Sir Henry Ponsonby. (1 file)

3. TS copies of correspondence to and from M and Lord and Lady Derby 1882. (1 file)

4. TS copies of 3 letters from M to Benjamin Jowett 1886.

5. Correspondence and press cuttings 1885-1891 and nd.. Correspondents include T H Sanderson, Sir C E N Elliot, Sir W A White, Sir P H W Currie, Goschen. (1 file)

Box 66

1. i. - iv. Correspondence with family and friends nd. (4 files)

Box 67

1. Correspondence mostly from "V Cat" nd. (1 file)

2. Correspondence mostly from "V Cat" nd.

3. Papers entitled "Proposals for settlement on the marriage of Mr. R B D Morier and Miss Alice Peel".

Box 68

1. i. - xix. Correspondence between the M and Baron Stockmar 1866, 1870-1893 (except 1875, 1979, 1881, 1883, 1889, 1891, 1892) and nd.. (19 files)

Box 69

1. Press cuttings relating to the Ultramontane movement 1870-1874 and 2 notebooks [? of DR] containing religious reflections and copy of letter to L'Abbé Michaud 14 December 1872. (1 file)

2. Press cuttings relating to Denmark and Germany 1863-1864. (1 file)

3. i. Notebook entitled "A list of members of the Turkey Company", 1799. (35 pages)

Pamphlets by DR:

ii. " Turkey and the Christian Powers", London, 1876. (2 copies)

iii. "A few words on the Eastern Question", London, 1876. (3 copies)

4. Commonplace book [? of M] containing notes on "Morier and Bismarck". (1 volume, many pages unused)

5. Envelope containing entitled "RB Morier's Early Compositions". (1 file)

i. MS entitled "The story of the haunted ship". (7 pages)

ii. MS entitled "The story of an angel that died". (9 pages)

iii. MS entitled "The story of the caliph stork", Berne 1838. (19 pages)

iv. MS entitled "The Harpy monument of Xanthos". (16 pages)

6. "Estate of the late D R Morier Esq." 1877. (1 item)

7. Press cuttings 1870-1874 including articles on the London School Board, commercial treaties, the siege and surrender of Phalsbourg, Lord Radstock: an English missionary in Russia, Prince Bismarck and the Poles and the Roman Catholic Church. (1 file)

8. Press cuttings of M's article [in German] on "German ecclesiastical policy" 1874. (1 file)

9. Pamphlet entitled "Die Vergangenheit und Gegenwart der katholischen Theologie". Eine Rede von Dr. Döllinger, 1863. (36 pages)

10. "von Giesebrecht: Nekrolog auf R von Mohl, Karl Schnaase, Oscar Peschel". Offprint of pp 218-233 of section entitled "Historische Classe" from an unknown publication, possibly school or university.

11. Document relating to Marmagâo & Bellary Railway 5 May 1880. (6 pages)

12. Foreign Office confidential paper 30 November 1857 entitled "Memorandum on the claims put forward by Austria to restrict Turkey in the free use of those portions of her Territory which abut upon the Adriatic". (7 pages)

13. Envelope of material relating to Freiheit und Gleichheit. (3 items)

14. 2 ALS c. 1870. Authors unknown.

Box 70

1. Diary of Victor Morier on military service in South Africa 1890 with privately printed "Extracts from the South African letters and diary of Victor Morier 1890-1891. (2 volumes)

Box 71

1. Notebook containing the lists of guests to dinners, dances and evening parties at the British embassy in St. Petersburg 1886-1889. (1 volume)

2. i. Miscellaneous cartoons and sketches by M. (1 volume)

ii. Painting of mountain scene on A4 size paper.

3. Printed pamphlets. (6 volumes)

i. Preface and contents page from The Naval Gazetteer, London, 1827. (5 pages, most of pamphlet missing)

ii. "Materials for a speech in defence of the policy of abandoning the Orange River territory" by William Molesworth, London, 1854. (35 pages)

iii. "Faits et considérations relatives aux droits du Portugal sur les territoires de Molembo, de Cabinde, et d'Ambriz et autres lieux de la cote occidentale d'Afrique" Lisbonne, 1856. (71 pages and 4 maps)

iv. Offprint of Suikosha Kiji June 1908. Article "The bombardment of Kagoshima by the British Fleet", by Commander Okuda, I.J. Navy, August 1863. (13 pages)

v. Offprint of The Financial and Mercantile Gazette 1879. Article "The Indian Treaty". (70 pages)

vi. Offprint of the Cornhill Magazine September 1905. Article "Nelson: The centenary of Trafalgar", by Admiral Sir Cyprian Bridge, G.C.B.. (14 pages)

4. Map of British South Africa, the Transvaal and Orange Free State. Produced by The Times and in colour.

Box 72

1. i. Offprint of Manchester Examiner and Times 1870. Article entitled "Commercial Treaties: Free Trade and Internationalism" by A Disciple of Richard Cobden. (2 copies. [One copy missing pp 37-42, a photocopy of these pages has been made from the other complete copy])

ii. Photocopy of proof of M's letter to the Pall Mall Gazette nd. regarding the publication in the Manchester Examiner and Times 1870 of his article "Commercial Treaties".

iii. Review of article "Commercial Treaties" in The Athenæum 9 July 1870.

