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Jowett Papers - index of BJ's contemporaries W

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This page is an INDEX only. You will need to use the reference numbers listed here to find the relevant sections of the full catalogue.

Wace, Prof. Henry: I E14/4, 5

Waddy, Rev. Canon Percival Stacy (Balliol 1893): II K2/10, 36-7

Waldegrave, Hon. Granville Augustus William, 3rd Baron Radstock (Balliol 1851): II D4/95; III N449

*Waldegrave, Hon. Rt. Rev. Samuel, Bishop of Carlisle (Balliol 1835): I E20/1, 9, F10/27; III S20

Walker, Ernest (Balliol 1887): II A3/1-2, 4

Walker, Francis John Chesshyre (Balliol 1868): III N337, 339

*Walker, Frederick Walter: I D54 f77v(?), F10/11, H44 f83v, H78 f32-4; II A11 passim, A21/155

Walker, J. (of Brasenose College): IV A13/4-5

Walker, J. I E21/9

Walker, Richard Johnson (Balliol 1887): II A11 passim, A21/156-7, C1/172

Walker, General --: I H67 f55-6

*Wall, Rev. Prof. Henry (Fellow of Balliol 1839): I D37/2, F7/21; III M34, N125, 126, 127, 153, 193, 242, 275, 351, S31, 57

Wallace, Sir Donald Mackenzie: I E19/5; IV B12/5-6

Wallace, Donald W.: II C1/173

Wallace, Sir M.: I H77 f49-50

Wallace, Robert: III N251

Wallace, Professor William: I H77 f37-8; II A21/147; III C19, N161

*Wallop, Eveline Alicia Juliana, 5th Countess of Portsmouth: I D54 f78, E8/29; IV B4/3, 9

Wallop, Isaac Newton, 5th Earl of Portsmouth: I D54 f78, H34 f121; II A7/29, A21/158-9

Wallop, Newton, Viscount Lymington (to 1891), 6th Earl of Portsmouth (Balliol 1875): I F6/54

Walpole , Henry Spencer, (later Vade-Walpole) (Balliol 1856): I C13 f82v

Walpole, Horace (at: India Office): I F11/42

*Walrond, Francis Charles (Balliol 1854): II A4/7-8

*Walrond, Rev. Maine Swete Alexander (Balliol 1853): I H26 f50, H41 f58-9, H66 f11, 48, H72 f22; II A4/7, D4/96; III C38, 118, N532

*Walrond, Theodore (Balliol 1842): I A24/102(?), D8(?), E7/4, E20/8, H51 f88; II A1/2/18, A7/25(?)

Walrond, Theodore Hunter Hastings (Balliol 1891): I B16/fcH, bcA, D34/1; II A4/7-8

Walrond, (unclear which one): IV A8/12, 14

Walsh, Rev. Hon. D.: I C12 f81

Walton, S.: I H17 f32

Wapshare, James: I E5/3

*Ward, Mary A. (= Mrs. Humphry Ward): I F11/19, G16/2/67, H72 f63-4; II A21/160-1, C1/174, D4/97

*Ward, William George (Fellow of Balliol 1834-45): I E20/6, 9, E24/6, E25/11, H31 f114, H58 f43-4, H67 f46-50, 50v-51, 75, H71 f4; III N267, S1-2, 10, 13, 16, 18, 23, 37, 42; IV B5/7

Warrack, Charles (Balliol 1882): III N645

*Warre, Rev. Preb. Edmund (Balliol 1855): I A10 p26, C31 f21b, D8 f47v-48, E11/28, H17 f32; II A21/162, C1/175, D4/98; III M97, MA35, N103; IV B2/1

*Warren, Prof. Sir Thomas Herbert (Balliol 1872): I E11/8, E22/7, G16/2/68, H54 f45, H59 f132; II D4/99

Warwick , Irvine: II H6/11

Waterhouse, Alfred: I E24/6

Watkins, Ven. Henry William (Balliol 1872): II D4/100, H6/28; III MA25, 26

Watson, Albert I G16/2/69, G16/6/28

Watson, Arthur G. (Balliol 1848): I G16/2/70

Watt, James (Balliol 1890): II A3/2-3, I6/2-3, 5, 7, 15

* Watts, George Frederick: I H31 ff109, 112-13, 117, H33 f59-60, H34 f115, H54 f23, H70 f56-8(?), 63

Watts-Dunton, Theodore: I H40 ff13-14, H44 f84, H45 ff1-3, H59 f52-4

Wayte, W.: I G16/2/71

Weatherby, Charles (Balliol 1845): I A24/102

Welldon, James Edward Cowdell, Headmaster of Harrow: I E11/3, F11/10, 19, H71 f28-9; II D4/101; III N591

Weller, Ernest: II: I6/2

Wemyss, Earl of, SEE Wemyss-Charteris-Douglas

*Wemyss-Charteris-Douglas, Anne Frederica, Lady Elcho (to 1883), 10th Countess of Wemyss: I D54 f77v, F12/57-64, H71 f41(?); II A21/163-5, C1/176-9, D5/13, J4/84; III MA21, N407, 418, 544, 605

Wemyss-Charteris-Douglas, Francis Richard, Viscount Elcho (to 1883), 10th Earl of Wemyss: I D8, D54 f77v, E20/14, F10/24, G16/6/18; II A22/30; III MA21, N294, 418, 544, 605

Westbury, Lord, SEE Bethell.

