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Papers of James Leigh Strachan-Davidson

* Note that the index gives catalogue reference numbers only, and does not cover the introduction or the appendices.

A Woman's Word on an Important Question III/G.

Abbott, Evelyn III/C, V/A/2/i, V/B.

Allen, D.J. I/B/5/iv.

Amery, L.S. III/D.

Annandale Society IV/F.

Ardgaith Estate VII/B.

Asquith, Cyril III/G.

Asquith, H.H. III/E, III/G, IV/B/3.

Asquith, Margot III/G.


Baden-Powell, Frank III/D.

Bailey, Cyril I/B/5/iii, IV/G/1, IV/H, IV/J.

Ball, S. IV/B/2/xxii, IV/C/1.

Beeching, H.C. III/H.

Bowen, Baron III/C, V/B.

Bradley, A.C. III/D.

Bright, J. Frank I/A/3/i.

Bryce, Lord I/A/3/xvi.

Burley, H. IV/E/1.

Burrows, S.L. IV/H, IV/J.

Butcher, J.H. I/B/2/i.

Butler, M.S.D. IV/B/4/vi.

Bywater, I. IV/C/1, IV/C/2.


Caird, Edward I/C/1, I/C/2, III/C, IV/B/2/xii,xiii,xxiv, IV/Q/1, V/B, V/C/1.

Caird, Mrs. III/C, III/D.

Cambridge University IV/B/2, IV/N/4.

Campbell, Lewis III/C, V/A/3/vi, V/B.

Camperdown, Lord VII/B/1.

Chawner, W. IV/B/2/viii, IV/B/2/xx.

Chest Office, University III/H.

Cicero and the Fall of the Roman Republic I/B/2, III/B.

Civil Service Commission IV/B/1, IV/B/2, IV/B/4.

Clarendon Press, The I/A/4, I/B/1/ix.

Conington III/G.

Courthope, W.J. I/A/3/vii, III/D, III/G, IV/B/1, IV/B/6/iv.

Crewe, Lord IV/B/4/iii,iv, IV/B/5/ii.

Cromer, Lord IV/B/6/ii.

Curzon, Lord I/C/4, III/D, III/G.


Dalgleish, Sir William VII/B/1.

Daniell, G.W. V/A/2/ii.

Dawkins, C.E. VI/B/1.

"Decrees of the Roman Plebs" I/B/3/ii.

Dicey, A.V. III/G.

Dilehayell I/A/3/ix.

Dundas, Lord David V/A/2/iv.


Ehlers, W. VI/A.

Elgin, Lord III/D, III/G.

Elliott, E.B. IV/Q/6/iii.

Esson, Dr. IV/A/1.


Fisher, H.A.L. III/D, IV/B/4/v, IV/Q/2.


Gamlen, W. III/H.

Gardom, Kate VII/E.

Geit, O. I/A/3/v.

Gerard, P.F. I/A/3/viii.

Gibbon, H.H. III/D.

Gladstone, W. III/A.

Godley, Sir Arthur IV/B/1.

Gooch, C.E. III/D.

Goschen, Viscount IV/B/1.

Greentree, John IV/G/1.

Greentree, Richard I/A/3/x, IV/G.

Greuber, E. I/A/3/xi.

Grey, Sir Edward III/D, III/G.

Gupta, G.N. IV/J.

Gupta, S.N. IV/J.

Guthrie-Davidson, James VII/B.


Hamilton, J.A. I/A/3/xiii.

Hammond, J. Le B. IV/B/4/iv.

Hardie, W.R. III/C, III/D, IV/B/1, IV/B/2/xv.

Hartley, Sir Harold III/H.

Hellenica I/B/3/iii.

Hilliard, E. VII/H/2.

Hirtzel, A. IV/B/7.

Histories of Polybius, The I/B/3/i.

Holywell Site IV/A.

Home Rule (for Ireland) I/E/2, III/A.

How, W.W. IV/Q/6/iv.

Hultsch, F. I/B/3/i.


Ilbert, Sir C.P. V/C/1.


Johnson, A.H. IV/B/6/vi.

Jowett, Benjamin III/C, V/A, V/B.

Jowett Copyright Fund V/C.


de Labillière, Paul F.D. IV/M.

Lang, A. I/A/3/iii.

Lansdowne, Lord III/G.

Latta, Professor IV/B/1.

Leamington College VII/G.

Le Marchand IV/C/1.

Leathes, Sir Stanley I/A/3/vi, IV/B/1, IV/B/3, IV/B/4/ii, IV/B/5/i, IV/O/1.

"Life and Character of Tiberius" I/B/4/i.

Life of Jowett III/C, V/B.

Loreburn, Lord I/C/4, III/D, III/G, IV/L.

