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Papers of David Urquhart : III Pamphlets

III 22: RELIGIOUS ISSUES: 1843- [1869- 77].

1. D.U. "Right of the Soldier to Absolution." Correspondence Between Rev. R.Suffield and Mr. Urquhart. Not published: "printed for circulation among those to whom has been distributed." [1869- 77]. 20 p.

2. The Catholic Magazine. July 1843. No. LXXVIII.- New Series, No. VII. London: Charles Dolman.

3. Christie, Rev. James. A Vindication of the Church in Scotland; Being an Exposure of the "Rev. D.T.K.Drummond's Historical Sketch of Episcopacy in Scotland." Also, Observations on Mr. Drummond's Remarks on the Archbishop of Canterbury's Letter, the Bishop of Cashel's Letter, and the Legal Authority of the Church in Scotland to Excommunicate. London:John Olliver: 1847. 136 p.

4. Etudes Religieuses, Philosophiques, Historiques et Litteraires par des Peres de la Compagnie de Jesus. Dec. 1872. XVI Annee- V Serie. Lyons. In French. 160 p.

5. Fortescue M.P., Chichester Christian Profession Not the Test of Citizenship. An Essay for the Day. London: James Ridgway. 1849. 48 p.

6. Neander, Dr. Augustus. The Theology of Thomas Arnold, its Importance and Bearing on the Present State of the Church. Cambridge: Macmillan, Barclay, and Macmillan. 1846. 26 p.

7. Ruskin, John. Notes on the Construction of Sheepfolds. London: Smith, Elder and Co. 1851. 50 p.


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