Westlake , Sidney St. John (Balliol 1883): I F11/11, H66 f37, H91 p6

Westminster , Marquis and Duke of, SEE Grosvenor.

Westwood, J.M.O.: II: I1/33

Whately, Rt. Rev. Richard, Archbishop of Dublin: I F13/13, H28 f99; III N108

Wheeler, George William (Balliol 1883): I G16/5/77

Whigham, Henry James ( Queens 1888): II C1/180(?)

White, John (Balliol 1858): I C13 f32v-33; II C1/181

Whitehead, Ralph Radcliffe (Balliol 1873): II A21/166

Whitman, Walt: I H38 f63; III N206

Whiton, Dr. --: I H67 f58

Wickens, Mr, Justice --: I E20/3-5

Wickham, --: I H18 f90; II H6/30

*Wilberforce, Rt. Rev. Samuel, Bishop of Oxford and Winchester: I A10 pp57-8, E20/20, E21/16/3, E24/6, F7/4, G1/2, H34 f43-44v, H57 f64-64v, H58 f50; III M47, N22, 387, S6-7, 21, 30, 31, 39, 52, 73, 115; IV B13 passim

Wilhelm: I, Emperor of Germany: III N293

Wilhelm: II, Emperor of Germany: III M63-4

Wilkins, Roland Field (Balliol 1890): II A3/4, I6/1-2, 9, 11, 15

Willetts(?), Henry: I E11/32

Williams, A.: I G16/2/72

Williams, Monier, SEE Monier Williams, Sir Monier.

Williams, Pownoll Toker (Balliol 1867): I A14/1A, B3/25A; III N62, 66

Williams, Rev. Rowland: I F4/9, F13/3; III N6, 12, S87, 97, 103

Williams, Mr. --: I H18 f90

Williamson, Prof. Harold (Balliol 1891): I B16/fcE, bcA, D34/1-3

Wills, Francis John (Magdalen 1891): I B16/bcA

Wilmot, Sir Eardley: I D8

Wilmot, Saul C.: II K2/10, 36-7

Wilson, Bilton Josephus: I D40/1

Wilson, Cyril Raynold ( Exeter 1885): I C15 ff5, 13v, 14v

*Wilson, Rev. Henry Bristow: I A12/46v(?), E19/6, E20/21, F10/57, F13/3-4, 13; III N12, 250, S89, 93, 102

Wilson, Henry S.L.: II C1/182

Wilson, Sir James (Balliol 1874): III C62

*Wilson, Prof. John Cook (Balliol 1867): I A14/1A, B3/25A, E11/15, E21/20, H34 f72, H57 f68, H64 f21-4, H75 f21; II E1/11, 14

Wilson , John Matthias, President of Corpus Christi College, Oxford: I H70 f73; III N394

Wilson, Rivers: I H41 f58-9, H63 f9

Wilson, Robert J.: II D4/106, I2/14

Wilson, Rt, Rev. William Scot, Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway: III N327

Wilson, Mr. -- : I H37 f38; III S68 (of 1850s)

Winterbottom, Mr. --: I A12/47

Wodehouse, John, 1st Earl of Kimberley: I F11/39-40; II A7/14, I2/4; III N146, 260, 573

Wolff, Dr. -- (fl. 1849): III S40

*Wolseley, Garnet Joseph, 1st Viscount: I F2/21, H63 f4, H76 f46, H79 f54; IV A26/3, B1/1/5, B9/1-10

Wolseley, Louisa, 1st Lady: IV 26/3, B9/1-10

Wood, John: IV A12-A13 passim

Wood, Sir John Barry (Balliol 1889): II A4/12

*Woollcombe, Rev. Edward Cooper (Fellow of Balliol 1838): I D6/5, D37/2, E20/7, E21/21, E23/16, E24/6, F7/26; III C36, 91, M33, N125, 127, 150, 193, 247, 275, 300, 345, 351, S54

Woolmer, Mr. --: I F10/59

Wordsworth, Christopher: III S10, 24, 26, 30-1

Wordsworth(?), John: II: I1/34

Wordsworth, William: I H26 f40; III S20

Wright, Merriel (wife of Sir Robert): II C1/183; III N649

*Wright, Sir Robert Samuel (Balliol 1856): I C13 f82, E17/1, 3, 7, 10-11, E20/12-13, 19, F6/54, H38 f48v, H57 f45-7, H63 f37-8, H71 f36, 38, H72 f5, H75 ff12, 70, H79 ff17-19, 21-2, 73, H81 ff1-3, 11, 14, H82 f19, H76 f78, 84; II A1/2/19, A21/167, C1/184; III M100, N29, 45, 105, 222, 229, 313, 649

Wyatt, John (Balliol 1889): II A4/10

Wykeham-Martin, Philip (Balliol 1847): I D33 f38

Wylie, Sir Francis James, (Balliol 1884): I F13/5; IV B11/16

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