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Papers of David Urquhart : III Pamphlets

III 25: TRIALS: 1807- 17; 1841; 1865.

1. D.U. Case of Mr. Mc Leod in Whose Person the Crown of Great Britain is Arraigned for Felony. London: John Reid. 1841. 140 p.

2. Anonymous. Two Letters: the First Containing Some Remarks on the Meeting Held 5 th November, 1809, to Celebrate the Acquittal of Messrs. Hardy, J.H.Tooke, Thelwall, and Others, in November 1794... The Second Containing a Short Comparative Sketch of our Practical Constitution in Ancient Times and in the Present... By a Freeholder of Cornwall. London: J.Hatchard. 1810. 56 p.

3. Benjafield. Mr Benjafield's Statement of the Facts. Together with the Trial of the Printer and Proprietor of the County Chronicle for a Libel. London: 1813. 67 p.

4. Cromwell. Editor. A Correct Report of the Trial of James Watson, Senior for High Treason, Before the Court of the King's Bench, Westminster. Sherwood, Neely and Jones. 1817. 222 p.

5. Friederich. Assises Federales Decembre 1864. Plaidoyers de Mm. Friederich, des Gouttes et J.Martin Defenseurs de Mm. Vettiner et Krauss. Geneva. 1865. 131 p.

6. Gurney, W.B. Minutes of a Court Martial Holden on Board his Majesty's Ship Gladiator, in Portsmouth Harbour, on Wednesday, the 26 th Day of July, 1809, and Continued by Adjournment Till Friday, the 4 th Day of August Following, on the Trial of the Right Honourable James Lord Gambler. Portsmouth. 1809. Annotated with parts cut out. 232 p.

7. Nicholson. The Trial, at Full Length of Major- General Sir Robert Thomas Wilson, Michael Bruce, Esq. and Captain John Hely Hutchinson, Before M.Romain de Seze, at the French Assizs Court of the Department of the Seine for Aiding and Assisting in the Escape of General Lavalette. London: Sherwood, Neely and Jones. n.d. 92 p.

8. Paull, James. A Refutation of the Calumnies of James Horne Tooke Including a Complete Exposure of the Recent Occurrences Between Sir Francis Burdett and Mr. Paull in a Letter to the Electors. London: C.Chapple. 1807. 219 p.

9. Tipper, Samuel. Editor. Tipper's Edition of General Whitelocke's Trial. London: Samuel Tipper, B.Crosby and Co., John Walker, and John Hatchard. 1808. 214 p.


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