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Papers of Oswald Toynbee Falk (1879-1972: Balliol 1898-1902)

Series 8 Correspondence on foreign policy issues, 1937-1945

Labelled by Falk "Foreign Policy just prior to the Second World War There is some very important correspondence in this file. It has a permanent interest and should be kept permanently. O.T.F. 28/5/1953" Contains 8 paper sleeves labelled with a typewriter and one paper sleeve labelled in ink.

Falk 8/1   "R.H. Brand" "Foreign Policy." 10 TLS from the Hon. R.H. Brand to OTF, 1937-38. 16 TL [copies] from OTF to the Hon. R.H. Brand, 1937-38.

Falk 8/2   "C.R.V. Coutts" "Foreign Policy" 8 TLS, 1 ALS from C.R.V. Coutts to OTF, 1938. 11 TL [copies] from OTF to C.R.V. Coutts, 1938. 1 TL [copy] from JMK to C.R.V. Coutts, Apr 3rd, 1938, Tilton, Firle, Lewes [? sic]. 1 l.

Falk 8/3    "Archbishop of York" "Foreign Policy" 3 ALS from William Temple [Archbishop of York] to OTF, 1938. 6 TL [copies] from OTF to William Temple, 1938. (Signs ‘William Ebor’ i.e. ‘of York’)

Falk 8/4   "C.G. Vickers" "Foreign Policy" 10 TLS from C.G. Vickers to OTF, 1938. Draft "manifesto" for a British Social Democratic Party, by C.G. Vickers. 'Suggestions for a generally acceptable set of principles regarding British Foreign Policy. 3 pp. of typescript. 10 TL [copies] from OTF to C.G. Vickers, 1938. 1 TL [copy] from C.G. Vickers to the Hon. R.H. Brand, 1938. 1 TL [copy] from C.G. Vickers to an unspecified correspondent(s), 1938.

Falk 8/5  "Notes" "Foreign Policy"

Falk 8/5/1 Signed notes by OTF on 'Union Now' by Streit, 1939. 1 pg. of typescript.

Falk 8/5/2 Signed notes by OTF on a conversation which he had with Lord Lothian on the 'International Situation,' 1938. 4 pp. of typescript.

Falk 8/6  "Telegram to Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden" "Foreign Policy" Copy of the message sent to Winston Churchill and Anthony Eden by OTF, Sir Thomas Balogh (Tutor at Balliol 1940, Fellow 1945), Sir Maurice Bonham Carter and 10 others, 21.9.38. (3 copies and list of signatories)

Falk 8/7  "Miscellaneous Correspondence" "Foreign Policy"

Falk 8/7/1  1 TLS from Duff Cooper to OTF, 3 Oct 1938, 1 TLS from OTF to Duff Cooper, 11 Oct 1938.

Falk 8/7/2  1 ALS from "Archie" Sinclair to OTF.

Falk 8/7/3  1 ALS from M. Svegintzov to Hutton and TS copy.

Falk 8/7/4  MS note: questions re Czech economy.

Falk 8/8      Four-Power Pact and Russia." "Foreign Policy" Extracts from debates in the House of Commons, 1938. 5 pp. of typescript.

Falk 8/9      "The Very Rev: The Dean of Lichfield" 1 TL [copy] from OTF to the Dean of Lichfield, 1945.

1 Material relating to the 1919 Peace Conference
2 Papers relating to Montagu Norman and US Reserve
3 Correspondence between OTF and John Maynard Keynes
Papers relating to Robert Boothby, MP
Papers relating to Montagu Norman
6 Papers relating to the Hon RH Brand
7 Publications by Carl Snyder on economic issues
8 Correspondence on foreign policy issues

- First listed by James Armstrong, Modern MSS Assistant, 10/05/1991, revised by Anna Sander, Archivist & Curator of MSS, May 2005.

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