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Jowett Papers - index of BJ's contemporaries B

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This page is an INDEX only. You will need to use the reference numbers listed here to find the relevant sections of the full catalogue.

*Baden-Powell, Major Baden Fletcher Smyth son of the Essayist, and BJ's godson: I G16/1/1; II A21/12, C1/14

Baden-Powell, George: II D3/2, H6/14

Baden-Powell, Henrietta G. widow of Baden-Powell the Essayist: I G16/1/1; II A21/11; III N289

Bagot, Rt. Rev. Richard, Bishop of Oxford: I G1/1

Bailey, Cyril (Balliol 1890): II A3/1-2, I6/2-4, 7, 11-14

Baillie, M.T.(?): II A7/29

Baker, Emma J.: II C1/15

Balfour, Arthur: I H78 f6, H83 f1; III MA28, 35; IV A8/33, B11/21

Balfour, Gerald: I H45 f68

Barcaple, Lord, SEE Maitland.

Baring, Hon. Cecil, 3rd Baron Revelstoke (Balliol 1883): II D1/1

Baring, Thomas George, 1st Earl of Northbrook: I D37/1

Barnett, Henrietta Octavia (wife of Samuel): I H75 f86v; III N608

Barnett, Samuel Augustus: III N608, 670

Barratt, Mr. --: I H18 f90

Barrington , Bishop --: I E21/20

Bartlett, Rev. Robert Edward (Balliol 1848): I G16/2/4

Basing, Lord, SEE Sclater-Booth.

*Bastard, Edmond Rodney Pollexfen (Balliol 1842): I F10/44, 46

Bath , Marquesses of, SEE Thynne.

Baynes, Hamilton: II C1/33

Baynes, Professor --: IV A10

Beale, Dorothea: I H27 f81

Beaumont, Hon. Hubert George (Balliol 1883): II C1/16

Beaumont, Mr. -- (fl. 1890): III MA28

Beeching, Very Rev. Henry Charles (Balliol 1878): I E21/18

Bell , A.M.: I E11/14, H78 f25bis (?)

Bell , Rev. George Charles ( Lincoln 1851): II D4/4, K2/3

Bell , Dr. --: I F10/22

Bellairs, --: II H6/27

Bellamy, E.H.: I G16/4/51

Bellamy, J.: I F11/41

Benn, ---: I H81 f71

Bennet, Stephen Ashlock (Balliol 1866): I A14 f1A, B3 p25A

Bennett, Mr. --: III S52; IV A20

Benson, Most Rev. Edward White, Archbishop of Canterbury: I H82 f35

Benson, Godfrey Rathbone, 1st Baron Charwood (Balliol 1883): II C1/17, D4/5

Benson, Ralph Beaumont (Balliol 1880): I E4/7(?)

Benson, Rev. William: II: I6/13

Berkley , Rev W: I G16/9/12

Bernard, G. (probably of Trinity College, Oxford): II A1/2/2

Bernard or -nand?, M.: I H28 f45

Berry , George Godfrey (Balliol 1884): II A21/13-14, J4/1-3

Besant, Annie: II A16/71

*Bethell, Rt. Hon. Sir Richard, 1st Baron Westbury: I E21/10/2, 9iii, 12-13, E22/7, E24/5, E25/7, F5/4, G3/4, H51 f51v, H66 f80-5; III M45, 47, N66, 67, 68, 343, 236, 347, 348, 376, 387, 388

Bethell, Hon. Walter John (Balliol 1860): II C1/18

Bewsley, George (?): II J4/4

Bhabha, H.J.: II: I2/11, K2/4

Bichow(?), Baron ---: I H38 f1, H51 f9

Bigg, C.: II E2/1-2

Bilgrami, Syed Hashim (Balliol 1889): II K2/4

Birdwood, Sir George: IV B19 passim

Birley, Rev. Hugh Hornby or Rev. Robert (both Balliol 1843): I A24 f102

Bismarck, Herbert: III M117

* Bismarck, Prince Otto von: I F2/23, 38, F13/17, H24 f58v-61, H25 f15, H26 f74, 85, H28 f13; III M36-7, 39, 45, 47, 50, 67-9, 77-8, 114, MA20, 23, N150, 292, 296, 304, 423, 463, 482

Blake, -- (fl. 1856): I H17 f32

Blackett, --: III S1

*Blackie, Prof. John Stuart: III C105; IV B11/1-8

*Blackwood, Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple, 1st Marquess of Dufferin and Ava: I D54 f78, H67 f78v, H78 f8; III N80, 537, 546, 547, 548; IV B16/1

Blackwood, Lord --: II C1/1

Blake, A.H.: II I1/4, 31

Blennerhassett, Sir Arthur Charles Francis Maria Henry Bernard, 5th Bt. (Balliol 1890): II D3/3; III M127, MA28, 35-6

Blennerhassett, Lady Charlotte (Sir Arthur's mother): II D3/3

Blomfield, Rt. Rev. Alfred, Bishop of Colchester (Balliol 1851): II D4/6-7, 107

Blomfield, Rev. George Becher: III S14

Blucher, Countess: III N156

Blunt, Rev. James St. John (Balliol 1846): I C12 f57v

Bode, Mr. -- (fl. 1845): III S1

Bolling, --: I H24 f96v, 97v

Bonar, James (Balliol 1873): I B22 fcB

Bonham Carter, Hilary: I F4/34

Bosanquet, Bernard (Balliol 1866): I A14 f1A, B3/25A

Bourchier, Arthur ( Christ Church 1882): II D4/8

Bourke, Richard Southwell, 6th Earl of Mayo, Governor General of India 1869-72: III N218, 351, 637