Lowell, Laurence I/A/3/xv.

Lyall, Sir Alfred IV/B/6/i.

Lyttleton, Rev. E. IV/Q/1.

Lyttleton Gell, P. I/B/1/ix, V/B.


MacKail, J.W. III/A, III/F, IV/B/7, IV/J, VIII.

Magisterial Power in Roman

Procedure I/B/5.

Maitland, W. I/A/3/ii.

Markby, Sir William III/D, III/G, IV/A/1, IV/A/3, IV/B/2/viii, V/C.

Master's Field IV/A.

Mayor, J.B. I/B/3/i.

Mee, Dr. IV/A/1, IV/A/4.

Mellin, Frances VII/D.

Merton College IV/A.

Milner, Lord III/D.

Mommsen, Theodor III/G.

Morrison, Mr. IV/K.

Mowbray family VII/C.

Murray, Prof. G. IV/Q/6/i,ii.

Murray, James III/D.

Mynors, Sir Roger I/B/5/iv.


New, Edmund III/A.

Newlands, Lord III/G.

Newman, W.L. III/B, III/D, IV/L.


Oman, C. III/D.

O'Neill, J. IV/P.

O'Neill, S. IV/P.

Oxford University Press I/A/4, I/B/1/ix.


Pankhurst, Mrs. IV/R.

Parry, E. St. John I/B/1/vi, I/B/1/viii.

Peel, Lord IV/D, IV/L.

Peile, John IV/B/2/xiv, IV/B/2/xvi.

Pelham, H.S. IV/C/1, IV/C/2.

Pember, F. III/H.

Pickard-Cambridge, Arthur III/C, III/G, III/H, IV/J, V/C/1.

Pickard-Cambridge, H.M. III/D.

Plate, The Master's IV/E.

Pope, J. O'Fallon I/A/3/iv.

Price, Bartholomew I/B/1/ix.

Price-Martin I/B/2/ii.

Problems of Roman Criminal Law I/A/1-3.

Putnam, G.H. III/D.


Radcliffe, Douglas III/G.

Radcliffe, Thea III/G.

Raleigh IV/B/3.

Richards, J. III/H.

Rider-Haggard, H. VI/B/1.

Roberts, A.C. V/A/2/iii.

Roberts, H.A. IV/B/2/xxxiii.

Rogers, Sarah VII/H/1.

Rogers, Rev. William V/A/3/vii.

"Roman Criminal Law" I/B/3/iv.


Scholarship Examinations III/B, III/C.

Selections from Polybius III/B/1.

Sidgwick, A. IV/Q/2.

Simon, John III/D.

Simon, O.J. V/A/3/ii.

Sinha, S.K. IV/H.

Sinha, S.P. IV/H.

Slack, Mary VIII/C.

Slack, Robert (and wife) VII/F.

Smith, A.L. III/H.

Smith, J.A. III/H, IV/B/2/xxii, IV/B/3.

Spratt, A.W. I/A/3/xii.

Spring-Rice, Cecil III/D, III/G.

Sproule, G.M. IV/P.

Stewart, J.A. IV/C/1, IV/C/2.

Strachan, Amelia Ann VII/A.

Strachan, George VII/A, VII/E.

Strachan, James VII/A, VII/B.

Strachan, Magdalene VII/A.

Strachan, Mary Ann VII/A.

Strachan, William VII/A, VII/B/1.

Strachan-Davidson, Emily VII/A.

Strachan-Davidson, K.A. III/D, VIII/A/1.

Strong, T.B. IV/B/4/iii, IV/B/6/vii.

Stubbs, William I/D/3.

Sweet-Escott, E.H. III/D.


Talbot, Mary S. III/G, IV/C/1, VII/E.

Thompson (of British Museum) I/B/3/i.

Tozer, H. I/B/1/vii.

Trevelyan, E.J. IV/B/2/xxxiii, IV/B/4/iii, IV/B/6/v, IV/O/1.

Trinity College IV/B/2/iii, IV/D, IV/F.


Urquhart, F.F. III/G, IV/G/1.


Venables, Frances Emily III/G, VII/E.


Walker, Ernest III/D.

Warre, Dr. IV/Q/1.

Warren, Dr. I/C/4, IV/B/4/iii.

Weane, Daisy IV/P.

Whitaker, G.B. III/E.

White, Horace I/A/3/xiv.

Willert, Sir Arthur III/G.

Willert, Henrietta III/H.

Willert, P.F. III/G, III/H.

Williams, A. de C. IV/O.

Wlassak, F. I/B/5/iii.


Young, George III/D.


Zimmern, A. III/D.

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- Tim Procter, Modern MSS Asst, October - December 1992.

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