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Papers of John Edward Courtenay Bodley (1853-1925), Balliol 1873



For Remembrance, a memoir of John Edward Courtenay Bodley in 6 quarto volumes, typewritten and illustrated.

This list records the presence of original letters and typescript copies of letters tipped in between the pages of the typescript memoir. Some letters between JECB and members of his family have not yet been listed.

NB. The six volumes were not originally consistently paginated, and pages bearing illustrations and letters are frequently not numbered. Page references in this list refer to the pencilled numbered in the top right-hand corner of most pages.

All letters are addressed to JECB unless otherwise indicated. Numbers in brackets, e.g. (pp.12-13) indicate the page numbers between which letters or copies of letters are inserted.

Volume 5 Closing Years, Home Ideals

JECB 6.1 ALS from Andre Le Laborde Lassale (?). Saint-Sever[-sur-Adour]. 25 January 1922. 1l. (loose between pp.23-4)

JECB 6.2 ALS from L. Leon-Dufour. Saint-Sever[-sur-Adour]. 25 Marh 1920. 1l. (pp.32-33)

JECB 6.3 ALS from Archdeacon B Hoskyns, Residentiary, Chichester. 10 April [1920]. 1l. (pp.41-41B)

JECB 6.4 ALS from Ina Hoskyns, Residentiary, Chichester. 10 April 1920. 1l. (pp.41-41B)

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