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Arthur Lionel Smith Collection - Catalogue Letters J


1. 5 ALS from L.P. JACKS. 19 June 1916-5 Feb. 1921. All 1L. University administration matters. Affairs of Manchester College. Arrangements to meet.

2. 6 ALS from, TL copy of AS to F.H. JACKSON. 5 June 1918-5 Feb. 1919. Arrangements to meet. Sends a memo by the National Alliance of Employers and Employed. Can AS advise Jackson's brother on which college will be best for his daughter?

3. ALS from T. JACKSON. 19 Feb. 1919. 1L. Sending an article about No. 6 Officer Cadet Battalion.

4. 2 ALS, 1 APS from, 2 TL copy of AS to THOS. JACOB. 19 Sept.-25 Oct. 1920. Enquiring about the Industrial Welfare Society conference. Problems of an "Industrial Essay" competition being judged by AS, run by the National Alliance of Employers and Employed.

5. ALS from A.J. JACOBS. 20 Oct. 1917. 1L. Sending a book to AS for his comments.

6. 5 ALS from, TL copy of AS to JOHN GORDON JAMESON (AS's son-in-law). 10 Jan. 1919-6 March 1921. Legal matters. Can AS write a letter of introduction? Arrangements for a visit. Personal news. Possible lecturers for a St. Andrews economics summer school.

7. 2 ALS from MAGGIE JAMESON (AS's daughter). 18 March 1919 and 24 Sept. 1920. Both 1L. Can AS visit? About a visit to Bamburgh.

8. 4 ALS from EVELYN JAMISON of Lady Margaret Hall. 27 May-12 Oct. 1920. All 1L. Can AS attend a meeting of an Italian club? Can AS write a testimonial for a post at Kings's?

9. 2 picture APS, Christmas card, envelope with greeting from H. JENKINS. 11 Aug. 1917-Jan. 1919.

10. Printed funeral notice for HENRY JENKINS (as above?). Feb. 1919.

11. 2 ALS from, TL copy of AS to EDWARD JENKS. 27 March-27 July 1919. All 2L. Can AS write a volume for a series of books on Social Problems?

12. 4 ALS from A. JEX-BLAKE of Lady Margaret Hall. 19 Feb. 1917-25 Sept. 1920. All 1L. Arrangements for various dinners, meetings.

13. Correspondence about the RAJAH OF JHALAWAR. 23 Oct.-5 Nov. 1920. The Rajah is in Oxford and would like to meet AS. 1 ALS, 1 APS, 1 TLS, 1 TL copy, visiting card. Correspondents: G.W. Prothero, the Rajah.

14. 4 ALS from HELENA JOHN of Lady Margaret Hall. 4 May-21 June 1917. All 1L. Various reasons for her missing coaching/not producing work.

15. Correspondence from A.H. JOHNSON. 13 April 1917-4 Oct. 1920. Arrangements for university lectures. Will AS be a History examiner? Various meetings of the History Faculty. Other affairs of the History Faculty. 6 ALS, 7 APS, 2 printed postcard.

16. 2 ALS from B.J. JOHNSON (1 to Mrs. Smith). 25 and 31 July 1918. Both 1L. About a visit by Sir Hugh Bell.

17. ALS, visiting card from, TL copy of AS to MAIN JOHNSON of the Toronto Daily Star. 20 Dec. 1920 and 10 Jan. 1921. Johnson has visited Oxford before. His paper is interested in the new Politics and Economics School. With ALS from A.D. Lindsay to AS giving details of the new school.

18. TLS from C. SHERIDAN JONES, a US writer. 17 May 1918. 1L. Can AS write a greeting to the US people to be published on 4th July?

19. 3 ALS from GWEN JONES of St. Hilda's. 30 April-8 May 1918. All 1L. Can AS write a testimonial?

20. ALS, telegram from H.G. JONES. 28 March and 18 Sept. 1917. 1L. AS's letter will be helpful. He knows of W. King.

21. Correspondence about PROF. T.H. JONES, his application to the Principalship of Aberystwyth. 8 Oct. 11 Nov. 1919. ALS from R.H. Tawney asking AS to help. Jones' eventual rejection for the post. 2 ALS, TS copy of AS's testimonial for Jones (3L), TS of Jones' application (26L), cutting from The South Wales Daily News 31 Oct. 1919 about the candidates.

22. Postcard from MRS V. JONES thanking AS for a letter. 26 Nov. 1920.

23. 3 ALS, 5 APS from W. TUDOR JONES. Nov. 1916-7 Aug. 1918. All 1L. Addresses by AS in Bristol. AS is writing the preface to Jones' The Spiritual Ascent of Man . With proof (3L), AMS notes (2L), TLS from S. Murrell of the University of London Press. A lecture tour by Jones.

24. Printed letter about the INSTITUTE OF JOURNALISTS' Universities Conference. Dec. 1918. 1L.

25. ALS from A.S. JUPE. 24 Jan. 1919. 1L. Jupe wishes to apply for a government grant for officers' education. With TLS from A.W. Upcott of Christ's Hospital School about Jupe. 24 Jan. 1919. 1L.

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- Tim Procter, Modern Manuscripts Assistant, 1993

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