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The Cherry Record Collection of Josephine Reid’s Papers and Books Relating to Graham Greene

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Series 5 Correspondence, press cuttings & articles. 7 items. 1980s - 2003.

GGJR 5/1 Carbon copy of TLS from Josephine Reid to Graham Greene. Greenaway Cottage, 1 Hemp Garden, Minehead, Somserset TA 24 5JG. 3rd Oct 1988. Querying several obscurities on cassettes for typing up but finishes on a personal note, “So your birthday y’day I sat at my desk doing your two cassettes. I hope you had a jolly good day and fun and not too tiring. I envy you if you go to the Ukraine and the Crimea. Again thank you so much for sending me The Captain and the Enemy. Thursday 6 October - nothing to report! Love Josephine”.

GGJR/5/2 APC from Amanda Saunders to Josephine Reid. 31 March 2003. AS has persuaded The Independent to have Marie-François Allain write obituary for Yvonne Cloetta instead of Norman Sherry or Michael Sheldon.

GGJR/5/3 magazine article. Sunday Telegraph Magazine, n.d. [early 1980s], by Rebecca West: 'England Made Them’ Assessment of Graham Greene's work, compared with that of Somerset Maugham. Illustrated. 2pp.

GGJR/5/4 Colour proof of Bodley Head's dust jacket for Getting to Know the General.

GGJR/5/5 Theatre programme. Chichester Festival 1990. THE POWER & THE GLORY adapted for the stage by Denis Cannan, cast list inserted (5/5a) and newspaper cutting (5/5b) of a review (The Times, 1 June 1990), with photo of Edward Petherbridge as the Priest.

GGJR/5/6 Magazine History Today May 2001. Most cut out, leaving an article by Siegfried Beer, on links between The Third Man and British Intelligence.

GGJR/5/7 Magazine Time & Tide, Autumn 1984. Articles by Graham Greene 'The Last Decade' (pp.46-48) and
Auberon Waugh 'Greene at Eighty' (pp.50-52), both illustrated.

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