2. Bound volume entitled " Prussia and the Vatican". Contains all M's printed material on " Prussia and the Vatican". (1 volume)

3. Pamphlet entitled "Portuguese Western Africa" 1877. (67 pages)

4. Pamphlet entitled "The Ocean Sea Route to Siberia" 1891. (21 pages)

Box 73 The Schleswig-Holstein Question.

1. Assorted TS copies of correspondence and memoranda relating to the Schleswig-Holstein question 1860, 1863-1865, 1880, 1884. Correspondents include Sir A H Layard, Schleinitz, Lord Stratford de Redcliffe, N A Crowe, General Charles Grey, Frederick Max Müller, Lord John Russell, Lord Napier, Benjamin Jowett, Lord Derby. (1 file)

2. Pamphlets relating to the Schleswig-Holstein question. (3 volumes)

i. "The policy of Denmark towards the Duchies of Schleswig-Holstein", from the German of MM. Droysen and Samver, London 1850. (97 pages)

ii. "Explanation of the Danish Question". (130 pages)

iii. "The Dano-German conflict and Lord Russell's despatch of September 24 1862", London 1863. (91 pages) [Press cuttings, copy of the Indian Treaty and ALS copies of M's despatches to Sir A C Layard at the F.O. 1863 bound into item 2iii.]

Box 74

1. TS copies of correspondence from M to Lady Salisbury and Lady Derby 1862- 1876. (1 file) [Typed by A Ramm].

2. Printed copy of Lorenço Marques Treaty 1879. (9 pages)

3. Foreign Office confidential paper entilted " Sir R. Morier's despatch No. 71 to the Marquis of Salisbury of February 23 1888". (5 pages)

4. ALS to M from Lord Carnarvon 17 October 1880 relating to Portuguese affairs.

5. TS copies of correspondence between M and Benjamin Jowett 1860-1871. (1 file)

6. TS copies of correspondence 1857-1865. Correspondents include DR, Goschen, General Charles Grey, Sir A H Layard, Lord Napier. (1 file)

7. ALS to M from ? 6 January 1863.

8. TS copies of correspondence and original AMS copies of memoranda 1862-1870. Correspondents include Sir Louis Mallet, Gladstone, Lord Stanley, Bendetti. (1 file)

9. TS copies of correspondence and originals 1863-1869. Correspondents include Baron Stockmar, Faucher, Lady Derby, Lord Bloomfield, the Cobden Club, Lord Clarendon. (1 file)

Box 75

1. TS copies of correspondence and memoranda 1876. Correspondents include Lord and Lady Derby, Benjamin Jowett, Sir Louis Mallet, Roggenbach, Baron Stockmar, DR, Corvo, Sir Henry Ponsonby. (1 file)

2. TS copies of correspondence January-June 1877. 56 items including 17 original letters. Correspondents include F Elton, Sir W A White, Lord Stratford de Redcliffe, Lady Charlotte Blennerhassett, Sir Henry Ponsonby, E C Brodrick, Oswald Crawford, E D Young, Ávila e Bolama, Lord and Lady Derby, Sir Louis Mallet, Benjamin Jowett, Blowitz, Roggenbach. (1 file) Images online here.

3. TS copies of correspondence July-December 1877 including 6 original letters. Correspondents include Lord Carnarvon, Sir Louis Mallet, Benjamin Jowett, Frederick Max Müller, Lord and Lady Derby, F Elton, Lord Arthur Russell, Sir Henry Ponsonby, Lord Odo Russell. (1 file)

4. TS drafts of Ch. I-VI of Memoirs and Letters of Sir Robert Morier 1826-1876. (1 file)

5. Lady Wemyss's draft of Ch. VII-VIII of Memoirs and Letters of Sir Robert Morier 1826-1876. (1 file)

6. TS copies of correspondence relating to the war scare of 1875. Correspondents include Lord Derby, Henry Reeve, Baron Stockmar, Lord Odo Russell, Lord Carnarvon, Sir Henry P Anderson. (1 file) [The contents of Box 75 were brought to the College by Miss A Ramm, 12 July 1973]

Box 76

1. MS memoir of his career by [and initialled by] M nd. (11 pages)

2. MS and TS drafts of sections of Memoirs and Letters of Sir Robert Morier 1826-1876, some marked up by the printer. (2 files)

3. TS draft of Appendix A of Memoirs and Letters of Sir Robert Morier 1826-1876. (1 file)

4. TS copies and abstracts of M's letters to his parents 1845-1852, 1856-1861 and to F T Palgrave 1849-1853. (1 file)

Box 77

1. MS and TS drafts of sections of Memoir and Letters of Sir Robert Morier 1826-1876. (4 files)

Box 78

1. TS copies of M's letters to A H G Grey 1889-1893. (1 file) [The contents of Box 78 were brought to the College by Miss A Ramm, 12 July 1973]

- Katrina Wilson, Modern MSS Asst, 1994

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