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Papers of David Urquhart : III Pamphlets

III 20: PALMERSTON AND RUSSIA: 1836- [1874- 7].

1. D.U. The Crisis. France in the Face of the Four Powers. Paris: Dufart. Second edition. 1840. 116 p.

2. D.U. How Russia Tries to Get Into her Hands the Supply of Corn of the Whole of Europe. The English Turkish Treaty of 1838. London: Robert Hardwicke. Sept. 1859. 40 p. Some of the pamphlet appears to be missing.

3. D.U. Printed copy of correspondence of D.U. Edited by [R.M]onteith. [1843-]. 12 p.

4. Anonymous. Reports of Two Public Meetings Held in Carlisle and Newcastle- Upon- Tyne, Upon the Foreign Relations of the Country, and the Collusive and Treasonable Concert Asserted to Exist Between Our Foreign Minister and Russia. London. 1840. 32 p.

5. Anonymous. Russia: by a Manchester Manufacturer, Author of "England, Ireland and America." Edinburgh: William Tait. Third edition. 1836. 52 p.

6. Anonymous. The Russians in Moldavia and Wallachia. London: James Ridgway. 1849. 36 p.

7. Carmichael, John. A Letter to Lord Palmerston, on the Destruction of Greytown, by the United States Corvette "Cyane," on 13 th July, 1854. Liverpool. 1856. 22 p.

8. Chainol, G. Derniere Occupation des Principautes Danubiennes par la Russe. Paris: Libraire Militaire de J.Dumaine. 1853. 126 p.

9. Fischel, Eduard. The Duke of Coburg's Pamphlet on Russia. London: Robert Hardwicke. Second edition. January 1860. 31 p.

10. Fischel, Eduard. Palmerston Unmasked. Answer to Ismaels Reply to the Duke of Coburg's Pamphlet. London: Robert Hardwicke. Apr. 1860. 51 p.

11. Krasinski, Count Valerian. Russia and Europe; or the Probable Consequences of the Present War. Edinburgh: Johnstone and Hunter. 1854. 64 p.

12. Liverpool Financial Reform Association. Black Mail to Russia: a History of the Russo- Dutch Loan. Liverpool: Wilmer and Smith. [1855-]. 40 p.

13. [?Mc Neill, Sir John.?] Progress and Present Position of Russia in the East. London: John Murray. 1836. 151 p.

14. "Morning Herald," The Growth of Russian Power Contingent on the Decay of the British Constitution. Reprinted for the Use of the Foreign Affairs Committees, From the "Morning Herald" of 1856. London: Robert Hardwicke. 1858. 48 p.

15. Oliphant, Laurence. The Coming Campaign. London: William Blackwood. 1855. 21 p.

16. Palmerston. Speech of Lord Viscount Palmerston, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to the Electors of Tiverton, on the 31 July, 1847. London:Smith , Elder and Co. 1847. 37 p. Binding broken.

17. Ponsonby, Viscount. Opinions Respecting the Peace. Brighton: R.Tholthorp. 1855. 11 p.

18. Robert, Cyprien. Les Deux Panslavismes. Situation Actuelle des Peuples Slaves Vis-a vis de la Russie. Paris and Leipzig: Leopold Michelsen. 1847. In French. 63 p.

19. St. Pancras Foreign Affairs Association. The Russian Articles of War to be Proposed at the Brussels Congress. Memoir of the St. Pancras Foreign Affairs Committee. London: "Diplomatic Review" Office. [1874- 7]. 16 p.


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