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Papers of Oswald Toynbee Falk (1879-1972: Balliol 1898-1902)

Series 2 Papers relating to Montagu Norman and US Reserve, 1916-1951

"Notes of Conversations between O.T.F. & Montagu Norman 1919 to 1921 and Papers relating to a proposal to form a reserve in the U.S.A. in 1923 with memorandum prepared by O.T.F. for Mr. Asquith on this subject," "Private and confidential !!" 7 files

Falk 2/1/1-13   Separate envelope labelled "Letters from H.S. Foxman 1917 & 1918 relating in part to meetings which led up to formation of the Tuesday Club." 13 ALS from H.S. Foxman to OTF, 1917-18. originals returned to depositor, 1991. replaced by photocopies.

Falk 2/2  Newspaper cutting, 1916 [on the death of Raymond Asquith, Balliol 1897].

Falk 2/3 Two copies of "Council of Three. 29th Apr, 1919. (What actually happened)." One copy marked "[Copy No. 3] Mr. Falk."

Falk 2/4 Review of John Maynard Keynes by R.F. Harrod, 1951 by "G.H.R." for the Journal of the Institute of Actuaries. 5 pp. of typescript.

Falk 2/5/1 7 pp. of typescript, 1 pg. of notes by OTF relating to conversations with Montagu Norman [Governor of the Bank of England] and to the economic uses of gold, 1919-21.

Falk 2/5/2  1 TLS [copy?] from OTF to Montagu Norman, 1920. With memorandum on the movement of gold to the U.S.A., unsigned. 6 pp. of typescript.

Falk 2/6   File "1923 Proposals on Currency. Strictly Confidential," "These papers deal with a proposal to form a dollar reserve of about £100, 000, 000 in the U.S.A. - Their interest lies in opinions expressed by Bradbury and Addis on certain questions of currency and banking policy."

Falk 2/6/1  1 ALS [copy] from OTF to "Bougic" [?], 1923. 1 ALS from Sir Maurice Bonham Carter (Balliol 1899) to OTF, 1923. Comments on Sir John Bradbury's letter of 22 May 1923 by OTF. 2 pp. of typescript, 1923 [probably a copy of a comment sent by OTF to Sir Maurice Bonham Carter].

Falk 2/6/2  'Memorandum on the formation of a reserve in connection with the British debt to the United States,' by OTF, 15 May 1923. 5 pp. of typescript. Marked "Private and Confidential" in red. 'Note A' relating to this memorandum. 2 pp. of typescript.

Falk 2/6/3  1 ALS [copy] from Sir John Bradbury to Mr. Asquith, 1923. With a copy of "provisional conclusions" [on the creation of a British reserve of c. £100, million in U.S. bonds]. 1 ALS [copy] from Sir John Bradbury to "Mr. Governor" [Montagu Norman], 1923.

Falk 2/6/4  'Memorandum on the formation of a reserve in connexion with the British debt to the United States,' by Sir Charles Addis, 1923 [marked "Private & Confidential" and "copy"]. 15 pp. of typescript. 2 pp. of preliminaries relating to the same topic [also marked "secret"].

Falk 2/7 3 items, photocopies. Originals returned to depositor, 1991.

Falk 2/7/1  1 ALS from JMK to OTF, 11 Sept. 1917. s/s St. Louis approaching New York.

Falk 2/7/2  1 ALS from Hilaire Belloc (Balliol Hil. 1893), 11 Oct 1921. King's Land, Shipley, Horsham.

Falk 2/7/3  3 ls. 'The Tuesday Club,' by O.T. Falk, 1950. A history of the club, founded in 1917 to discuss financial and economic problems. 4 pp. of typescript [?].

1 Material relating to the 1919 Peace Conference
2 Papers relating to Montagu Norman and US Reserve
3 Correspondence between OTF and John Maynard Keynes
Papers relating to Robert Boothby, MP
Papers relating to Montagu Norman
6 Papers relating to the Hon RH Brand
7 Publications by Carl Snyder on economic issues
8 Correspondence on foreign policy issues

- First listed by James Armstrong, Modern MSS Assistant, 10/05/1991, revised by Anna Sander, Archivist & Curator of MSS, May 2005.

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