*Bowen, Charles Synge Christopher, Baron Bowen of Colwood (Balliol 1853): I C18, D8, D54 f78, E3/14, 17, E24/6, F4/8, F6/32(?), F10/64, F11/18, F13/4, H18 f79, H28 f23, H29 f58-60, H30 f31, H38 f45, H43 f23, 29, 31, 34, H47 f46, H51 f15, H54 f86v-87v, 89, H63 f42v-43, H79 f82, H82 f18, 20, H91 p3-4; II C1/19, D4/9-11, H6/20; III M72, 100, N98, 174, 302, 307, 313, 469, 471, 544, 670

Bowen, Emily Francis (wife of Charles): II D4/9-11; III N544

Box, Mr. -- (fl. 1846): III S10, 20-1

Boyle, Very Rev. George David, Dean of Salisbury: I G16/6/14; II J4/5

Bracebridge, Mr. --: III N361

*Brackenbury, Miss Hannah: I D37/2, F6/28-9; II A7/21; III N317

*Bradby, Rev. Edward Henry (Balliol 1845): I A24 f102; II C1/20, D4/12, H6/31, K2/5; III N184

Bradlaugh, Charles: I F2/27, H44 f49-50; II A16/71

Bradley, Prof. Andrew Cecil (Balliol 1869): I H34 f74; II H4/5; III N332

*Bradley, Very Rev. George Granville, Dean of Westminster: I F4/30, H18 f90(?), H24 f101v, H47 f27, H66 f20, 68-9, H75 f77, H76 f61; II C1/21-2, D5/2; III N290

Bradley, H.: I E23/1

Brain, Martha Jowett: II D4/13

Bramston, Sir John (Balliol 1850): I C13 f16v

Bramwell, -- (of Univ.): I B32 p90

Brandis, F.: II I1/5

Branfoot, Edward Percy (Balliol 1875): I B22 fcA

Brassey, Thomas, 1st Earl Brassey: II D1/2

Brigge, --: II H6/1

Bright, John: I F15/11, H28 f82, H38 f59, H66 f66; III M40, N113, 200, 239, 244

Bright, James Franck: I G16/4/40; II C1/23-4

Broadbent, Sir W.: I E17/9, 12, 14, E20/13, 19

Broderick, J.B.: I E21/6

*Brodie, Sir Benjamin Collins (Balliol 1834): I E20/8, E22/6, E24/6, F10/1-5; II JD/29; III N61, S9, 23

*Brodrick, Hon George Charles (Balliol 1850): I C13 ff17v, 27v, 28v, E22/3, G16/2/5-6; II D4/14-15; III N85, 92, 95

Brodrick, W.: I H38 f36

Brodrick, William, 8th Viscount Midleton (Balliol 1848): II D1/3, D4/16, 107

Brodrick, --: I D46 f69v

Brookfield , Mr. --: IV X14Q/1

Brown, Archibald (Balliol 1865): IV B7/1, 6

Brown, G.H. (of Trinity c.1892): I B16/bcA

Brown, Horatio F.: II J4/6-9

Brown, Dr. John: I F4/9, III N206

Browne, Mr. -- (of Kings; fl. 1845): III S1

*Browning, Robert (Honorary Fellow of Balliol 1867): I D8, D19 ff18-26, 33-37v, D54 f77v, E20/12, E21/22, E22/7, E24/6, F10/24, H30 f93(?), H34 f25-26, 96-7(?), H51 f83v, H66 f66-7, H71 f47-8, H76 ff13-14, H77 f41-2; III C34, 53, 211, M22, N64, 108, 154, 155, 171, 229, 230, 256, 286, 327, 328, 631

Browning, Robert Wiedemann Barrett (son of Robert): III N212, 214, 229, 631

Bruce, Rt. Hon. Henry Austin Bruce, 1st Baron Aberdare: I H59 f126; II D4/17

*Bruce, Victor Alexander, 9th Earl of Elgin (Balliol 1869): I A14 f1A, B3 p25A, D3/fcA, F5/11; II D1/4

Bruce, Hon. William Napier (Balliol 1876): II J2/9/1

Bryce, James: I G16/2/7

Bryce, John Annan (Balliol 1868): I B3/25A

Buchanan, Rt. Hon. Thomas Ryburn (Balliol 1865): I A14 f1A, B3/25A

Budd, Dr. C.: I H24 f97

Buller, Sir Morton Edward Manningham, Bt. (Balliol 1843): I A24 f102(?)

Bullock, William Henry, SEE Hall, William Henry Bullock.

Burnet, Mr. --: IV A8/37-38

Burns, W.: II I6/1

Bussell, Frederick William (Magdalen 1881): I C15 f5, 7, 13-13v, 14v

Butcher, ---: I H38 f32

Butcher, J.H: I E11/17; III C109, 123

Butcher, Prof. Samuel Henry: II C1/25; IV B4/42

Butler , Arthur Gray: I E23/5

Butler , Rev. Dr. George: I H41 f26, III N640

Butler , Georgina Isabella Montague (wife of Henry): III N531

* Butler, Henry Montague: II C1/26, D4/18, D3/5; III N382

* Butler, Josephine (wife of George): I E22/2, F11/26; III N263, 275; IV B1/1/2

Bywater, Ingram: I E21/20, H59 136

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