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Papers of John Edward Courtenay Bodley (1853-1925), Balliol 1873



For Remembrance, a memoir of John Edward Courtenay Bodley in 6 quarto volumes, typewritten and illustrated.

This list records the presence of original letters and typescript copies of letters tipped in between the pages of the typescript memoir. Some letters between JECB and members of his family have not yet been listed.

NB. The six volumes were not originally consistently paginated, and pages bearing illustrations and letters are frequently not numbered. Page references in this list refer to the pencilled numbered in the top right-hand corner of most pages.

All letters are addressed to JECB unless otherwise indicated. Numbers in brackets, e.g. (pp.12-13) indicate the page numbers between which letters or copies of letters are inserted.

Volume 4 Memories and Scattered Thoughts

Typed copies of 2 letters by James McNeill Whistler (undated). Photographs of two invitation cards from Whistler to JECB. (pp.31-33)

Tyuped copy of letter from Lord Grenfell, c.1919. (p.88)

JECB 5.1 Draft AL from JECB to Lord Alfred Tennyson. Dane Bank, Congleton. 6 February [1890]. 1l. (pp.1-2)

JECB 5.2 ALS from Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Farringford, Isle of Wight. 9 February 1890. 1l. (pp.4-5)

JECB 5.3 ALS from Mrs EV Boyle. Huntercombe Manor. 5 February [1890[. 1l. (pp.6-7)

JECB 5.4 ALS from Emilia FS Dilke to Mrs Bodlet. Dockett Eddy, Shepperton. 1 August [no year]. 1l. (pp.6-7)

JECB 5.5 ALS from Cardinal Gibbons. N Charles St, Baltimore. 8 March 1890. 1l. (pp.6-8)

JECB 5.6 ALS from Georges Clemenceau. Chambre des députés, Paris. 16 April 1890. 1l. (pp.6-8)

JECB 5.7 Printed letter signed [?] by H Halldare. Treasurer's Office. Inner Temple, London. 13 May 1874. 1l. With 1l. of printed exam results for the General Examination of Students of the Inns of Court, 15 January 1874. (pp.10-11)

JECB 5.8 ALS from JECB to Mrs EF Bodley. Local Government Board, Whitehall. 6 June [no year]. 1l. (pp.16-17)

JECB 5.9 ALS from JECB to Agnes Bodley. No address. 30 October 1882. 1l. (pp.19B-20)

Letters from JECB to Mrs EF Bodley:

JECB 5.10 ALS No address. 18 October [1887] 1l. (pp.38-39)

JECB 5.11 ALS. Equator. 25 October [1887]. 2ls. (pp.39-40)

JECB 5.12 ALS. Civil Service Club, Cape Town. Tuesday 9 November [1887]. 1l. (pp.41-42)

JECB 5.13 ALS. Civil Service Club, Pall Mall. 23 November [1887]. 1l. (pp.44-45)

JECB 5.14 ALS. Knysna. Saturday 3 December [1887]. 1l. (pp.46-47)

JECB 5.15 ALS. Oudtshoorn, South Africa. 28 November [1887] 1l. (pp.48-49)

JECB 5.16 ALS. Port Elizabeth Club, South Africa. Sunday 11 December [1887]. 2ls, with several small pieces of the text cut away. (pp.50-51)

JECB 5.17 ALS. King William's Town, Kaffraria. 15 December [1887]. 1l. (pp.52-53)

JECB 5.18 ALS. Tsofane, Tembuland. 22 December [1887]. 1l. (pp.53-54)

JECB 5.19 ALS Bloemfontein, Orange Free State. New Year's Eve [31 December, 1887] 2ls. (pp.55-56)

JECB 5.20 ALS No address. Monday 9 January [1888]. 2ls. (pp.57-58)

JECB 5.21 ALS. Kimberley. 13 January [1888]. 1l. Part of the letter is missing. (pp.59-60)

JECB 5.22 ALS. Pretoria Club, pretoria. 20 January 1887. 1l. (pp.60-61)

JECB 5.23 ALS. Natal Club, Durban. 31 January 1888. 2ls. Part of the second leaf is missing. (pp.62-63)

JECB 5.24 ALS. Victoria Club, Maritzburg. 8 February [1888]. 2ls. (pp.64-65)

JECB 5.25 ALS. Natal Club, Durban. 17 February [1888]. 2ls. (pp.64-65)

JECB 5.26 ALS. Government House, Lourenço Marques [Maputo]. 20 February 1888. 1l. with a newspaper cutting. (pp.68-69)

JECB 5.27 ALS. Cairo. 13 April [1888]. 1l. (pp.70-71)

JECB 5.28 ALS. Aden. 25 March [1888]. 1l. (pp.70-71)

JECB 5.29 ALS. Club Khedival, Cairo. 6 April [1888]. 1l. with 1l. of ?another letter. (pp.70-71)

JECB 5.30 ALS. 'Caspian', off Queenstown. Wednesday afternoon 8 August 1888. 1l. Part of the 2nd l. has been removed. (pp.72-73)

JECB 5.31 ALS. St John's Newfoundland. Tuesday 21 August 1888. 1l. (pp.73-74)

JECB 5.32 ALS. Halifax Hotel, Halifax [Nova Scotia]. 237 August 1888. 1l. (pp.73-74)

JECB 5.33 AL. Halifax Club [Halifax, Nova Scotia]. 29 August [1888]. 1l. Part of the 2nd l., including the signature, has been removed. (pp.77-78)

JECB 5.34 ALS. Saint James' Club, Montreal. Monday 10 September [1888]. 1l. (pp.80-81). Envelope (no stamp). (pp.81-82)

JECB 5.35 ALS. Rideau Club, Ottawa. 14 September [1888]. 1l. (pp.82-83) Envelope (no stamp) (pp.84-85)

JECB 5.36 ALS. Clifton House, Niagara Falls. 17 September 1888. 1l. (pp.84-85)

JECB 5.37 ALS. Manitoba Club, Winnipeg. 25 September [1888]. 1l. (pp.85-86). Envelope (no stamp). (pp.85-86)

JECB 5.38 ALS. Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta, Canada. 30 September [1888]. 1l. Envelope (no stamp). (pp.87-88)

JECB 5.39 ALS. Hotel Vancouver, Canada. 5 October 1888. 1l. (pp.89-90)

JECB 5.40 ALS. Vancouver Island, Canada. Tuesday 9 October [1888]. 1l. (pp.90-91)

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